The 20 Best Men’s Chinos Available in 2022

Jan 27, 2022

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Although there are many intriguing styles of pants to pick up for yourself, there are only so many that can be labeled as essentials. Realistically, all of these can be counted on one hand, and they may not even take up each finger to do so. Of course, jeans and sweatpants are the two vitalities on polar ends of the pants spectrum, but falling right in between the two is the quintessential pair of chinos.

With practically every apparel brand in the world offering their rendition of the iconic office favorite, it’s a trek to track down which specific fit and fabric may suit your needs and fashion sense, especially when perusing the web leads you to well over 500 different sets of chinos. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up a ranging list of the essential garment that will suit any sort of closet.

Uniqlo Slim Fit Chino

As a staple in closets across to Japan and back, Uniqlo makes for an ideal place to start. Thanks to this particular pair’s stretchy, lightweight mix of cotton and a touch of spandex, these slim-fit pants provide a high-end take on a fairly budget pair of chinos while managing not to skimp on quality, look, or feel.

Purchase: $50

Dickies WP872 Work Chino Pant

There is no brand more synonymous with a common pair of work pants than Dickies. In the same manner that Doc Martens is bound to appear on a round-up of the best boots,  the same applies to this staple brand who’s been doing it for nearly ninety-nine years on the dot. Thanks to their durable wrinkle-resistant mix of polyester and cotton, there’s virtually no way to go wrong at such a low price. Simply put, if you don’t already have a pair of these in your closet, grab one now.

Purchase: $60+

Levi’s XX Chino Pant

Surely, everyone is well aware of what Levi’s brings to the table as far as denim goes, but they offer quality garments across the board. For instance, the heritage brand has labeled their XX Chino Pant as “the ideal WFH chinos,” and there are few descriptions that have sounded as necessary to take advantage of in the past year-and-a-half than that one. Composed from a blend of cotton, elastane, and polyester, these sustainable chinos are available in numerous colors geared to complement every blazer your wardrobe has to offer. As a bonus, they even feature an elastic waist with a hidden drawstring for adjustability’s sake.

Purchase: $80

Everlane Performance Chino

Backed by Everlane’s 365-day guarantee, it’s safe to assume no one will be utilizing it for such a quality pair of stretchy, lightweight chinos. Optimized for any situation you find yourself in, the 6% of elastane used in its composition makes for a set of pants that may even work in your favor if you find yourself on a light jog. As far as durability is concerned, Everlane wash-tested their Performance Chino a whopping 50 times for the sake of ensuring fabric strength and the perfect fade.

Purchase: $72

Flint and Tinder Lightweight Stretch Chino

Huckberry’s house brand never fails to deliver on some worthy closet essentials and these flexible pants are an ideal choice for any occasion. Made from 98% cotton and 2% gabardine on 100% American soil, Flint and Tinder’s chinos manage to fuse subtlety, style, and function all in one. Like other brands, the U.S.A.-based crew is well aware of just how many forms the chino has taken, and they’re looking to provide a pair that is best tailored to their customer base.

Purchase: $90

Buck Mason Twill Maverick Officer Pant

Buck Mason’s cotton-twill sewn chinos provide the breathability and flexibility one would hope for in a pair of casual pants, all while delivering a sartorial slim-fit that could even be worn at a wedding — if accompanied by the right blazer, of course. Boasting a lived-in look and a handy button fly, their Officer Pant will surely make it look like you have somewhere to be, regardless of what your schedule has to say.

Purchase: $105

Bonobos Flannel Lined Drawstring Chinos

Bonobos’ interesting take on the quintessential pair of pants is one worth investing in. Thanks to their garment-dyed nature, the chinos are soft to the touch and give off a faded look that will add some wintertime flair to your closet, not to mention wintertime warmth thanks to their flannel lining. As their proven best-seller, the numbers go to show that these chinos are meant for everyone and anyone.

Purchase: $119

Taylor Stitch Foundation Pant

Taylor Stitch’s take on the classic silhouette garners inspiration from its origin, as their Foundation Pant is crafted with World War II vets’ military chinos in mind. Made from 100% organic cotton, the San Francisco-established brand’s pants boast what they call a “democratic fit” ensuring they are comfortable, mindful, and stylish, featuring a herringbone-accented waistband to boot. While they’re available in a handful of colors, we believe the olive serves as a standout pick to stroll with this holiday season.

Purchase: $125

Outerknown Fort Chino Pant

Outerknown’s versatile catalog has always been worthwhile, not to mention the brand’s consistently eco-cognizant approach that distinguishes them from some other bigger names. With that being the case, their Fort Chino manages to deliver more of that same planet-friendly appeal. Crafted from fully organic cotton, these pants substitute the standard plastic and metal for some natural corozo buttons, all of which are made from gathered palm nuts. On top of that, they are Fair Trade Certified and garment-dyed for comfort’s sake, giving both you and the earth good reason to be happy about these pants.

