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Black Diamond Just Dropped an Ultra Powerful 1,500-Lumen Headlamp

Black Diamond Distance 1500 Headlamp 0 Hero
Photo: Black Diamond

A trusty headlamp is always good to have in your bag on any outdoor adventure. However, despite what some models will offer, you don’t always need a ridiculously-high lumen output. And you should always utilize the lowest setting needed when you’re simply trying to keep your hands free while rummaging through your trunk or heading out on a relaxing night hike. Although, there are some situations that would require a higher max output, such as nighttime trail runs — you’ll need the extra brightness when covering a lot of ground in a shorter period of time — or when you’re doing any intense construction that extends into the evening. Black Diamond now has a new top dog that’s more than twice as powerful as its next-brightest headlamp.

Black Diamond Distance 1500 Headlamp 1
Photo: Black Diamond

While the company’s Spot 400-R is arguably the best headlamp you can get today, especially considering price, performance, and features, the brand-new Distance 1500 is now one of the brightest options available. Putting out 1,500 lumens on its max setting, the aptly-named unit boosts its beam with an easy PowerTap Technology and will dim automatically after 10 seconds to preserve battery, though you can customize it otherwise. Likewise, the optical lens is engineered to give you a smooth, clean beam, eliminating shadows in the process.

Black Diamond Distance 1500 Headlamp 2
Photo: Black Diamond

Even the best-performing headlamps can lack comfort at times, but the Distance 1500 features a low-sitting Comfort Cradle integrated cushion that forms to your head to prevent any bouncing. It’s also helmet-compatible for those needing it for a specific line of work. At its lowest setting, the headlamp has a max burn time of 40 hours, with up to 8 hours on its 300-lumen setting. So you don’t have to be without power for long, the magnetic batteries are interchangeable with one hand.

Black Diamond Distance 1500 Headlamp 3
Photo: Black Diamond

​​Weighing less than half a pound and boasting an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, the Distance 1500 is the ultimate adventurer’s headlamp. Head over to Black Diamond’s website to purchase one now for $200.