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LifeStraw’s New Peak Solo Straw is a Pocket-Sized Water Filter

Lifestraw Peak Solo 00 Hero
Photos: LifeStraw

Fresh drinking water is one of the most important resources that everyone in the world needs, and LifeStraw has made their mission to ensure that everyone has that access. For decades the brand has been developing portable water filter systems, and now recently updated its flagship straw last year with the new Peak Series, and now they’re back with their smallest offering yet – a pocket-sized version of the LifeStraw Peak Series Straw dubbed the Peak Solo.

Lifestraw Peak Solo 1
Photo: LifeStraw

While no official information has been released about the (even more) portable Peak Solo yet, we can take a look at the specs from the recently updated LifeStraw in the Peak Series to get a good idea of what to expect. You’ll be able to drink water right from rivers lakes, and streams as the straw filters out bacteria and parasites, with a filter that catches debris so it doesn’t clog up.

Lifestraw Peak Solo 2
Photo: LifeStraw

While the Earth is comprised of just three percent drinking water, there are still countries, particularly in Africa and the Middle East, that have a staggering percentage of their population living without access to safe sources. Kenya and Guinea are two countries that have been especially hit hard by a lack of resources, exacerbated by disease and exploitation of the land (and the people). LifeStraw, along with its Swiss parent company Vestergaard, has been doing its part to provide aid during the ongoing humanitarian crises in these developing countries. In 1999, Vestergaard created a plastic pipe filter for the people of Guinea to prevent disease, and it later evolved into the first LifeStraw in 2005. This product and the tech it would inform was a huge development, as developing countries now had simple and easy access to clean drinking water, made evident by the fact that LifeStraw provided four million Kenyans with sustainable access to it in 2011. Fast forward, and LifeStraw is now a certified carbon-neutral company as of 2020, as well as a B Corporation as of 2021.

Lifestraw Peak Solo 3
Photo: LifeStraw

The LifeStraw Peak Solo straw will be officially unveiled on June 20th where we can expect more details including price and capability.