The 15 Best AirPods Accessories You Can Buy in 2021

Dec 21, 2021

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Ever since Apple packaged their Earpods alongside the beloved iPhone 5 back in 2012, the benchmark for entry-level earphones shifted entirely. While these were far from the audiophile’s dream, their shape was adored by many, as critics heralded the now-budget buds as “practically custom-molded” — and they were practically right. Thanks to their unorthodox silhouette, Apple’s game-changing new take assisted in minimizing sound loss and keeping listeners in tune every step of the way. Years later, these have been rendered obsolete, but the shape has maintained its prominence en route to standardizing the brand’s AirPods as everybody’s go-to choice for new in-ears.

Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find a handful of people walking down your local street that don’t own a pair of Apple’s flagship wireless earphones, and the same applies to their pro-iteration or maxed-out over-ears. Moreover, spending well over $150 on something so fragile and not doing everything in your power to refrain from damaging it is simply ludicrous. As the same applies to each of Apple’s other gadgets, countless companies have had their hand in mindfully crafting accessories to protect your AirPods. Furthermore, it’s only fitting that we provide a mindful breakdown of the best ones on the market, so take a look for yourself at the best AirPods accessories below and remember to protect your pods.

Seltureone Anti-Loss Straps

There are few things more daunting about picking up a pair of wireless earphones for yourself than losing them. Luckily, this inexpensive set of anti-loss straps will keep your AirPods at their safest the old-fashioned way, sans that pesky wire poking out of your pockets. Constructed of ultra-thin silicone for a simple assembly, you’ll have the folks over at Seltureone to thank for these whenever you’re working out.

Purchase: $6

AirPod Skins

Keeping your AirPods at their whitest can be difficult — and that’s totally fair. With whatever we touch throughout the day often leaving some sort of residue on their stems upon pulling them out, it’s always convenient to have a protective wrap to maintain that sleek shine. Available in a wide variety of colors, feel free to personalize these to your liking and give your earphones a minimalistic look that doesn’t interfere with their case.

Purchase: $10

Proof Labs Ear Hooks

While Apple’s sub-branch in Beats tends to throw a set of ear hooks onto their flagship in-ear headphones, the Silicon Valley gadgeteers prefer a more subdued look, which comes as no surprise whatsoever. With that being said, though, a little bit of extra security always comes in handy, as having a couple of pricey earphones practically dangling in the air can be rather stressful. Proof Labs’ set of ear hooks is made up of silicone, making them flexible and easy to adjust. These are sure to serve you as great on your morning run as they do when you’re rushing out of the office to grab some lunch.

Purchase: $13

Elago Dust Guard

Is there anything more irritating than the debris, lint, and dirt that seeps out of your pockets and into an AirPod case? Luckily, elago’s wide catalog of Apple accessories includes an extremely convenient dust guard that is uber-thin and easy to install. Above all else, you won’t have to deal with the constant, pesky maintenance that comes alongside picking up a sleek new pair of headphones when you can simply let this protective adhesive do all the hard work.

Purchase: $15+

Comply Foam Earbud Tips

Surely, there are more comfortable things to put in our ears than pure rubber, and while the AirPods Pro offer soft tips that stand out a bit over their alternate counterpart, some would still prefer a different material. Thankfully, Comply understands this issue, providing a couple of foam tips that optimize comfort without obstructing sound quality and still fit in your charging case with no issues.

Purchase: $24+

Catalyst Shockproof Soft Skin Case

Catalyst is a name that has been transporting quality goods for years, and we could all use a touch of color in our lives. Thanks to their mightily sturdy soft skin case, you can dress your AirPods up in a variety of colors all the while knowing they are safe, sound, and even waterproof a bit over 3 feet. Composed of heavy-duty silicone, Catalyst manages to deliver pretty impressive specs for what looks like a simple accessory, as it boasts an ultra reassuring, 4-foot drop protection that even manages to surpass military standards.