Purchase: $138

J.Crew Wallace & Barnes Chino

J.Crew’s sartorial styles have often served as a great gateway into more high-end brands and a solid veer away from many of the shopping mall staples that compose their wear of low-tier fabrics and a lack of care. Luckily, their decade-old, military-inspired Wallace & Barnes line hasn’t aged in the slightest, with these sustainable ‘Catskill Green’ cotton chinos serving as an ideal pair of pants all finished off with a convenient button fly. Available in a number of colors, however, there’s truly no way to go wrong with these chinos.

Purchase: $148

Belstaff Gabardine Officer Chino

As Belstaff has tended to shift toward the luxury end of things, they’ve consistently remained a noteworthy name that always manages to offer some of the more practical garments around. Here, the British brand crafted a pair of lightweight chinos, albeit offering reliable water resistance as a result of its gabardine construction. While the brand may best be known for crafting immaculate biker jackets and winter coats, these pants are definitely worth taking a closer look at.

Purchase: $150

Carhartt WIP Barton Pant

Carhartt’s streetwear line has managed to deliver on numerous joint efforts in the field over the years, but these particular pants don’t require any other name to garner some respect. Crafted from 45% wool, their homey Barton Pant is primarily made up of polyester, making for a relaxed fit that ensures style across all walks of life. For added assurance, they also feature an adjustable waist in case those holiday dinners start taking too much of a toll this December. While price tends to tell a different story, this is as comfortable a pair as our list may have to offer.

Purchase: $168

Paul Smith Cotton-Stretch Chino

Paul Smith’s subtle flair on all sorts of garments is often exuded through the British-bred brand’s vibrant color palette, with many of those options available to purchase when looking through the variety of chinos. Standing out among the rest, however, is this particular slate blue color that resembles an ideal shade of denim. Thanks to their Pima cotton construction, these pants hone their listing name to a tee thanks to their lightweight stretch, all of which are topped off with seam inlays for extra comfort.

Purchase: $175

Todd Snyder Japanese Selvedge Chino

Todd Snyder routinely bolsters their wide catalog of elegant, Savile Row-inspired garments, and they do no less with these chinos crafted from Japanese selvedge. For added authenticity, the fabric is brought overseas from the esteemed Kuroki mill in Japan, providing the deep indigo hue that assists in these pants garnering the spotlight.  Equipped with a button fly composed of sturdy melamine, this is an ideal pair of pants to pick up this winter — or any time of year, to be honest. At the end of the day, Savile Row looks tend to age with nothing less than grace.

Purchase: $198

rag & bone Fit 2 Mid-Rise Chino

While their initial fit was suitable for many, rag & bone decided to up the ante in the comfort department. Introducing their Mid-Rise Chino’s second iteration, crafted from primarily cotton and a touch of polyurethane for the stretchiness everyone looks for in a business casual pair of pants. To no surprise, the brand’s chinos almost resemble their jeans from a quality perspective, going to show that rag & bone’s high standards don’t stop with their beloved denim.

Purchase: $225

A.P.C. Classic Cotton-Gabardine Chinos

Similar to rag & bone, in theory, the people at A.P.C. may know two things better than anyone else: minimalism and making pants — not just denim, but all types of pants. In this case, the Parisian brand’s Gabardine Chino delivers on an essential pair of wear akin to their revered jeans. Crafted from a waterproof cotton-gabardine, these lightweight pants look as great for work as they do for a night out, and as good on the streets of your town as on les rues de Paris.

Purchase: $225

Freenote Cloth Workers Chino

Founded in the Orange County region of Southern California, the brothers that started Freenote Cloth have managed to master the art of crafting pure Americana through each garment. Here, the Workers Chino does no less, with each pair sewn in the States out of slub fabric straight from Japan and meticulously decked out with herringbone detail. Additionally, anyone interested in picking up a pair does not need to worry about any pesky laundry days as these pants are pre-shrunk, garment-dyed, and ready to be accompanied by a crisp white button-up.

Purchase: $250

Acne Studios Twill Chino

Crafted from a non-stretch fabric, Acne Studios delivers on an extremely dapper pair of pants that boasts an exquisite slim fit and midweight durability. Made from a cotton-twill blend and marked with Italian sizes, the Swedish brand manages to deliver on an ideal pair of trim-fitting pants that are tailored to match any wardrobe, but we recommend keeping it simple when it comes to these.

Purchase: $250

John Elliott Canyon Work Chino

For nature lovers, there’s one more pair of green pants that simply had to appear here. Hailing from the L.A. fashion house John Elliott, these durable chinos are constructed with the common outdoorsman in mind. Sewn from cotton twill, these pants offer a relaxed fit that will ultimately grow on you like your favorite pair of sweatpants. Available in a pair of colors, this olive look is ideal for the tail-end of 2021. 

Purchase: $348

Maison Margiela Corduroy Chino Trousers

There are few textiles more coveted than corduroy. Leave it up to the minimalist luminaries at Maison Margiela to deliver on a pair of corduroy chinos that are simply too subtly stylish to pass up. With a full-on viscose lining, these feathery, Italian-made pants boast a chic unfinished hem and are embellished with the brand’s signature stitching at the waistline, making sure you’ll want to leave your shirt tucked in when wearing these on the town.

Purchase: $850

The 16 Best Men’s Selvedge Denim Jeans

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