Infinity Pillow 1

Infinity Pillow

Like that 25th guy on an MLB roster who can play short, second, right field, catcher, and even sell peanuts if has to, the Infinity Pillow is all about versatility. Modeled after the Möbius strip, this jack-of-all-comfort-trades is at your … Continue reading


Float Water Relaxation Cap And Support 1

Float Water Relaxation Cap And Support

Therapy, so we hear, can be costly. Plus there’s the whole guy-sitting-on-a-couch-judging-us thing to deal with. So how does water therapy sound? Better. Wetter and better. Float comes to us from Iceland, a country which we just found out has … Continue reading


Victorinox SwissCard Lite 1

Victorinox SwissCard Lite

Chances you’ve already got a whole lot of cards in your wallet, and we’d be willing to bet you’d prefer that most of them never come out (see credit cards). Well Victorinox(the same team responsible for the iconic Swiss Army … Continue reading


Yeti Hopper 1

Yeti Hopper

Yeti is known for building some of the absolute best coolers on the planet. Problem is, sometimes a big bulky cooler is just overkill for what’s on the agenda. With that in mind, the brand created the Yeti Hopper. Just … Continue reading


Nerf Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

Nerf Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

We’ve been infatuated with Nerf since our childhood days, and as we get older, it only becomes more apparent that we will always love shooting co-workers with these iconic toy darts. This holiday season, the brand we all know and love … Continue reading


Best Push Lawnmowers

Tiniest Shove: The 5 Best Push Lawnmowers

The term “push lawnmower” seems simple enough, but it might leave you marginally confused. Most of us harken back to the rusty spiral machine that our parents had in our garage. While it claimed it could cut grass, it usually … Continue reading


CORTICA Cork-Covered Porcelain Travel Mug 1

CORTICA Cork-Covered Porcelain Travel Mug

Some guys spend decades painstakingly looking for the perfect woman or the perfect career. Robert Knox spent decades looking for the perfect travel mug. Low-scale dream? Sure. But thanks to his dogged pursuit of that mild-mannered goal, we now have … Continue reading


Cargo Works MacBook Module Sleeve 1

Cargo Works MacBook Module Sleeve

How can you quickly prove you’re the biggest Apple fanboy around? Talk is cheap. Whip out the Cargo Works 15-inch MacBook Module Sleeve and let this tactical pouch do the talking for you. Inside this compact carrying case you’ve got … Continue reading


RA Reflective Performance Jacket 0

RA Reflective Performance Jacket

Attaching a Broadway-sized spotlight to the back of your bicycle will certainly make you stand out on the road, but people will also be frequently demanding you belt out show tunes. We’ll pass. Instead, beef up your bike safety with … Continue reading


Aquila Electric Surfboards 1

Aquila Electric Surfboards

Might an electric-powered surfboard earn you disapproving head shakes from the dudes on the beach? We’re not sure. We’d be too busy having a blast. Spain-based Aquila is offering a new line of high-speed, electric-powered boards with each one aimed … Continue reading