20 Best Gifts For The Runner

Running is one of the purest forms of sport. Whether on the track, on the trail, or anywhere in between – it is just the runner competing against their own best time. While this is a large part about what makes running unique and beautiful, it is also what makes finding the right gift for the runner in your life hard.

No reason to worry, though, because we’ve got you covered. From running shoes to insoles and reflective running jackets, we’ve scoured the web for the best gear to wrap up and put under a tree. These gifts won’t just be a joy to open; they’ll help make the favorite part of that running fiend’s favorite activity that much more enjoyable to do day-in and day-out. Take a scroll through and pick up a couple of the best gifts for the runner in your life.

Asics Kayano Single Tab Sock

Asics Kayano Single Tab Sock

Yeah, we know. No one wants to be responsible for giving socks as gifts during the holidays. Trust us on this one though, these socks do a whole lot more than just cover your feet. Their tight fit make it so they help improve circulation on your feet, prevent blisters, and provide extra cushioning for runners who put in those particularly extensive miles.

Purchase: $14

water bottle

Amphipod Hydraform Bottle

Staying hydrated is the most important thing you can do while running. Without enough water, even the best athletes will underperform. This 16 ounce bottle is built for easy carry while on the trail thanks to the outer microfiber sleeve. It’s also fitted with a pouch for your phone and slots to slide your snacks into.

Purchase: $28

patagonia hat

Patagonia Duckbill Cap

Keeping the sun and sweat out of your eyes is pretty key for having a good time while out on your run. This hat from Patagonia is designed to do just that while keeping you cool and barely weighing a thing. Thanks to its super lightweight Supplex nylon design and foldable, packable bill – it’s an easy addition a runner will never want to be without.

Purchase: $29

compression socks

Compression Support Running Sock

Compression socks can help runners deal with a whole host of different issues. From achilles tendon pain, to just general recovery, the CW-X sock will help compress your calf and cut down on recovery time after long, intense runs. A must have for the dedicated athlete.

Purchase: $32

asics wind glove

Asics Windblock Glove

Heading out on runs when the weather is chilly can be incredibly refreshing. Without the right gear though? Not so much. One must-have for hitting the trails during the winter months is a solid set of gloves. You don’t have to have huge mitts, but something like this pair from Asiscs is perfect. Made from Polyester and Spandex, they repel water, maintain breathability, and are built for touchscreen compatibility.

Purchase: $32

tasc carrolton shirt

Tasc Carrollton Performance Crew

The kind of apparel you throw on your back before a run can really make a difference. Whether shorts or shirts, they should be light, airy, but also anti-odor and comfortable. Tasc’s Carrollton Perfromance Crew is all of those things and more. Thanks to its makeup of organic cotton, their proprietary bamboo fabric, and lycra, it has all of the functionality of a synthetic shirt with the feeling of a soft cotton tee. A great grab for the serious runner.

Purchase: $36


TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

Long runs call for long stretching sessions. Nothing sucks more than having to take a week or two off because you neglected to take care of that knot in your leg or that funny pain in your knee. Give the gift of mobility and self care with Triggerpoint’s Grid Foam Roller and keep your runner on the warpath.

Purchase: $38

ankle support

Zamst Ankle Support

20,000 steps. That is, approximately, how many foot strikes a runner will make while on a 10 mile run. That is 20,000 opportunities to roll an ankle, or make one bad misstep. Maybe the runner in your family already has an injury, or simply wants to take some preventative measures to protect a weaker ankle. Either way, the ankle brace you should pick up to treat it is Zamst’s Filmista. This anatomically fit brace made with a special c-flex film and a grippy exterior will keep that week or injured ankle stable through all kinds of activities.

Purchase: $40

running insoles

currexSole RunPro Insoles

When you are spending a whole lot of time on your feet it helps to have some extra support. These insoles from RunPro are built to do just that. Their special, ultralight design helps absorb shocks, helps better transfer energy, and stabilizes all while remaining breathable.

