Utility Shoulder Sling by Cargo Works 0

Utility Shoulder Sling by Cargo Works

Ever try to throw a briefcase over your shoulder as you rush out the door? Yes, it looks as ridiculous as it sounds. And heads up if anyone’s behind you. Sometimes you just want a simple little sack that can … Continue reading


GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set 1

GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set

When you’re looking to set up base camp in the great outdoors, you’re going to need a good kitchen set. The Destination Kitchen Set from the team at GSI Outdoors is up for the task. This kit sees over 24 … Continue reading


Grovemade Walnut iPhone 6 Cases 1

Grovemade Walnut iPhone 6 Cases

Now that Apple’s iPhone 6 has finally hit the retail market (selling an astounding 10 million units in its first weekend alone), it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to protect that beauty. Our friends at Grovemade have the … Continue reading


Radinn Electric Wakeboard 1

Radinn Electric Wakeboard

So maybe you live in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, and you don’t know anyone with a boat. How do you get your thrills on the water? Here’s one way: the Radinn Electric Wakeboard. Created by a pair of Swedish … Continue reading


Best Bug Zappers

Go Into The Light: The 6 Best Bug Zappers

Human beings declared electrocution to be too cruel a way to kill someone, but it is almost too good for insects. The obnoxious little blood suckers seem to have almost no point or purpose beyond ruining your picnic, bothering your … Continue reading


EDC Card Everyday Carry Pocket Multi-Tool 1

EDC Card: Everyday Carry Pocket Multi-Tool

True, multi-tools are a dime a dozen. But, finding one that’s comfortable enough to carry around on a daily basis – that remains a problem. Well thanks to CHA/O/HA Design, that’s no longer the case. Meet the aptly titled EDC … Continue reading


Best Waterproof Socks

Submergence: The 5 Best Waterproof Socks

Socks are one of those accessories that often get overlooked by adventurers. No matter how good your water shoes are or how well your hiking boots can grip the slippery rocks in a stream bed, soaking socks can stop you … Continue reading


Flat-Bike-Lift Storage System 1

Flat-Bike-Lift Storage System

We love stuff. Problem is, the more stuff we accumulate, the less storage we have, and this has long been a problem for bike storage. Flat-Bike-Life looks to solve this problem, providing the perfect storage solution for your 2-wheeled counterpart. … Continue reading


Pelican ProGear Elite Luggage 1

Pelican ProGear Elite Luggage

For years, Pelican has been providing our military and emergency services with the most rugged, life-proof luggage. Now the brand is ready to bring that same technology to the consumer market as they debut the Pelican ProGear Elite Luggage. This … Continue reading


Best Crossbows

Bolt Throwers: The 7 Best Crossbows

Crossbows have been getting some bad press lately. Even purists have taken to calling the once beloved flat bows “overrated,” “clumsy,” and “awkward.” Such lies should not be tolerated. Ever since compound longbow makers have found new ways to add … Continue reading