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The Best Men’s Crewneck Sweatshirts with Undeniable Comfort

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Photo: Todd Snyder Midweight Pocket Sweatshirt

While countless sweatshirts and sweaters come in different shapes and sizes, one of the most timeless is the good old-fashioned crewneck sweatshirt. As one of the most common silhouettes on the market, every brand has provided its take on this loveable garment, as it’s long been the staple layer for everything from lazy Sundays on the couch to sweat sessions at your local boxing gym to running errands in chilly weather. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to seek out the best men’s crewneck sweatshirts on the market for this guide.

With an abundance of both plain and design-clad options across the space, it’s no surprise that pinning down the right sweatshirt can seem like a tall task. Luckily, we scoured the web for you to simply sit back, keep warm, and not worry about diving into the miscellaneous specifications of an onslaught of sweatshirts. Whether you’re looking to up your loungewear game or add a casual touch to your next outing, we’ve compiled a guide to the best crewnecks you can buy in adherence to any scenario.

Best Crewneck Sweatshirts Rundown

Crewneck Considerations

It's all in the materials

Material: While most crew neck sweatshirts have a generally agreed-upon style and similar materials, there can still be deviations. Since sweatshirts are built for warmth and comfort, cotton is the most popular choice of material. Followed by wool and synthetic materials, although the latter is mainly featured in crewneck sweatshirts meant for more active situations.

Crewneck or sweatshirt (or both)?

Crewneck styles of clothes are characterized by a rounded and collarless neckline. Recently, with the rise of athleisure, crewneck sweatshirts, in particular, have seen a boost in popularity. To make things simple, when the neckline looks and acts like a crewneck, you can likely call it one. This goes for sweatshirts (without a hood), shirts, sweaters, etc., so keep an eye out for these features. Especially since labels will sometimes omit “crewneck” from the name of the sweatshirt (or other garments), which doesn’t make them any less of a crewneck, but it helps to know what to look for if this is the case.

Carhartt Loosefit Midweight Pocket Sweatshirt

  • Reasonably priced durability
  • Has a chest pocket
  • Runs large
  • Close fitting sleeves might not be for everyone

The Best Work Crewneck: Whether you’re a blue-collar nine-to-fiver or a workwear enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with Carhartt’s entry-level offering. The Detroit heritage brand‘s sweatshirt is extremely comfortable thanks to its loose-fitting makeup but still keeps the crisp winds away thanks to its rib-knit cuffs and its stretchy, spandex reinforcement. For added convenience, it’s finished off with a chest pocket to throw your spare nuts and bolts into.

Los Angeles Apparel 10oz Fleece Wide Crewneck

  • Half cotton and half polyester
  • Made in the States
  • Need to size up

The Safe Pick: Built for annual wear, this 10-ounce sweatshirt is composed of a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, then rounded out with a raised mock neckline for style’s sake. Comfort aside, what stands out most about Los Angeles Apparel’s crewneck is how the brand manufactures it. The SoCal-bred label’s professional seamstresses are paid at a justified rate, going to show that it cares about its product as much as the people who put their time into it.

L.L. Bean Quilted Sweatshirt

  • Great for cold weather
  • Durable but comfy
  • A bit short near the waist
  • May look boxy on some

The Best Quilted Crewneck: L.L.Bean’s cozy Quilted Sweatshirt adds a textured touch to the quintessential garment. The Maine-bred clothiers crafted this neat piece from a blend of cotton and polyester, giving it a versatile weight that’s light enough to wear annually but still plush enough to keep you feeling cozy through the colder months. Plus, even though it’s been brushed to provide an even softer feel, it’s an incredibly rugged choice that’s sure to last.

J.Crew French Terry Crewneck Sweatshirt

  • Breathable enough for warmer weather
  • Classic style
  • Arms can be short

The Best French Terry Crewneck: J.Crew’s sweatshirt serves as another exemplary choice from its wide portfolio of go-to garments. This particular crewneck is abundantly comfortable thanks to its French terry composition and comes available in a pair of subtle colors that are easy to wear on any occasion. In layman’s terms, this may not be the flashiest choice, but it gets the job done through top-tier quality and classic styling (peep the under-collar “Dorito”), and that’s what the shopping mall favorite is known for.

