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Vivobarefoot’s Minimalist Hiking Boots Gives You a More Natural Feel on the Trail

Tracker Decon FG2 Hiking Boot 0 Hero
Photo: Vivobarefoot | Huckberry

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If your feet aren’t actually flat on the ground, are you really hiking? That’s the question posed by Vivobarefoot, a zero-drop footwear brand that’s been challenging the norm for over a decade when it comes to air-filled sneakers and hiking boots. With a range of models for hiking, walking, training, and running, the company invites you to join the barefoot movement, not just at work or home, but even in the most rigorous activities possible.

Tracker Decon FG2 Hiking Boot 1
Photo: Vivobarefoot | Huckberry

Giving you a freer feel when exploring the wilderness, the Tracker Decon FG2 Hiking Boot doesn’t just leave you up to your own devices entirely. Without the use of a cushion or padding, it’s still designed to support your foot with an antimicrobial Woolmark sock on the inside for sweat-wicking and warmth, an Outlast Thermal Insole for thermal regulation, a textured arch for zonal grip, and a sticky Firm Ground Sole with 4mm lugs that give you solid traction in wet, dry, and rocky terrains. To protect your foot on top, the water-resistant uppers are constructed of wildhide leather from free-roaming cattle sourced from small-scale farmers.

Tracker Decon FG2 Hiking Boot 2
Photo: Vivobarefoot | Huckberry

From maintaining the health of your feet to developing sensory feedback between your foot and the ground, a flatter shoe can go beyond a mere preference to actually help retrain your body to support itself in the way it’s naturally designed to. Keeping your foot in its natural form, the Tracker Decon FG2 features a wide toe box for splaying and a thin 2.5mm base so you can feel what’s underneath you. Not to mention, a zero-drop hiking boot has never been more attractive, with a minimalist aesthetic that makes you want to show it off even when you come back from the trails.

Tracker Decon FG2 Hiking Boot 3
Photo: Vivobarefoot | Huckberry

Available in Obsidian black with a marbled white sole and red accents, the Tracker Decon FG2 Hiking Boot is up for sale now on Huckberry’s web store for $210.