Tops FDX Mini Axe 1

Tops FDX Mini Axe

Even the mighty Paul Bunyan, with all his brute strength, had his moments of laziness; those times when he still had chopping to do, but didn’t wanna lug a 20 lb. axe into the wilderness. For those on-the-go moments, check … Continue reading


24k Gold Gaming Controllers by Colorware 1

24k Gold Gaming Controllers by Colorware

Here’s one way to hush up some of the ill-mannered cretins on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network: flash ‘em a pic of your new 24-karat gold controller. Using a complex process to achieve the desired rich, glossy finish, the electronics … Continue reading


Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Men’s Wishlist: 35 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day has become a savage, mercenary commercial holiday that is all about materialism. Which. Is. Great. News. A commercial holiday means a chance to both give and receive stuff, which is always fun. If you’re like many people in … Continue reading


Leatherman Tread Wearable Multi-Tool 1

Leatherman Tread Wearable Multi-Tool

Like most of you guys out there, you’ll never catch us without a multi-tool in our pockets. It’s an essential part to our EDC kit, but they can become quite bulky. Leatherman is looking to reinvent the traditional multi-tool with … Continue reading


Leather Passport Wallet by Mr Lentz 1

Leather Passport Wallet by Mr. Lentz

Fellow San Diegan Mr. Lentz has been designing some of the most beautiful leather wallets on the scene for years. Now the modern cowboy of the creative revolution is rolling out his equally impressive Leather Passport Wallet. A great Valentine’s … Continue reading


Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool 1

Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool

When you were six, being “prepared for anything” simply meant having clean underwear with your initials written on the waistband. Now as an adult, it’s time to add some new components to your survivalist repertoire, and the Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool … Continue reading


Audio Engineer Hoodie 0

Audio Engineer’s Hoodie

With the cost of renting studio time being what it is, the last thing you can afford to do is ask them to turn up the heat if it’s a bit nippy. The Audio Engineer’s Hoodie makes sure you won’t … Continue reading


Walnut Card Wallet by Slim Timber 1

Walnut Card Wallet by Slim Timber

Over the past few years, everyone has jumped on the slim wallet trend in full force. And while we’re all for slimming down your wallet size, the market has become saturated with the “latest and greatest” offerings, making it more … Continue reading


Best Carabiners

Strongest Links: The 6 Best Carabiners

Life is all about connections. The connections you have to your family and friends offer joy and purpose. Your connections in business create opportunity and riches. And your physical connections to your gadgets, gear, or the cliff you are scaling … Continue reading


Ampl Smart Backpack 1

Ampl Smart Backpack

To some, the word “backpack” might conjure up images of the earth-conscious adventurer, trekking his way through the woods with a bag full of granola. But ya know what? Even that guy has a smartphone he needs charged. The Ampl … Continue reading