Swift Shades: 15 Best Men’s Running Sunglasses

Sep 13, 2018

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Without the big fireball in the sky, Earth would be a lifeless sphere of frozen rock. Although the sun is crucial to life on our planet, it also tries to kill you on a sunny day with its harmful UV rays. So, when you’re trying to go for a nice run under a clear blue sky, it would be wise to protect your eyes, just like you do your skin with sunscreen.

Sunglasses are your best friend when you’re running outdoors since they keep you from being blinded by the sun. However, it would be ill-advised to use a dashing pair of casual sunglasses, like vintage, gold-rimmed Ray-Ban Aviators, when you’re out there covering ground, chasing your PR (personal record). Sooner or later, they’ll fall off your face with one stride and get crushed by your rugged running shoes with the next. Then your eyes will be naked under the sunlight and your designer sunglasses will be garbage. Fortunately, there are plenty of running sunglasses built for the bumpy life on the track or trail. Focusing on protection from UV rays, comfort, and a stable fit, we hunted down running sunglasses that check all the boxes.

Goodr Whiskey Shots With Satan

The name of these shades alone is reason enough to consider purchasing them. However, these polarized sunglasses are more than just a name. The lenses have UV 400 protection that blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays and a “no bounce” lightweight frame with a special grip coating to eliminate slippage even if you sweat profusely. Don’t worry if you drop them either because they’re scratch-resistant. They’re definitely a pair of shades with functionality that surpasses its price.

Purchase: $25

Optic Nerve Vettron Sunglasses

With a unique aesthetic, the Vettron sunglasses are a mix of retro and modern. They come with two sets of interchangeable lenses with smoke and copper options. The lenses are hydrophobic while repelling water, sweat, oil, and dust when you’re out there trying to beat your last mile time. They also have a wire-core adjustable rubber nose bridge and non-slip rubber temple tips for a secure fit, no matter what trail you tackle. Lastly, they offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Purchase: $65

Adidas 3Matic a427

Made from polycarbonate and non-polarized iridium, these sunglasses were constructed to meet the needs of athletes around the world. The traction grip temples allow the shades to hug your face without pinching it, staying on even when you test your stamina on bumpy roads. If you’re 20/20 vision days are behind you, the lenses are prescription-ready. Also, these sporty shades have 100% UV protection coating, so they’ll keep you from being blinded by the sun.

Purchase: $81

Sunski Treelines

Seeming to come straight from a stylish dystopian future, Sunski’s tortoiseshell sunglasses provide all-day comfort with the help of a rubber nose pad and their flexible frames. They also come with removable, perforated side panels that pop off easily when you’re not in full-blown adventure mode. For runs outdoors, these shades have polarized lenses for optimal optical defense against UV rays. If you’re on the fence about picking up a pair of these rad shades, a lifetime warranty (no matter what) might make them more enticing.

Purchase: $89

Smith Lowdown 2 ChromaPop

Minimizing eye strain, the casual ChromaPop sunglasses are an excellent pair for running, yet they’re also a stylish choice when you head to the bar for happy hour. The polarized lenses have anti-reflective and ‘hydroleophobic’ lens coating for high functionality and durability. In addition, they feature hydrophilic ‘Megol’ nose pads for a snug fit, auto-lock hinges, and a four-base lens curvature for superior coverage from the sun. They also have eco-friendly frames and are RX compatible, so you can go for a run with the best vision possible.

Purchase: $120

Native Eyewear Braiden Sunglasses

A stylish pair of made in the USA shades, the Braiden sunglasses have N3 polarized lenses that block a solid 40% of infrared light, decreasing eye fatigue. Not only that but they also provide blue light filtering and 100% UV protection to enhance clarity while you’re trail running. Native uses lightweight, naturally-derived resin frames that are flexible — yet keep their shape — and feature a scratch-resistant coating for superior strength. The temple ends curve comfortably behind your ears to keep the shades in place while the cushioned nose pads ensure a customized fit.

Purchase: $149

Bolle Aeromax

Racking up over 130 years of experience in creating products to serve athletes, Bolle knows a thing or two about crafting quality performance sunglasses. Their Aeromax shades have oleo/hydrophobic coating, protecting them from dirt, grease, and water drops for the highest clarity possible. They have an anti-fog coating, allowing the sunglasses to resist fog while also making them scratch-resistant. Lastly, the Aeromax shades are anti-reflective, protecting you from glare and bright light while you’re on your second wind in the middle of a marathon.

