15 Best Minimalist Everyday Carry Knives

Oct 27, 2017

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Minimalism, to a degree, is an inherent part of everyday carry. And that’s in part because any reasonable EDC enthusiast understands that there’s only so much one can or should carry on a given day. But the concept of minimalism can also be applied directly to your gear in a different way – by paring down the form of the items themselves into just the bare essentials.

For pocket knives, that means no excess bells and whistles. No extensive and/or intricately carved or machined handles. No unnecessary flourish to the form of the blade. Minimalist knives are simple, sleek, and straightforward. Some might call them modern or “gentleman’s folders,” but they’re more than that (or perhaps less) – they are uncomplicated purpose-driven tools devoid of the aggressive angular form found in so many tactical blades. They’re also few and far between, but that hasn’t stopped us from gathering together the following list of the 15 best minimalist EDC knives. So if you find yourself wanting a blade, but you’re not too keen on pomp and circumstance, you’ll find something here that fits the bill perfectly.

Gerber Pocket Square Knife

Gerber’s designs are, for the most part, notoriously aggressive. So it’s nice to see something of theirs that’s been pared-down and refined. Aptly called the Pocket Square Knife, this blade comes with a handle of either machined aluminum or glass-filled nylon, features a 3-inch drop point stainless steel blade, and has a simple thumb stud deployment and liner lock system.

Purchase: $30

CRKT Pilar

Named after Ernest Hemingway’s boat, this Jesper Voxnaes-designed compact everyday carry blade features just enough curves to make it sit well in your grip, but has little other flourish to it. The handle is crafted from a durable and unadorned stainless steel and has a frame lock and pocket clip, whereas the blade is made from 8Cr13MoV steel and has a thumb hole for easy deployment. While there’s not much to it, there definitely doesn’t need to be in order to get the job done and look good while doing it.

Purchase: $31

Deejo 37g

There are minimalist EDC knives… and then there’s Deejo. This brand has taken minimalism to the next level by eliminating handle scales altogether, leaving their knives little more than a blade and a frame. Still, they’re well made, reliable, and stand out from the crowd. Best part is, the skeletonized handle still features an eye-catching pseudo-grip which comes in your choice of several different woods or carbon fiber. Similarly, the blade and frame are offered in either an unfinished steel or with a durable titanium coating – which turns it black.

Purchase: $40+

Nagao Higonokami Friction Folder

About as traditional and minimalist as pocket knives come is the Nagao Higonokami. Made the same way the original higonokami knives were built in Japan during the late 1800s, this folder has no lock of which to speak. Rather, the deployment and security of the blade while in use both depend upon a thumb-operated lever on the tang of the blade. That means, to keep this knife open when in use, you have to keep your thumb pressed against the tab – or else it will swing free. The handle is made from brass and the blade is a high-quality Japanese blue paper steel – and that’s pretty much all there is to it.

Purchase: $50

Grovemade Pocket Knife

Grovemade are masters of minimalist desktop gear and have recently taken it upon themselves to apply that same pared-down style to a series of folding pocket knives. Based on a traditional Japanese higonokami, these knives have an incredibly sleek form and feature absolutely no extraneous parts. In fact, other than a blade, handle, and the lowest number of necessary bits for the pivot, there’s little else to them. They operate via a tang lever and require pressure in order to stay open – in similar fashion to the knives upon which they are based – and are offered in several different metals and/or wood.

Purchase: $99+

Civilware Pointer Folding Knife

If you’re noticing a theme that many friction folders – knives which have no locking mechanism – line up with minimalism both in terms of styling and functionality, then you will not be surprised by Civilware’s Pointer. This handsome knife, which is based directly upon mankind’s first ever folding knife (dating back to around the time of the Roman Empire), features an extended tang deployment system, has a blade crafted from corrosion-resistant AEB-L steel, and has a handle made from a combination of titanium and G10 (one material per side). It has a simple and sleek form devoid of any pocket clip, but it does come with a high-grain leather carry pouch.

Purchase: $125

Quiet Carry The Strand Knife

Simple and sleek is a phrase we find ourselves leaning on a lot in this article, but what better way is there to describe a knife so modern and well-designed as Quiet Carry’s Strand knife? The fact of the matter is this: its superb form is matched only by the quality of its materials and build. Those materials, by the way, include a blade made from D2 steel, a grade 5 6AL4V titanium handle with a frame lock, and 416 stainless steel hardware. Measuring up at 6.7″ overall, there are very few knives that look and perform as good as this one.