Purchase: $25+

Satechi Charging Dock

Before the advent of true wireless buds hitting the market, there was never a reason to be concerned with our earphones dying when on the move. Nowadays, convenience comes with a price, and the need to charge up is a minor cross to bear with brands like Satechi. With a USB-C friendly dock, this handy handheld gadget could plug directly into your laptop and juice your AirPods as long as you have one of the more recent wireless charging-compatible cases.

Purchase: $30

Twelve South Airfly Transmitter

Any time you’re traveling on an outdated plane, there are too many uncomfortable aspects to count. Whether it’s the intolerable seats or a lack of sufficient entertainment options, there is truly nothing pleasant about it. With that being said, the inability to connect your AirPods to any of these old jets’ media centers can be just as troublesome when trying to get through a long flight. Luckily, this transmitter from Twelve South allows you to connect your earphones to whatever film you’re watching with ease via the plane’s headphone jack. On top of that, they even serve as a great accessory to connect to a Nintendo Switch.

Purchase: $32+

Nomad Goods Modern Leather Case

This SoCal-based brand constantly manages to class up any of your pocketable gadgets, and they continue to do so with even the latest pair of AirPods. Crafted from Horween leather, a very particular textile that comes from a well-tenured company out in Chicago, this subtle accessory is smooth, stylish, and vegetable-tanned, ensuring that these will only look better with age.

Purchase: $35

Native Union x Reigning Champ Case

Reigning Champ is a brand that we hold in high regard, and the same goes for the Hong Kong-bred Native Union. Sure, silicone may not be the optimal material of choice, but these two come together to provide a strikingly sleek encasement filled with a sturdy, polycarbonate interior. Finished off with Reigning Champ’s signature logo, these are capable of working with your average, third-party wireless charging pads and are a solid choice to match the gray clouds out this time of year.

Purchase: $40

Element Black Ops Case

Thanks to MIL-SPEC drop protection, this tactile offering from Element Cases is more than capable of taking a tumble or two. Constructed out of Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, TPU, and polycarbonate, it checks every box as far as protection goes, with the hardcore looks to match. For added security, the Black Ops case comes equipped with an anti-loss tether loop. On top of that, it is still capable of wireless charging with Qi stations regardless of its rugged makeup.

Purchase: $48+


This nifty cleaning station comes as a result of an issue anybody perusing this list has experienced: cleaning up your AirPods. Often requiring a strenuously meticulous routine, you can toss that whole process out the window thanks to the Carepodd. Compatible with either the standard or Pro models, simply place your buds into their individual slots, pop the top on, and let this handy mini-station do all the dirty work in a matter of 20 seconds.

Purchase: $50

Apple Wireless Charging Case

With the release of Apple’s second generation of standard AirPods, they included a Qi-compatible charging case to go along with their lightly-altered set of buds. Luckily for those who were true enough to the brand to test out the first generation, Apple released the case as a standalone for all listeners to take advantage of this futuristic stage in the world of gadget-charging.

Purchase: $76

Shinola AirPods Pro Leather Case

Shinola is another brand that we hold near and dear, as they always manage to fuse modern looks with high-end materials, all the while keeping things immensely subtle and easy on the eyes. No bells and whistles are necessary when it comes to Shinola, and that is surely the case with this Vachetta leather-crafted AirPods case. Keeping your daily commute in mind, this is equipped with a swivel clip for the sake of using it as a keychain or simply fastening the buds to your belt loop. Finishing things off is a brass snap closure to keep your AirPods extra secure.

Purchase: $95

Belkin Wireless Charging Station

As we mentioned above, few things have come out of the tech industry in recent years that proved to be as convenient as wireless charging, and Belkin is one of the leaders in the field. With one of the premier charging stations on the market, the SoCal consumer crew provides a 3-in-1 base to boost up your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at the same time. The power of Apple is one of a kind, but having them all in one place makes it even more recognizable. While this is cooperative with any Qi-compatible devices, it is not capable of utilizing MagSafe for your newer iPhones.

Purchase: $120

How To Clean Your AirPods

You spent a lot of hard-earned cash on your favorite audio accessories, so you’ll want to keep them in proper working order to get the most out of them. Learn everything you need to know to keep the music pumping on our guide outlining how to clean your AirPods.

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