2014 Ural cT ‘Cafe Racer’ By See See Motorcycles

We wouldn’t say that coffee and motorcycles go hand-in-hand quite like, say, NASCAR and bourbon whiskey — but there’s no denying that the two share a strong connection. As it turns out, the folks at See See Motorcycles out of Portland, Oregon saw that very connection and decided to make it a bit more literal with their 2014 Ural cT ‘Cafe Racer’ sidecar motorcycle.

The donor vehicle is a 750cc sidecar bike, like the ones seen during WWII, but with some modern upgrades like fuel-injection and improved brakes. But it’s not the bike itself that makes this build special; rather, the star of the show is the sidecar itself — which has been modified to house a functional La Marzocco Linea 2-group espresso machine, alongside a functional hand sink, built-in cooler, coffee grinder, and some storage space. And yes, the whole rig is drivable. Seems like See See took the phrase ‘cafe racer’ about as literally as possible — but that’s hardly a complaint from us.

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