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norda Unveils Its Ultra High Performance 002 Trail Running Shoe

Norda 002 0 Hero
Photo: Norda

There’s no denying that norda’s first-ever trail running shoe took the scene by storm upon its release. Through an onslaught of stylish joint efforts with fellow performance imprints like Satisfy and some more luxurious names in Zegna, it was clear that the 001 was heralded from day one. Now, the shoemaker has just unveiled its latest silhouette, touting it as “the world’s most responsive trail running shoe.”

Norda 002 1
Photo: Norda

That high praise shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how capable the brand’s first pair turned out to be, although the improvements showcased here aim to take the brand, its design, and, more importantly, your performance output to whole new heights. Newly added elements include a lower stack height to promote enhanced ground feel and, according to norda, “heighten your connection to the earth.” For comfort’s sake, it’s rounded out with a cushioned heel collar and innovative, pyramidal geometry on the midsole for optimized stability and traction through the fiercest of trails.

Norda 002 2
Photo: Norda

Similar to the original pair, the 002 is primarily constructed of sustainable materials like bio-based Dyneema and placed atop a Vibram SLE midsole, the latter of which provides the idealized blend of cushion, responsiveness, and traction without weighing an absolute ton. However, In contrast to the 001, norda has done away with the reel tab, giving it a more streamlined look alongside the curved lines that drape its remarkably sturdy upper. While any additional specs and measurements are yet to be revealed, we expect the brand’s abidance to sustainability and capability to work hand-in-hand here for yet another top-notch pair of trainers.

Although the brand is yet to provide any further release information, the norda 002 will be sold for CAD $295 (~$218) in an introductory colorway of black and white. Watch out for when the revamped runners will be available on the brand’s webshop.