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The SpyraThree is the World’s Most Powerful & Advanced Water Gun

SpyraThree Water Gun 0 Hero
Photo: Spyra

Summertime is fast approaching, so pool party invitations are bound to start getting passed around like nobody’s business. That means it’s time to stock up on ammo, which, in this case, is just water, as the SpyraThree water gun is here to lead you to victory in your poolside battles.

SpyraThree Water Gun 1
Photo: Spyra

Like its name suggests, Spyra’s latest release is the third in its lineup, and it’s suggesting that it is the most powerful one yet, with stats to back it up. The fully-automated blaster utilizes Spyra’s signature tech and an auto-reload function that repressurizes itself in a mere ten seconds to help you stay one step ahead of the competition, be that a long-time friend or distant cousin. Speaking of distance, the water gun is practically unrivaled, capable of hitting your target from as much as 32 feet away with unflinching accuracy. Seeing as this was built for high-level performance, you’re going to need something with grip, which is why the textured handle assures zero slippage.

SpyraThree Water Gun 2
Photo: Spyra

This leads us to its trio of game modes — League, Burst, and Open — that allow you to decide how many rounds you choose to let out. When in League mode, this range is as high as 49 feet, so your opposition better be well-equipped. When you need to charge it, the device is capable of powering up in no time thanks to its USB-C port, and you can keep track of its battery life using the built-in display. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about dousing anyone who joins in with dirty water; thanks to the SpyraThree’s integrated smart filter, the tank is protected from dirt particles.

If you’re on a mission to prove that water guns aren’t just for kids, look no further than this. The SpyraThree is available now in either red or blue for $179.