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The 12 Best iPhone 14 Cases for Maximum Protection

Photo: Nomad Goods Horween Leather Case

Did you just pick up a new iPhone — specifically, the brand-new iPhone 14? If so, you’re in luck. We’ve already narrowed down the best versions of your next purchase: a trusty case to keep that pricey device like new for as long as possible.

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Are You MagSafe Ready?

Wireless charging has become all the rage recently, and you may have even noticed the innovation overtake your favorite coffee shop. That said, MagSafe has grown into one of the most popular forms of this technology, which is no surprise considering over 45% of smartphone users are inherent iPhone owners.

Moreover, those unfamiliar with MagSafe are probably wondering how it works, and it’s pretty simple; all iPhones released since 2020 have an internal array of magnets placed around its charging coil that sense other compatible accessories, like a charging pad or, in this instance, a case. Not every iPhone case is built to cooperate with this convenient technology, so we’ve specified the ones tailored to it to prevent you from learning the hard way.

Photo: Totallee

totallee Clear Ultra Slim Case

Show off your color of choice with this MagSafe-ready clear case. totallee’s razor-thin option provides ideal protection whether or not you account for its unnoticeable size. Its rubbery finish also offers incredible grip, ensuring you don’t have to worry about slippage. Lastly, it’s constructed in the U.S.A. from sturdy, flexible TPU.

Photo: Apple

iPhone 14 Leather Case with MagSafe

You can never go wrong with something straight from the source, which is why Apple’s remarkably soft case is a perfect choice for your new iPhone. Needless to say, the silicone-crafted option is compatible with MagSafe and, like all other Apple-made cases, has undergone thousands of hours of testing.

Photo: OtterBox

OtterBox SYMMETRY Antimicrobial MagSafe Case 

OtterBox is one of the most trustworthy brands in this space, primarily thanks to its military-standard drop protection. The Symmetry Antimicrobial MagSafe line is made using 50% recycled plastic and provides you with two of the most important elements to seek in a new case: access to wireless charging and the ability to ward off bacteria and viruses. Plus, it’s available in a variety of colors.

Photo: Moment

Moment Case for iPhone 14

Moment touts its latest case as its most complete iteration yet, boasting more protection and stronger interior magnets than ever. Moreover, the brand’s (M)Force magnet array is compatible with its catalog of MagSafe mounts, allowing you to charge your phone at all costs.

Photo: Incipio

Incipio Idol for magsafe Case

Incipio’s sleek case is proof that you shouldn’t just a case by its size. The minimalist accessory is designed to use with MagSafe accessories, made using molecular recycled materials, then receives an antimicrobial finish that prevents over 99% of surface bacteria, deeming it capable, sustainable, and as clean as can be. Above all else, it offers 14’ of drop protection — that’s about one full story.

Photo: UAG

UAG Metropolis lt for magsafe

This streamlined case boasts a built-in magnet module for seamless MagSafe and Apple Pay compatibility, but UAG doesn’t stop there. Its lightweight, KEVLAR inlay paves the way for 16’ drop protection, while padded corners promote a scuff-free result when you accidentally drop it — it happens to the best of us.

Photo: UAG

UAG Monarch Series iPhone 14 Case

Like the Metropolis collection, UAG’s MagSafe-compatible Monarch Series cases are made from lightweight Kevlar material that grants 16’ drop protection. On the contrary, its soft, impact-resistant core and padded corner protection are easy to hold and offer an ergonomic grip. Consider it the perfect alternative to the previous choice if you prefer a bulkier case.

Photo: MOUS

Mous Limitless Aramid Fiber Phone Case

Mous’ rugged Aramid Fibre-cased boasts the manufacturer’s AirShock protective tech, an impact-absorbing material that doesn’t result in unwanted bulk and keeps your phone as safe as possible. It is rounded out with a high-defense camera bump to guarantee you get the most out of your new camera array.

Photo: Nomad Goods


Nomad Goods is adept at making all sorts of handsome pieces to dress your device up, and the Horween Leather Case is one of its finest. But its buttery, soft feel isn’t to be mistaken for a sign of weakness, as it offers 10’ drop protection and MagSafe compatibility that deem it as functional as any choice here.

Photo: KERF

KERF Wood Phone Case

KERF’s natural wooden cases are some of the most stylish options around. The accessory maker’s collection has everything from cherry to purpleheart and everything in between. Looks aside, it features a MagSafe magnet array that works with a charging pad to match your case. 

Photo: Bellroy

BellRoy Mod Phone Case + Wallet

This functional pick from Bellroy features enough space for three cards and is still remarkably slim. Moreover, this option is composed of two leather-made pieces: the MagSafe-ready Mod Phone Case and streamlined Mod Wallet, the latter of which features a magnetic trap door that allows for easy access.

Photo: Rimowa

Rimowa Matte Black Case

You may be familiar with Rimowa’s iconic grooved suitcases, but you can achieve a similar look that slips right into your pocket. This sleek case is made of polycarbonate and shockproof TPU to prevent scuffing your new phone. All things considered, it’s an ideal choice for MagSafe and Apple Pay users who want to make a statement.

The Best iPhone Accessories You Can Buy

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