Buck Mason Interloop Crew Sweatshirt

  • 100% cotton
  • Garment-washed color
  • Need to care for properly to avoid blemishes or shrinking

The Best Vintage-Inspired Crewneck: Anything Buck Mason produces is worthy of a spot in your wardrobe, ergo, it’s no surprise that this midweight crewneck serves as a great mid-tier option. To prevent the Interloop Sweatshirt from getting smaller with every laundry day, the L.A. clothiers cut this piece’s fabric against the grain, which assists in bringing vertical shrinkage to a screeching halt. The fabric at hand is a dense, formidable French terry that’s guaranteed to keep you warm when needed on a breezy day.

Todd Snyder Midweight Pocket Sweatshirt

  • French terry fabric
  • Moisture-wicking interior
  • Runs slim
  • May ride up above the waist

The Best Pocket Crewneck: Todd Snyder is another name that’s made its living off of reimagining American essentials with its personal touch. The New York fashion label’s garment-dyed Midweight Pocket Sweatshirt serves as part of its collaborative effort with Champion, another name that knows its way around a sweatshirt. Composed of 18-oz. French terry, it is finished off with raglan sleeves and a V-stitch, making for a blend of warmth and style that the brand has consistently provided since hitting the scene a decade ago. The shirt comes available in as many colors as there are in the rainbow, so you can rest assured that it will go hand-in-hand with whatever outfit you may have in mind.

Lululemon City Sweat Crew

  • Flexible French terry fabric
  • Roomier for a less restricting feel
  • Hidden inner zipper pocket might not be for everyone
  • Prone to shrinking without proper care

The Best Active Crewneck: lululemon’s City Sweat Crew sets to take on exactly what its namesake consists of, that being the big city or your local gym. The four-way stretch, French terry-crafted sweatshirt looks to be in it for the long haul thanks to Lycra’s stretchable fibers. Serving as part of the Canadian label’s On the Move collection, it is a naturally breathable choice that is sure to bode well even if it’s getting a bit too tepid outside. Plus, thanks to its pair of underarm gussets, it somehow proves to become even more comfortable with every added element.

Pangaia Recycled Cotton Sweatshirt

  • Responsibly sourced materials
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Specific care instructions

The Sustainable Pick: Pangaia is a humble, sustainable brand that’s worth talking about no matter what the product is, so the fact that it crafts great ones serves as a nice little bonus. Composed of responsibly sourced, high-quality organic cotton, this sweatshirt is finished off with the label’s trademark PPRMINT treatment, which is made with peppermint oil to provide antibacterial protection, something those around you will surely appreciate if you end up sweating in this sweatshirt.

Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt

  • Made in Peru
  • Will last long
  • Some may prefer a tighter fit

The Best Crewneck with Elbow Patches: Billy Reid’s Southern roots may serve as a solid reason as to why it sticks to American classics so well – however, being based in a city named Florence is bound to result in a luxury touch, be it Italy or Alabama. While the brand came to fruition in the latter, its handsome Dover Terry Crew is composed in Canada and serves as an ideal addition to anybody’s wardrobe. It is rounded out with a stylish, herringbone twill design and a pair of distressed leather patches on both sleeves.

Reigning Champ Merino Terry Crewneck

  • Naturally odor resistant
  • Good at wicking moisture
  • On the pricier side

The Best Cold Weather Crewneck: When it comes to getting a workout in, there are few names more notable nowadays than Reigning Champ. The Canadian athleisure brand crafts an immaculate crewneck composed of nothing but merino wool and just a tad of elastane for some certified stretchiness. Then, for added comfort, it’s finished off with a pair of loose semi-raglan sleeves. As a result of its merino makeup, this is a moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, and standard-fitting sweatshirt that is sure to treat you right whether you’re on a morning jog or simply working from home.

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