Purchase: $167

Oakley Jawbreaker PRIZM

Created for world-class athletes, the Jawbreaker PRIZM sunglasses are packed with features to help you succeed in running longer distances. Made in America, these memorable sunglasses have 100% UV protective coating and are designed with an extended field of view in the upper peripheral region for a full scan of the road ahead. Additionally, they have surge ports for breezy airflow, ‘unobtanium’ components that provide a snug fit, and ‘switchlock’ technology so you can switch lenses

Purchase: $179

Oakley Radar Shield Sunglasses

Oakley’s revolutionary Radar EV sunglasses build on its legacy of quality sunglasses used by top-tier athletes. The ‘O Matter’ frame provides protection and comfort while the ‘Unobtanium’ components allow the shades to get a secure grip on your face. Furthermore, its patented ‘High Definition Optics’ provide you with sharp optical clarity that is unrivaled. Oakey’s devotion to excellence is evident with this design, boasting tall polycarbonate lenses that extend the upper field of view.

Purchase: $193

Nike Vaporwing

Nike delivers style and speed with their Vaporwing sunglasses that offer complete coverage with a one-piece shield lens. The wraparound frames help the shades stay on your face on even the most rugged run trails. The self-adjusting nose pad provides a custom fit, the rubber temples grip your head for extra stability, and the Nike ‘Flying Lens’ technology provides maximum airflow while reducing fog. The super light shades provide 100% UV protection with a smooth design that reduces wind resistance.

Purchase: $195

District Vision Nako Sunglasses

District Vision’s Nako shades may not look fit for a run because they look so dashing, but they’re made from hybrid titanium and lightweight nylon, making them ideal for any route. These sun blockers have G15 lenses and were tested by New York City runners in the creative process to ensure ideal performance. They have a rubber hypoallergenic nose-pad and polished and hand-cut lenses with D+ lens technology that help block excessive sunlight. On top of that, the shades are shatterproof and scratch-resistant.

Purchase: $199

Julbo Aerolite Sunglasses

Devoting over 125 years to producing quality performance products, Julbo knows what it takes to make a quality pair of shades like the Aerolite sunglasses, which is why they offer a lifetime warranty. The sunglasses are built with a ‘REACTIV’ Zebra Light Red Lens that’s perfect for running, as its red tint gives you extra sharp contrast. The photochromic lens gets lighter or darker, depending on the intensity of light. It also has a reliable anti-fog treatment that averts condensation. Finally, the lenses have a hydrophobic coating that repels water and prevents finger marks and smudges.

Purchase: $210

Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Sunglasses

Bringing you shades for life in motion, the Evil Eye running sunglasses pack everything you need and everything you expect from the legendary three-stripes brand. The shades feature polycarbonate lenses, double-snap nose pads, efficient ventilation to cut down on fog, and a lens lock system. The quick-change lenses are also prescription ready, so you can experience the world in HD when you’re following your run route. For extra comfort, the frame has optimal flex zones and temples with traction grip.

Purchase: $224

Tracksmith The Charles Sunglasses

In collaboration with the Michigan-based Article One sports company, Tracksmith was inspired by daily runs on the Charles River to create these shades. Designed for marathon runners, these shades are built with lightweight TR90 polymer plastic, a wire core skeleton, silicone pads on the nose and earpieces, and Italian-made Divel CR-39 polarized lenses that block 100% of UVA/UVB rays. The utilitarian sunglasses come in three fashionable colors.

Purchase: $255

Roka Phantom Ti Performance Aviators

Adopting the classic aviator silhouette, Roka’s Phantom Ti shades are stylish, yet just as ergonomic as other top-notch sunglasses. The premium nylon lenses are made by Carl Zeiss Vision and have anti-scratch, anti-fog, and anti-reflective coatings. They also have super-hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, making them easier to clean. The frame is made with an alloy that’s 50% lighter than traditional alloys without losing tensile strength. Finally, they are built with a patented ‘Geko’ fit and retention system that’s similar to the soft, adhesive feet of a gecko.

Purchase: $300

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