Lazy Sunday: 8 Best Slippers For Men

Everyone seems to have their own favorite definition ‘home’. There is the all too common ‘home is where the heart is’, or ‘home is wherever I’m with you’ (which when you think about it, are two ways of saying the same thing), along with a handful of other equally treacly doormat-sayings that we could all probably do without. It isn’t that these sayings aren’t inaccurate in their own way – they’re just dressing up something that could be said in much more simple terms; home is where you are comfortable. It is where you come to after a long day and just relax, step into your favorite slippers, and unwind for a while with a book or some Netflix.

A key part of being comfy is having your feet both warm and cushioned. If you felt like it, you could throw on your winter hiking boots or gym shoes when you get home and you’d technically have some warm and cushioned feet – but a much better way to go about it is to put on some great slippers. Perfect for keeping you casual and comfortable in the house or on the patio during those lazy Sunday mornings, these picks for men feel as good on your feet as they look. Take a scroll through our list of best men’s slippers and snag up a pair for yourself.

Land's End Suede Moc Slippers

Land’s End Suede Moc Slippers

With a time-tested design and premium construction, this shoe made with a hand-stitched cow suede upper comes in either a Classic Navy, Dark Coriander, or Merlot. With a foam padded footbed and an inner lined with a fluffy faux fur, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds while shuffling around your apartment or out to go get the weekend paper. The grippy rubberized outsole on these moccasins make it so you won’t have to worry about slipping around on tile, wood floors or icy sidewalks. If you feel like adding a bit of flair, you can throw in your own initial on the Land’s End website.

Purchase: $25

Woolrich Felt Mill Scuff Slipper

Woolrich Felt Mill Scuff Slipper

When you are looking for a classic clothing item, it never hurts to look to a heritage brand. Woolrich, an American company that has been around for over 180 years (making it the longest continually operating woolen mill in the country) knows a thing or two about how to make comfortable and reliable wool slippers. This particular offering from the brand features a low profile design with a sturdy wool-blend felt upper attached to a sole with a high contrast whipstitch. Lined with fleece for comfort and warmth and featuring rubber traction pods on the sole of the shoe – this is a great Sunday companion.

Purchase: $35

Lasso Slipper

Lasso Slipper

Most folks do not wear slippers with socks. Why bother when you have all that plush felt or faux fur? Well, one of the issues that comes up with no socks is that after a while your weekend house shoes can start stinking up the place a little bit. These slippers, made by a couple of Londoners who were tired of freezing their toes off during the long winters, are designed to be easily laced up into an upper and then unlaced and thrown in the wash for cleaning. Made from a single piece of high grade wool in France, these are a really unique pair perfect for the person who is looking for something different.

Purchase: $45

The North Face Thermoball Traction Mule II

The North Face Thermoball Traction Mule II

There are a lot of reasons that The North Face has endured as a popular outdoor brand, but one primary reason is that they know how to make supremely warm and comfortable jackets. Climbers who take on the highest peaks and city-dwellers alike all trust the company’s jackets to keep them warm during the coldest weather – so should we expect anything less from their slippers? With a rip-stop and waterproof upper filled with the patented ThermoBall insulation, this shoe will keep you warm and dry even on walks out in wet snow and rain. North Face equipped these slippers with a recycled rubberized non-slip sole so you won’t be sliding around the outside of your house after getting the paper.

Purchase: $50

Haflinger AS Classic Slipper

Haflinger Classic Slipper

Made by a family-owned company in Germany, these backless slippers are both comfortable and durable. With a wool upper that is flexible enough to fold up but firm enough to hold a shape, these weekenders are not only comfortable but handsome looking too. Despite being backless, these slippers don’t act like flip-flops and flap against the back of your heel, but keep snug on your foot thanks to its slightly stretchy design.

Purchase: $75

Mahabis Classic

Mahabis Classic

A pair of slippers designed so well that they actually won awards. No, we’re not lying. Slippers can win awards – and if any are worthy of that, they are definitely the Mahabis. Built in London, these shoes manage to strike the perfect balance between warmth and breathability thanks to a sheep’s wool upper that naturally combines the best of both worlds. Whether you are someone who likes to have a snug fit or something more casual like a slip-on, these are prefect for you. With a collapsable and stretchy heal, you can have both without compromising. As if that wasn’t enough, when you want to head outside for a quick moment on the patio or maybe a walk down the block to a cafe, you can slip these into a colored sole in just seconds.

Purchase: $86



A straightforward and classic design meant to fit all seasons, these are made from pure merino and gotland wool that keep you naturally warm without overheating. Constructed simply by using a single piece of fabric, these indoor shoes have a modern look to them that in no way compromises on comfort. A double layered footbed means a whole lot of cushioning and a sole that molds specifically to your foot over time while the outsole on these are made from vegetable tanned leather that adds a nice natural contrast to the dyed wool while maintaining grip on tiled floors.

Purchase: $90

Ugg Byron

Ugg Byron

Close your eyes. Imagine a super cozy pair of boat-shoes designed specifically for slipping on while you are in your house. Ok open them. If you didn’t imagine something close to these, your imagination is broken. With an upper crafted from leather and twinface sheepskin, this pair from Ugg are cozy enough to make you never want to leave your house – but thanks to their molded rubber sole – you can pop out of into the world again when the occasion calls for it.

Purchase: $140

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