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The Best Durable Work Pants For Men To Wear Right Now

Photo: 1620 Double Knee Utility Pant

Anyone that’s spent their fair share of time on the jobsite or in the shop is well aware of how quickly a regular pair of pants will succumb to the rigors and abuses of hard labor. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of workwear brands that have stepped up to address this issue, delivering ultra-rugged pants that have been engineered specifically to stand up to the stresses that come with manual labor and working with one’s hands — the most capable and hardwearing of which we’ve rounded up to deliver this handpicked guide to the best work pants.

The Best Work Pants For Men

Workwear 101

The Factors To Consider When Buying Work Pants

The sheer abundance of available options on the market does give buyers an enormous variety of pairs to pick from, however, it can also make it difficult to sort through the sea of available offerings in order to hone in on the pair that’s most conducive to your particular wants and needs. To help simplify this situation, we’ve put together this condensed guide to the five most crucial areas to take into consideration before buying a pair of work pants.

Materials & Construction Techniques: The biggest factor that will play the most important role in a pair of workwear pants’ overall quality is undoubtedly the materials used to make them, as well as the construction techniques used to piece those materials together. Additionally, you’ll want to explore if a pair has been reinforced with double or triple-stitched seams, reinforced seats, or overlays in key stress areas.

Climate & Conditions: It’s important to have workwear that’s appropriate for the climate you’re working in. Warmer seasons or regions will call for lighter, more breathable materials, while colder months or climates will demand weatherproof constructions with waterproof membranes and sometimes insulation. Fortunately, most workwear-specific brands offer versions of products to accommodate a wide variety of temperatures and work conditions.

Fit & Mobility: Performing physical labor requires garments that don’t restrict the wearer’s mobility. Elements such as articulated knees and gusseted crotches will bolster a pair’s range of movement. In order to offer the most possible range of movement and motion, pants need to precisely and snugly fit their wearer, which is also why a decent number of today’s best work pants also feature additional adjustment points to better dial in their fit.

Warranty: Quality constructions and top-notch craftsmanship will almost always yield rugged work pants that will stand up to years of prolonged abuse, however, should you damage a pair, it’s always nice having the peace of mind that a warranty can bring. Because many of these garments have been specifically designed to last a lifetime, the manufacturers behind these products are often willing to stand behind them in the form of lifetime warranties. This is also a premium that you’re typically paying for when opting for more expensive pieces of workwear.

Price & Value: Typically speaking, in the workwear sector, the more you spend, the better garment you’ll get, with pants being no exception. While cheaper pairs can be tempting to opt for, the reality is that most of the time, you’ll actually save money by going with a more expensive pair, as a good pair of work pants will outlive — and hugely outperform — a regular or cheap pair of work pants several times over. With that said, there is still a sweet spot — usually between $100 and $250 — that will get you a great pair of ultra-hardwearing pants without hugely breaking the bank.

Workwear Winners

The Best Work Pants On The Market

Now that you have a better sense of what to look for when shopping, let’s dive into our picks for the finest pairs of work pants that money can currently buy.

Truewerk T2 Werkpant

Photo: Truewerk
  • Constructed around proprietary double-woven windproof 4-way stretch softshell
  • Stellar bang for your buck
  • Made for 3-season use
  • Reinforced with double-stitched seams
  • Shell material prone to collecting dust & dirt

Best Value Work Pants: Produced in five color choices, the Truewerk T2 Werkpant is a stellar work pant that uses modern materials to deliver a more durable, comfortable, and high-performing pair. Touted as the world’s first soft-shell work pants, the T2 is crafted from a proprietary double-woven poly blend that’s DWR-coated, pieced together using double-stitch seams, and incredibly resistant to water, abrasions, and tears.


