The 12 Best iPhone MagSafe Wallets You Can Buy

With modern smartphones possessing the ability to digitally store everything from your bank cards to bus and train passes to insurance and vaccination cards, the average person no longer needs to carry traditional full-sized wallets and can typically get away with only being armed with a driver’s license and an emergency credit card. While carrying a minimalistic card holder makes ample sense for this reason, an even better — and more streamlined — option is to simply equip your iPhone with a magnetic-coupling wallet. And while MagSafe-compatible smartphones have only existed for a little over two years, this once niche space has absolutely exploded as of late — making right now the perfect time to shine a light on our picks for the best MagSafe wallets for everyday carry.

Streamlined EDC Card Storage 101

The Five Main Factors To Consider When Buying A MagSafe-Compatible Wallet

Because MagSafe-compatible wallets tend to be extremely spartan and streamlined — even compared to regular minimalist cardholders — the experience of shopping for one slightly differs from that of buying a normal wallet. As such, we’ve quickly broken down five of the most crucial areas to take into account when buying a MagSafe wallet for your iPhone. 

Storage: This area is important as it determines how many cards a MagSafe wallet can accommodate, with most ranging from two to four.  Additionally, some MagSafe-compatible wallets also boast space to house a few bills. 

Materials: Just like with an ordinary wallet, the materials used to construct it will play an enormous role in both its overall quality and durability — though craftsmanship no doubt plays a role here, too. Again, not unlike regular wallets, most MagSafe-compatible wallets are constructed from materials like nylon and leather — though the latter is often of the synthetic and/or vegan variety — however, there are MagSafe wallets that are also crafted from more modern and premium materials like titanium and carbon fiber. 

Access: It’s never fun being that guy who’s trying to dig out his credit card with a line full of people behind him while at the register, which is why quite a few MagSafe wallets on the market are equipped with unique systems, openings, or mechanisms for accessing or deploying the cards that it’s holding.  It’s also worth noting that practically every wallet on this list is thin enough to allow for contact-free tap-style paying without having to remove the card being used. 

Supplementary Features: Though a wallet’s main job is to house your vital physical cards, several of the MagSafe-compatible models on this list actually come equipped with supplementary features such as built-in grips or stands. It’s also important to point out that these wallets can easily be removed from the phone and carried in one’s pocket like an ordinary wallet. 

Style: Though they all tend to be fairly slim and minimalistic, MagSafe wallets can still hugely vary in overall appearance, with some sporting more contemporary aesthetics while others are modeled after more old-school items. What’s more, a great many of the wallets on this list are offered in a plethora of different color options, making it even easier to find a model that jives with your personal taste. We’d also like to point out that quite of few of the manufacturers represented on this list, also produce MagSafe-friendly iPhone cases with an aesthetic that matches their MagSafe-compatible wallet — a stellar option for any design-conscious EDC enthusiast.

The Latest & Greatest

The Best MagSafe-Compatible Wallets Currently On The Market

Photo: Amazon

Spigen MagSafe Card Holder Valentinus

Best Budget Wallet: Tipping the scales at just 1oz, the Spigen MagSafe Card Holder Valentinus is just about as minimalistic as MagSafe-compatible wallets get. Though it only offers space for two cards — which in all fairness is enough for most people — this no-frills wallet is able to achieve an ultra-slim and low-profile shape that slides in and out of your pocket with incredible ease. Produced in black or dark brown color options, the wallet is composed of vegan-friendly polyurethane leather. The front of the wallet sports a small cutout at 6 o’clock, making it easy to push up and access cards, while the back of the item boasts a larger oval-shaped opening for effortlessly sliding up and accessing cards. And, like all MagSafe-friendly wallets, this model is compatible with iPhones Series 12 and newer. 

Photo: MOFT

MOFT Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet

Most Functional: Produced in a whopping 19 different color options, the MOFT Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet is a highly-utilitarian item that’s made from a combination of vegan leather, fiberglass, and sheet metal. What’s more, the wallet also uses a dual-sided setup with 16 individual magnets. Weighing 1.4oz, this MagSafe-friendly piece of EDC gear features space for three cards along with a built-in phone stand. Equipped with a trio of different viewing angles, the wallet’s integrated stand can function in portrait mode, in landscape mode, or in a lifted, angled horizontal orientation made specifically for video conferencing. Additionally, for just $10, MOFT also sells a version of this Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet that comes with two magnetic wall stickers that allow one’s iPhone to be mounted on just about any flat surface. 

Photo: Amazon

Pelican Protector MagSafe Wallet 

Best Ruggedized Wallet: A miniature, magnetically-coupling version of one of the brand’s crushproof hard-sided gear cases, the Pelican Protector MagSafe Wallet features an ultra-hardwearing heavy-duty  impact polymer hard shell that boasts a secure snapping latch closure. Inside, the MagSafe-compatible wallet sports two suppurate compartments — one of which offers room for up to three cards while the other provides space to store a few paper bills. Both the cash and cards this wallet carries are also held in place via perforated rubber guard straps. Also produced in OD green, coyote, and black color options, this wallet is IPX4-rated and is extremely resistant splashes, dust, dirt, and impacts. Being largely bulletproof and impervious to the elements, this item is also perfect for storing vital documents in old vehicles, off-road rigs, and when backpacking. 