Purchase: $50

black diamond headlamp

Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp

Sometimes you can’t get all of those miles in before the sun goes down, especially during the winter months. It helps to have something like this Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp to make sure you can both see and be seen while tackling those hard, long runs.

Purchase: $80

iffley road running shorts

Iffley Road Running Shorts

Good running shorts are not easy to come by. Made with a technical Italian fabric and lined with breathable mesh, this pair from UK based running apparel brand Iffley Road boast a classic look and feel without compromising on performance. These shorts are sure to be a go-to for any runner to whom you gift them.

Purchase: $80

plantronics backbeat fit

Plantronics BackBeat Fit

Throw on these Plantronics backbeat fit headphones and mountains become mole hills, old PRs become cool-downs, and long runs seem a whole lot shorter. Designed to be flexible, comfortable, and waterproof, these wireless headphones are a no-brainer for any serious runner. They boast high fidelity speakers with deep bass and intuitive buttons for taking calls or pausing music.

Purchase: $82

brighton baselayer tracksmith

Tracksmith Brighton Baselayer

If the runner in your life is no fan of synthetic materials but wants to continue running throughout the winter – you should consider this Brighton Base Layer. Made with an engineered merino mesh – it is built to keep athletes warm, but well ventilated while training on those chilly, dark, winter mornings.

Purchase: $85

mizuno hoodie

Mizuno Men’s Breath Thermo Hoodie

Staying seen and keeping protected from the elements are two important things for any runner. This hoodie from Mizuno Running does both. Featuring reflective yarn sewn into the chest and back, this breathable zip-up will keep you warm, ventilated, and visible throughout your entire run.

Purchase: $85

adidas boston

Adidas Adizero Boston 6

Of course, every runner has their preference on shoes. When it comes to a pair of solid runners, though, we can’t see why anyone would find anything at fault with this pair from Adidas. it features the Boost midsole, widely regarded as one of the best on the market, as well as Adidas’ special Torsion system for keeping the right amount of rigidity through the foot. As far as the upper goes – this one is made with a specially engineered breathable mesh for comfort and a secure fit.

Purchase: $89+

withings body analyzer

Withings WS-50 Body Analyzer

Runners track everything; their miles, their pace, their heart rate, their bodyweight. Help them take more precise measurements of the latter two with this special body analyzer from Withings. Less a scale and more a precise health tracker, this thing measures body mass, heart rate, and weight – all while communicating with apps like MyFitnessPal so you can see your progress in aggregate.

Purchase: $140

Tracksmith top loader bag

Tracksmith Top Loader Bag

Generally speaking, runners don’t just open the door and go. They head out to trailheads, make their way to the gym, or drive out to the track in order to get their runs in. This canvas shoulder bag from Tracksmith is designed to be the perfect bag for carrying all of the gear a runner would need – with a separate compartment for shoes and a large opening for a change of clothes.

Purchase: $168

nike tights

Nike Power Speed Flash

Running in the cold can suck. But it doesn’t have to. These running tights from sportswear behemoth Nike are designed to both keep you warm and keep you seen thanks to their Dri-FIT technology and reflective screen printed graphics. In addition to being sharp-looking, the reflective print is designed to pull on muscles and reduce fatigue making it so you can go harder and run further.

Purchase: $175

garmin vivosmart

Garmin vivosmart HR+

This is a small but incredibly capable fitness tracker that can keep tabs on everything from your distance, pace, and heart rate. With a tough build, it can stand up to hard daily use whether in or out of the water. Do more than just run? Thanks to Move IQ this tracker can intuit the type of activity you’re doing – whether cycling, running, swimming, or working out without having you punch in a timed activity.

Purchase: $180

district vision nagata

District Vision Nagata

We love these sunglasses. They do everything you would expect from a pair of athletic shades but look sharp enough not to immediately scream ‘sports’. They feature a titanium frame for a light but close fit while running and the proprietary D+ lens technology that is both shatterproof and anti-reflective.

Purchase: $250

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