Purchase: $129

Kizer Lundquist Feist Knife

Apparently, when a world-class knife designer like Justin Lundquist loses his favorite EDC knife, he just makes a new one. Or at least that’s the case with the Kizer Lundquist Feist knife. This beautifully simple blade features an integrated frame lock, a super high quality CPM S35VN steel blade, a stonewashed titanium handle, and an interesting front-flipper deployment. In spite of its minimalism, this is one of the more interesting knives on our list.

Purchase: $168

Spyderco Techno

Though most of Spyderco’s knives fit more closely into the realm of the tactical and the over-engineered (not a complaint, just an observation), the Techno is certainly their best go at a minimalist knife. Designed by Marcin Slysz, this pared-down folder is marked by a titanium handle with a Chris Reeve integral lock, a simple wire frame deep carry pocket clip, and a CTS-XHP blade with a much more toned-down blade shape than the brand’s normal and signature leaf. This knife also measures up at less than six inches in length overall, so if you’re looking for something on the more compact side of the spectrum, you can’t do wrong with the Techno.

Purchase: $184

Malvaux Number 1 Knife

We love Swiss Army Knives. From their functionality to their form, they are true works of art. But they certainly don’t qualify as minimalist in any manner. Conversely, the Malvaux Number 1 features very similar styling from its brightly colored handle scales to its admittedly more unique shape. Featuring just one blade and an ergonomic handle, this is about as close to a Swiss Army Knife as any minimalist blade is going to get.

Purchase: $252

Jho Knives GS1

In case you are unfamiliar with Jho Knives, it’s time to put them squarely on your radar. These folks make some truly exceptional everyday carry products with a very modern style-forward design. Perhaps nothing exemplifies that quite as well as their GS1 – short for “Gentleman Slasher.” This hatchet-style folder features a CPM S35VN steel blade mated to a titanium handle, has a flipper tang, and has no lock of which to speak – that’s right, it’s a friction folder. You’ll have to be patient if you want one, however, as they are in short supply and always have a high demand.

Purchase: $260

The James Brand Chapter Knife

When the guys at The James Brand realized that there just wasn’t any one knife that met all of their desires in an EDC folder, they made one. The Chapter is what they came up with and, truly, it’s a beautiful thing. This exceptionally designed pocket folder is as gorgeous as it is reliable and well-built. It features a simple drop-tip D2 steel blade, a titanium handle with a frame lock, and a tip down pocket clip. This truly is one of the greatest knives of all time, and not just in regards to minimalism.

Purchase: $275

Benchmade 761 Knife

Benchmade is one of, if not the greatest knife brands on the planet in terms of their overall dedication to quality, unmistakable form, and die-hard fanbase. And with knives like the 761, it’s easy to see why. This incredibly rugged blade is made from M390 American-made steel paired with a handle of titanium with a sleek integrated monolock – meaning the frame and the lock are one solid piece. Even better, like all of Benchmade’s offerings, this one comes with their lifetime warranty – which speaks monuments to how confident they are in the quality of their products.

Purchase: $340

Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21

There’s an argument to be made that the Chris Reeve Sebenza line of knives is the best ever conceived. We’re not going to confirm or dispute it, but we will say this: it is undeniably of singular quality in regards to styling, functionality, and timelessness. And anyone who gets their hands on one can count themselves amongst the lucky few. They come in a number of different blade shapes, materials, and more – although this one is perhaps the most classic. Truly, if you can afford the price, this is not an heirloom knife to pass up.

Purchase: $370

Nesmuk Janus Folder

Perhaps the ultimate gentleman’s folder, the Nesmuk Janus stands out as both incredibly unique and eye-catching, but without the need for any unnecessary flourish. You won’t find gemstones or rare wood in the handles, nor will you find that there is any embellishment on its form. It’s just a straightforward and incredibly handsome EDC knife. And though they all feature a DLC coated blade, you can select from a number of different colored handle finishes to match with the rest of your loadout.

Purchase: $815+

How To Sharpen Your Knife

Since EDC knives are meant to be used every single day, you’ll want to pick up some skills to increase the longevity of your blade. A major part of that is keeping an edge. Learn how to do it properly in our how to sharpen your knife guide.

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