Photo: Patagonia
  • Cut from Fair Trade Certified-sewn 12.9oz Iron Forge Hemp canvas
  • Material is 25% more abrasion resistant than conventional cotton duck canvas
  • Doesn’t require a break-in period
  • Features seat & knee overlays & reinforced seams at all key stress areas
  • Not ideal for warm-weather use

Best Eco-Friendly Work Pants: The Patagonia Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Double Knee Pants are an ultra-hardwearing pair of work-specific trousers that are Fair Trade Certified-sewn from rugged 12.9oz Iron Forge Hemp canvas — a construction that’s 25% more abrasion resistant than conventional cotton duck canvas, as well as being softer to the touch and not requiring a break-in period. Offered in Ink Black or Coriander Brown color options, these pants boast reinforced seams in key stress areas and overlays across the seat and knees. 

SA1NT Workwear Straight Fit Jeans

Photo: SA1NT
  • Construction infused with Dyneema
  • 500% stronger than regular denim
  • Looks & feels like regular premium denim
  • Great value
  • Premium hardware & trim
  • Pockets provide limited storage compared to most workwear pants

Most Comfortable Work Pants: From the makers of the world’s very first single-layer riding denim comes this equally impressive pair of work pants from Down Under with SA1NT’s Workwear Straight Fit. Touted as being 500% tougher than regular denim, these pants offer a natural fit, a seven-pocket setup, and are both lightweight and breathable with a good deal of stretch. Because their strength comes from the use of Dyneema, these jeans can also comfortably be worn in normal, non-work settings without standing out one bit. 

Carhartt Rugged Flex Steel Cargo Pant

Photo: Carhartt
  • Crafted from 10oz CORDURA Spandex Ripstop material
  • Equipped with double-layered front
  • Rugged Flex stretch technology offers multi-way stretch properties
  • Compatible with knee pads
  • Brimming with CORDURA overlays & reinforcements
  • Function over form appearance

Best Stretch Work Pants: Anytime you’re purchasing workwear, it’s always worth taking a look at the latest Carhartt catalog as the American clothing brand is renowned for its rugged work-specific garments. The company’s Rugged Flex Steel Cargo Pant features a primary spandex-infused cotton-CORDURA construction that’s further fortified via reinforced front ledge pockets, Flex back pockets, a utility loop, and a gusseted crotch that are all made from CORDURA. In addition to benefitting from Rugged Flex stretch technology that affords a completely unrestricted range of movement, these pants also pack top-loading CORDURA knee pockets that can accommodate Carhartt’s optional XRD knee pads.

Proof Rover Pant Straight Leg

Photo: Proof | Huckberry
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Lends itself to a wide variety of wardrobes & settings
  • TruTemp365 treatment offers moisture-wicking & thermo-regulation properties
  • Boasts dart seams
  • Construction infused with polyester REPREVE fabric spun from recycled water bottles
  • Metal hardware’s matte black finish quickly fades & deteriorates

Best Casual/Minimalist Work Pants: Produced in seven color options — all of which come contrasted by matte black metal hardware — Proof’s Rover Pant is a surprisingly comfortable and dignified-looking pair of work pants that are made from a lycra-infused Sorbtek-cotton blend with multi-way stretch and moisture-wicking properties. These pants’ minimalistic and straight-cut design also allows them to easily blend into more formal settings.

Taylor Stitch The Chore Pant

Photo: Taylor Stitch
  • Cut from a custom-milled 12oz canvas
  • Light stone wash offers broken-in right off the rack
  • Features custom YKK buttons & a button fly closure
  • Pockets bar-tacked at stress points
  • Boasts double-knee reinforced and double-needle construction throughout
  • While comfortable, material is less rugged than many other premium workwear pants

Best Loose-Fit Work Pants: Made exclusively in small batches, Taylor Stitch’s The Chore Pant is made from a 12oz blend composed of hemp, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and spandex that was custom-developed and milled specifically for Taylor Stitch. Crafted using double-needle construction throughout, these pants also feature a button fly closure with custom buttons, a dedicated pen sleeve, double-knee reinforcements, bar-tacking at key stress points, a pair of back patch pockets, and an angled front stash pocket. Furthermore, these pants are offered in a variety of color options.

