Batman Money Clip

Batman Money Clip

Now that we know Mr. Ben Affleck will be playing Bruce Wayne in the upcoming ‘Batman vs. Superman’ film, we can keep the Dark Knight inspired merchandise coming strong. Your wad of cash might not compare to Bruce Wayne’s, but … Continue reading


Strikeloader 1

Strikeloader: Battery Powered Paintball Backpack Loader

Paintball is not a sport that sees a ton of technology innovation, but Germany based product developer and inventor Heddies Andresen looks to change all that with the introduction of his Strikeloader, a battery powered paintball backpack loader that could … Continue reading


2014 Star Wars x Burton Chopper Snowboards 1

2014 Star Wars x Burton Chopper Snowboards

There’s still a few weeks left until the summer season officially comes to an end, but unfortunately it’s that time to start looking at what’s in store for the upcoming, colder months of the year. Fortunately, the team at Burton … Continue reading


Hip Hop Air Fresheners 1

Hangin’ With The Homies: Hip Hop Air Fresheners

Growing up in southern California, we’re long time fans of Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, and the whole NWA rap crew. Now we can rep the west coast rap legends with these Hangin’ With The Homies hip hop air fresheners. There’s no … Continue reading


Brakeboard Trucks 1

Brakeboard Trucks: Disc Brakes for Longboard Skateboards

Skilled skateboarders have no issues when it comes to performing high speed foot braking and power slides to control their downhill speed while cruising on a longboard, but for beginner riders, the Brakeboard Trucks could be the perfect solution. Created … Continue reading


Portable Tailgate Cooler Tote  Grill 0

Portable Tailgate Cooler Tote & Grill

This football season, forget having to bring along a truck bed full of equipment for the pre-game tailgate party, because the Tailgate Cooler Tote & Grill from Picnic Time has everything you need in one device. At first glance this … Continue reading


Dark As Night Batman Motorcycle Helmet 0

Dark As Night Batman Motorcycle Helmet

While Batman has always had a large impact on pop culture, it’s hard to argue that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy didn’t help resurrect the caped crusader’s popularity. The design team at Helmet Dawg have tapped into that popularity, … Continue reading


JetSurf Jet Propelled Surfboard 1

JetSurf Jet Propelled Surfboard

The next evolution in surfing has arrived in the Martin Sula designed JetSurf. The jet propelled surfboard is not only taking surfing to new heights, but quite possibly birthing an entirely new water sport for action junkies to enjoy. Living … Continue reading


Secret Agent Dog Leash by Paww 1

Secret Agent Dog Leash by Paww

As urban dwellers ourselves, we know that tying Fido to that pole or bike rack out front of the grocery store, restaurant, or any other place of business is something that happens on a daily basis. Like many of you … Continue reading

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Star Wars Stormtrooper Leather Jacket 1

Star Wars Stormtrooper Leather Jacket

We’ve already featured a full-fledged Stormtrooper motorcycle suit, but for some, that setup may be a bit too flashy. If you’re looking for just a small amount of Stormtrooper influence in your daily life, check out this Stormtrooper leather jacket. … Continue reading