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The Best Men’s Slides for Taking It Easy

The Best Mens Slides 00 Hero
Photo: SUICOKE KAW-CAB Webbing Trimmed Shell Sandals

Everyone deserves some freedom in their footlocker. Some flock to moccasins, or loafers – but summer is coming fast, and fur-lined footwear can be far too hot for trotting. After a long day of cramming your feet into rigid and restrictive shoes – be they boots, oxfords, or sneakers – you need to let your feet breathe. Even sandals can pinch the skin between your toes and get in the way of your comfort.

No, you need something so soft, so very gentle that it’s almost imperceptible. After wrenching off your work boots, you’ll want to slide into your next pair of shoes. The hard work is done. It’s time to relax, spread your toes, and unwind with our best men’s slide picks.

Best Slides Rundown

What To Look For?

Material: Casual slides that can take more of a beating will feature synthetic materials and sometimes waterproof capabilities, but more high-end choices favor leather and similar premium materials. More often than not, the cushioning across the board is supposed to be thick and comfortable, with EVA being a popular choice among the aforementioned casual slides.

Style: Slides are characterized by shoes with one or two straps that can easily be taken on and off without ankle support. Most of the variation in style, similar to the material, will be found in the strap(s) of the slide.

What makes it a slide?

Well, simply put, the name gives you everything you need to know. Slides are shoes you can slide your foot easily in and out of, making them ideal for quick trips or lazy days. Although we can trace slide-adjacent shoes back to ancient civilizations, it was German brands adidas and Birkenstock that really launched the shoe’s popularity in the West. Generally speaking, since slides are designed for easily accessible comfort and mobility, they’re not meant for more active situations or prolonged wear. Sandals, on the other hand, will usually have more support with thicker soles and more straps. Some labels may call their slides sandals and vice versa, so look out for the defining slide features to make an assessment.

Vans Checkerboard La Costa Slide-On Sandal

  • Iconic Vans checkering
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber bottoms have been replaced with foam bottoms
  • Run small

Best Budget Slides: Vans are known for its skating kicks, but after a long day of boarding, what better footwear to slip into than a pair of checkered slides. With a lightweight outsole made of super comfy bi-cast leather and a synthetic leather strap, these are the perfect items to relax in.

Adidas Adilette Slides

adidas Adilette Slides
  • One of the original slides
  • Work as good pool shoes
  • Not ideal for prolonged wear

The Best Shower Slides: The staple of the Adidas slide collection, the Adilette obviates those uncomfortable little rubber prods, in favor of an untextured but contoured footbed. These classics have been around since 1972. Rock the three stripes poolside, without worry thanks to the quick-dry lining, or during a chill day at home.

Birkenstock Arizona EVA

Birkenstock Arizona Essentials EVA
  • Made in Germany
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Like other Birks, they take some time to break in

The Best Waterproof Slides: Birkenstocks are the ultimate Earth-shoe lover’s sandals. But these ‘stocks are a squeakier iteration. Made from 100% synthetic material, it still shares the same sole that its suede siblings have had for years, but theirs is rubber, making for an ultra-lightweight sandal. Plus, it doesn’t soak up your foot sweat like leather Birks tend to do.

Chaco Men’s Chillos Slide

  • Float in water
  • Podiatrist-approved arch support
  • Straps can be finicky
  • May get blisters with prolonged wear

The All-Arounders: Although slides are usually meant for comfort, that doesn’t mean certain picks will be uncomfortable in other conditions. The Chaco Men’s Chillos Slide is one such example, providing great arch support in a lightweight form. They’re just as useful for a day working from home or around a campfire, with a durable and soft EVA outsole.

HOKA ORA Recovery 3 Slides

HOKA ORA Recovery 3 Slides
  • Great daily drivers
  • Long-lasting comfort
  • Heel rides a little high

The Best Active Slides: Yes, HOKA is mainly known for its running shoes, but that means the HOKA ORA Recovery 3 Slides have some activewear flair. The brand has improved upon its previous slides, adding better airflow and dual-layer construction. These slides are perfect for a post-run cooldown, but if you find yourself needing some slides that can keep up with a brisk pace, then these are worth a look.

Saturdays NYC Banya Slide

Saturdays NYC Banya Slide
  • Soft nylon strap with antibacterial lining under it
  • Molded footbed
  • Can be small near the toes for some

The Comfiest Slides: These slides are made to be rocked out on the town – namely the city that never sleeps. Banya avows that slides are the new goin’ out shoe, and their all-black leather sandal aims to prove that the gap between stay-home-wear and hit the town costumery can be bridged. Especially since the rugged rubber outsole improves traction wherever you are.

Birkenstock Kyoto Olive

Birkenstock Kyoto Olive
  • Quality fabric
  • German-made
  • May want to waterproof the suede upper

The Best Sandal/Slipper Hybrid: While a comfy slide is great for many uses, having some sandal features can make the shoes more versatile. The Birkenstock Kyoto Olive shoes are a great middle ground between the two, featuring the brand’s signature cork footbed, and a supportive suede upper. So these can be easily taken on and off like a slide, but have no problem spending the day on your feet without being uncomfortable.

SUICOKE KAW-CAB Webbing Trimmed Shell Sandals

SUICOKE KAW CAB Webbing Trimmed Shell Sandals
  • Velcro straps
  • Durable shell and webbing
  • Only available in full sizes

The Best City Slides: While nothing is stopping you from rocking some slides around town a little longer than your trip to the store, you may want something a little more fashionable if that’s the case. SUICOKE’s KAW-CAB Webbing Trimmed Shell Sandals are perfect for such occasions while also featuring a durable shell and velcro straps. Additionally, the EVA footbed has antibacterial properties so prolonged wear isn’t an issue.

Gucci ‘72 Sport Slide

Gucci 72 Sport Slide
  • Iconic design and silhouette
  • Made in Italy
  • Gucci pricing
  • Upper strap prone to scratches

The Premium Pick: Colloquially known as simply “Gucci flip flops,” these Gucci ‘pursuit ’72 slides’ have become iconic, getting a lift from some exogenous sources. Yes, they have an iconic look, but they’re also cushioned with a supportive footbed for supreme comfort. Slide into the future with these modern-day pop cultural icons.

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