Feel the Burn: The 7 Best Fitness Apps

Sep 29, 2015

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Getting in shape, losing weight, and preventing flab from seeping into your life requires constant vigilance. If you’re one of those lucky few who’s addicted to working out, then you probably don’t need a fitness app to keep you on point, but even exercise junkies can use something to help them switch up their routine. That’s where a little technology can go a long way toward not only aiding you in keeping your beach body all year round, but vary your routine so that your workout never gets stale.

In looking at apps for bodybuilding, working out, getting and staying fit, and actually enjoying your training, we searched for those that were user-friendly and easy to use, could help you track your routines for easier progress monitoring, had consistent updates that kept them fresh, and were fun to do. Even the biggest road warrior doesn’t want to just grind away day after day, so we sought out applications that put a little play in your pump. So wipe the sweat out of your eyes and enter a new exercise universe with the 7 best fitness apps.

Skimble Workout Trainer 1

Skimble Workout Trainer

Pro: Virtually unlimited programs
Con: Overwhelming options

Tons of Options: From crossfit to yoga to running, there’s literally thousands of exercises packed into this app, complete with video instructions and step-by-step guides to doing them all. They have boot camp style workouts as well as those for relieving muscle aches and pains from pregnancy. Best of all, you can Frankenstein your own mix-and-match workout, download those made by others, and cobble together the right actions to meet your fitness goals, whether it be flexibility, stamina, or sheer hulk-grade size.



MyFitnessPal 1


Pro: Works on nearly any device
Con: Tough to add certain workouts

Calorie Counter: Truly meant to be your friend on your path to fitness, this is more of a tracker and food monitor than it is about helping you sculpt your glutes into Adonis proportions. Since nutrition is the often overlooked area of any good workout, with the huge range of foods and drinks built into the app, you’ll never be at a loss for how much you’ve eaten, what calories you drank, and what you need to do to burn off that triple-decker with cheese. Friendly and intuitive, it’s the ideal add-on to whatever workout app you load up. In addition to calories it monitors most workouts, though that is the one area the app tends to fall a little flat.

iOS Android

Pact 1


Pro: Multiple reminders to meet your goals
Con: Can get expensive quickly

Bet On Success: Pact is the ideal app for motivating to get yourself into the gym when you just don’t feel like it. While the workout app itself is free, what it does is make you commit to a workout and then bet real money saying you’ll follow through with it. If you do it, you win cold, hard cash to go along with all those sweet endorphins. Loads of lazy users have made this app lucrative for those who can actually do what they claim, and anyone who likes greed, or is looking to literally bet on their own success will find it fun, easy, and profitable.

iOS Android

Touchfit- GSP 1

Touchfit: GSP

Pro: Hits all muscle groups
Con: Only on iOS

Fast Fun: MMA world champion Georges St-Pierre is the GSP behind the name, and he’s found his niche as a coach and personal app trainer. You begin by doing a test workout wherein you rate your experience so that the app can learn from you and adjust accordingly. Split into workouts of 20 to 60 minutes, you can get whatever intensity level you desire and it will work you like a Trojan to boost muscle mass, enhance your cardio routine, and just get everything amped up. GSP is an enjoyable and enthusiastic coach with some interesting workouts, and it will damn sure challenge you to fight the flab.


Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout 1

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

Pro: Truly high-intensity
Con: No workout tracking

Quick Step: There’s a lot of quick fitness apps out there that will have you toning your abs for 8 minutes or driving you to do serious step aerobics, but if you want the best fast-paced workout you can find on any mobile platform, Johnson & Johnson really does it right. You can pick your intensity and get ready for a complete workout that runs 11 total minutes with warm-up and cooldown so that you don’t injure yourself. Ideal for travelers since all you need is about 10 minutes and a chair to get a pretty decent workout for cleanup toning.

iOS Android

Sworkit 1


Pro: Unlimited workout combinations
Con: Countdowns tend to freeze mid-workout

Smart Bomb: The preposterous name stands for “Simply Work It,” which is actually a misnomer since the app isn’t about simplicity but about setting specific goals. Choose a particular area that you wish to work and Sworkit will target that area with a set of exercises built around your aims. From smashing your abs into six pack shape or getting your yoga game up to snuff, you’ll be able to hit specific goals and then swap out for a whole new routine when it’s time to get your swimming practice into the green.

iOS Android

Zombies Run 1

Zombies, Run!

Pro: A playful novelty
Con: Doesn’t have much stat tracking

Utterly Ridiculous: Not geared toward tracking your heart rate or giving you interesting routines, Zombies, Run! is more about putting a little more fun into your jog. It tells you a fictional tale of zombies that are looking to hunt you down and consume your sweet, supple, perfectly toned flesh. It gives you little missions to accomplish and adds narrative to your run that can expand your imagination to surviving the apocalypse rather than just sculpting your buttocks. True, it’s a silly concept, and it wears out after a little while, but it’s surprisingly fun and engaging, and a handy way to split up the monotony of putting one foot in front of the other.

iOS Android

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