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Rexford’s Legendary RUT Titanium EDC Multi-Tool Makes Its Return

Rexford RUT V5 Gallantry Exclusive Utility Tool 0 Hero
Photos: Gallantry

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Multi-tools have existed for literal centuries, dating as far back as Ancient Rome — and perhaps even further. And while modern multi-tools have been on the market for the last few decades, the space was seriously shaken up in 2015 with the release of Todd Rexford’s RUT — or “Rexford Utility Tool.” Engineered from the ground up for everyday carry duties, the RUT was designed to complement its carrier’s EDC knife rather than replace it, lending itself to finer cutting tasks and serving as a backup blade while also sporting a slew of other utility-affording features and functions. Handcrafted individually by Rexford in his Colorado workshop, the RUT has traditionally been difficult to obtain, flying off the proverbial shelves and quickly selling out whenever it’s gone on sale thanks to its demand massively exceeding Rexford Knives’ supply. This is temporarily changing, however, as Todd has just partnered with Gallantry to produce a limited run of fifth-generation Rexford Utility Tools that are exclusive to the eminent online EDC retailer. 

Rexford RUT V5 Gallantry Exclusive Utility Tool 1
Photo: Gallantry

Measuring just 3.5″ L x 0.9″ W x 0.185″ D, this ultra-pocketable EDC multi-tool is crafted from 6AL4V titanium that’s been fortified via a heat-anodized finish. Like previous generations of this highly-sought-after EDC item, the RUT V5 comes loaded with an integrated pry bar, a #2 flathead driver, a bottle opener, a can opener, a hex wrench, and a locking, replaceable black Tajima V-Rex tempered steel utility blade. Ultra-thin and compact, this version also maintains the older models’ external body cleanout passage and interior angled cleanout grooves. 

Rexford RUT V5 Gallantry Exclusive Utility Tool 2
Photo: Gallantry

The latest generation RUT does sport a number of minor tweaks that collectively make for an even better and more capable multi-tool. This includes a thicker, more robust main body with a new, second wraparound machining area that doubles as a finger choil, plus a thicker body slide. The gen-5 has also completely eliminated the blade rattle that some of its earlier generation predecessors suffered from — remedying what was easily the most common complaint about this otherwise damn-near-perfect EDC tool. Weighing less than an ounce, this Gallantry-exclusive version of the new gen-5 RUT also comes adorned in a series of Gallantry’s chevron/crest logos laser-engraved into the body of the multi-tool. 

Rexford RUT V5 Gallantry Exclusive Utility Tool 3
Photo: Gallantry

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the Rexford RUT V5 Gallantry Exclusive Utility Tool is available now with pricing set at $199 — though be sure to act fast, as we anticipate this limited release to sell out just as quickly as previous generations, if not even faster.