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Oyster’s Vacuum Insulated, High Performance Cooler Doesn’t Need Ice

Oyster Tempo 23 Cooler 0 Hero
Photo: Oyster

Just the other week, Anker revealed an innovative new cooler that easily could’ve won an award at CES if it had come about earlier this year. And while several options, namely YETI’s, have practically become the Rimowa suitcase equivalent for outdoor enthusiasts, the Oyster Tempo is here to give the former a run for its money — and could easily be confused for the latter at first glance.

Oyster Tempo 23 Cooler 1
Photo: Oyster

In constant to many inexpensive foam insulated options, newcomer Oyster, a Norwegian manufacturer, has delivered a high-performance example boasting top-tier vacuum insulation and, as a result, extra room. Hydro Flask enthusiasts or anyone who owns an insulated bottle should know that your drink of choice stays called thanks to an aluminum double-walled construction, and the Tempo operates the same way, shedding the need for bags of ice that’ll ultimately take up far too much space. The brand’s proprietary 750ml ice pack paves the way for added storage, offering up to three times as much room for cans, bottles, and snacks while measuring in at a fraction of the standard cooler’s size.

Oyster Tempo 23 Cooler 2
Photo: Oyster

What’s more? Oyster has developed a pair of additional ice packs — COLD and FROZEN — that practically help you transform the polished accessory into a portable fridge or freezer in case you need to keep groceries chilled on your ride back home. And when time takes its toll and the Tempo starts to show signs of wear, there’s no need to fret, as it was designed to be deconstructed without pesky tools. That’s right, all you need to do is push, pull, twist, and turn — no, you cannot Bop It. Lastly, the brand confirms that even though the aluminum accessories are not bear-proof, assuring it will melt the remains of any mangled Tempo cooler and use them to make you a brand new one — how’s that for sustainability?

Oyster Tempo 23 Cooler 3
Photo: Oyster

Oyster’s 1st Edition Temp Bundle comes equipped with an adjustable strap for several carrying solutions and even features a pair of Cold Thermal Ice Packs. Test it out for yourself this May and pre-order your own before summer rolls around for an early bird special of $500, which is over $100 off the standard listing.