Photo: Amazon

Popsockets Popwallet+

Best Grip Wallet: With the company having sold more than 100,000,000 units thus far, to say that PopSockets have become popular would be a monumental understatement. The level of grip offered coupled with the fact they can double as a stand has sold millions of people on equipping their smartphones with a PopSocket. Recognizing the utility the basic model already offers, the company has now taken its signature product’s functionality to the next level with the PopSockets PopWallet+. Offered in numerous color choices, the PopWallet+ boasts room for up to three cards. It is, however, important to point out that, unlike several of the other wallets on this list, this particular model isn’t compatible with wireless charging when attached to a phone and must be removed before MagSafe (or Qi) charging can occur. 

Photo: Apple

Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe

Staple Pick: Now available in nine different colors, the Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe is a minimalistic yet elegant MagSafe-friendly card-carrying option. The wallet is cut from a fine European leather that’s been specially tanned and finished to Apple’s spec. Offering room for up to three cards, the wallet is also fitted with a series of powerful embedded magnets, along with shielding to prevent credit cards from being damaged. Additionally, the latest version of Apple’s own MagSafe wallet also supports the tech giant’s Find My app, allowing the wallet’s owner to get. Last known location on it should it be stolen or misplaced. It is unfortunate, however, that this wallet lacks any kind of cutout that would make it easier to access the cards that it’s holding. 

Photo: Peak Design

Peak Design Mobile Wallet

Best Storage Capacity: Benefitting from an insanely calculated design from an award-winning team, the Peak Design Mobile Wallet is an incredibly functional, well-thought-out card and bill-holder that’s made from premium materials and equipped with a few clever features. Good for holding as many as seven cards, the Mobile Wallet utilizes Peak Design’s SlimLink magnetic locking technology and is backed by a precision-tuned friction hinge. Equipped with high-temp neodymium mounting magnets, the wallet also features an integrated phone stand that works in both portrait and landscape orientations. Constructed around Zinc and nickel-plated steel frame and pieced together using steel hardware, the wallet comes wrapped in Bluesign-approved weatherproof nylon canvas fabric that’s completely derived from recycled materials

Photo: Fantom Wallet

Fantom C Wallet

Most Innovative: After first hitting the market a few years back with its unique fan-opening design, Fantom Wallet has more recently applied this same setup to a minimalistic MagSafe-compatible card carrier in the form of the company’s Fantom C Wallet. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this wallets crafted around a ceramic-coated aluminum chassis that’s been fitted with carbon inlays. Additionally, the wallet uses a design that holds cards firmly in place, plus features RFID blocking for added security and protection. Designed in Canada, this is also Fantom’s smallest wallet to date. All in all, the Fantom C Wallet offers sleek looks in a rugged and well-designed package that’s sure to serve its user well for years to come. 

Photo: Bellroy

Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet

Most Secure: The Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet is another incredibly secure option alongside the Pelican model above — albeit one with a markedly more fashion-forward appearance. Made from fair-trade and Gold-rated premium leather, this beautifully designed wallet uses a magnetic “ModRail” single rail system and a snappy-access trap door that opens to reveal the three cards it can store. On top of selling this iPhone case and wallet bundle in seven different colors, Bellroy also allows buyers to select a matching color scheme, or select different colors for the phone case and the wallet.  Bellroy also stands behind this two-item bundle with a three-year warranty.

The Final Four

A Few More Worthwhile Runners-Up

Photo: Amazon

OtterBox Detachable Wallet

Backed by the company’s limited lifetime warranty, the OtterBox Detachable Wallet is a MagSafe-compatible EDC card carrier that features a shell made from soft touch, durable synthetic leather. It is important to point out that this wallet is only compatible with other OtterBox MagSafe cases. 

Photo: Amazon

ESR HaloLock Vegan Leather Wallet Stand

An immensely popular magnetically-coupling card holder sold at an affordable price, the ESR HaloLock Vegan Leather Wallet Stand is — as its name suggests — made from high-quality vegan leather and outfitted with an integrated stand that works in both portrait or landscape modes and can be adjusted from angles between 15° and 160°. Sold in a trio of color options, this wallet also sports a trio of card slots and a metallic mesh lining. 

Photo: Ekster

Ekster MagSafe Cardholder

Made from USA-sourced leather, the Ekster MagSafe Cardholder is an EDC-friendly wallet that’s equipped with strong auto-aligning magnets and a thumb slot that makes for easy access to its cards. What’s more, in addition to boasting room for three cards, this MagSafe wallet also offers space for a few paper bills. 

Photo: Abbycart

Abby’s AirTag MagSafe Wallet 

Produced in half-a-dozen different color choices, Abby’s AirTag MagSafe Wallet is the only MagSafe-compatible wallet currently on the market that comes loaded with an integrated Apple AirTag case — along with space for up to three cards. Equipped with RFID blocking, the wallet is made from leather and features ultra-powerful built-in N52 magnets.

The Best MagSafe-Compatible iPhone Cases

Photo: Moft

Using a magnetic-coupling wallet while keeping your smartphone protected is only possible using a MagSafe-compatible iPhone case — the latest and greatest of which we’ve rounded up for our guide to the best MagSafe-compatible iPhone cases you can buy today.