Iron & Resin Union Work Pants

Iron and Resin Union Work Pants
Photo: Iron & Resin
  • Overbuilt from ultra-rugged 18oz duck cotton canvas
  • Features bespoke Iron & Resin logo rivet
  • Will develop unique patina
  • Boasts double-knee reinforcements and double-needle felled rise, back yoke, & outseam
  • Not made in America

Best Shop Work Pants: The Union Work Pants are a direct result of the folks at Iron & Resin setting out to craft the most rugged and hardwearing pair of work pants possible. Starting with an 18oz cotton duck canvas primary construction, these workwear bottoms have been treated to double-layered rear ankle cuffs and knee panels. They also incorporate a double-needle-felled back yoke, rise, and outseam, a shank button waistband, a rugged YKK zipper, a right leg utility pocket, a D-ring key clip, and bespoke I&R smooth-faced rivets on all pockets and critical stress points.

Triple Aught Design Intercept PD Pant

Photo: Triple Aught Design
  • Made in America
  • Crafted from 11.75oz Siege Denim
  • Sports custom TAD-branded hardware & buttons
  • Boasts bartack reinforcements & triple & double-needle topstitching
  • Initial measurements change after 1st wash

Best Denim Work Pants: Though Triple Aught Design’s Intercept PD Pant may have been engineered as a pair of tactical jeans rather than work pants, the model’s ridiculous strength and unrestricted range of motion make it a great choice for laborious duties. Cut and sewn entirely in America, the pants are made from rugged 11.75oz Siege Denim — an elastane-infused cotton blend — and have been reinforced with triple and double-needle topstitching, bar-tack reinforcements, a back yoke, and a shank button fly that features custom TAD-branded YKK buttons. 

1620 Double Knee Utility Pant 2.0

1620 Double Knee Utility Pant 2
Photo: 1620
  • Boasts proprietary military BDU-inspired stretch construction
  • Material is DWR-coated & 10-times stronger than cotton duck
  • Features double-layer front & reinforced seams
  • Has hammer loops, utility pocket, & other workwear-specific features
  • Expensive price

Best USA-Made Work Pants: 1620 just may be the best-kept secret in the workwear space, as the company offers incredibly durable garments that have legitimately been built to last. Developed by 1620 and inspired by U.S. Military BDUs, the pants are made from a 14oz plain weave CORDURA Stretch NYCO fabric that’s ten times as abrasion-resistant as cotton duck and dries twice as fast. Meeting NFPA1975 standards for melting and drip thermal properties, these bottoms also boast a PFC-free water-repellent finish. Crafted entirely in the U.S., these pants come backed by a lifetime warranty.

Filson Oil Finish Double Tin Cloth Pants

Filson Oil Finish Double Tin Cloth Pants
Photo: Filson
  • Made by an iconic American heritage brand
  • Tried & true design that’s been in production for 75 years
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Front is double-layered with wax-finished Tin Cloth
  • Boasts double-stitching and bar-tack reinforcements
  • Ultra-thick construction sacrifices comfort & breathability

Best Ultra-Heavy-Duty Work Pants: First introduced three-quarters of a century ago, the Filson Oil Finish Double Tin Cloth Pants are an extraordinarily heavy-duty pair of work pants cut from dual layers of the heritage brand’s signature Tin Cloth construction running from waist to knee. Just as hardwearing as the pant’s materials are the construction techniques used to piece everything together, which includes double-needle stitching and bar-tack reinforcements. Engineered for year-round workwear use, Filson’s Oil Finish Double Tin Cloth Pants also boast a metal-shank wreath-button fly and suspender buttons.

The Best Workwear Essentials

Photo: Filson Tin Cloth Jacket

Still need to put together the rest of your workwear loadout? Then be sure to head over to our guide to the best workwear essentials for more must-have pieces of gear for any laborer.