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G-SHOCK Turned Its CasiOak into a Field Watch with the Utility Series

GSHOCK Utility Series 0 Hero
Photo: Casio | G-SHOCK

Like many of Casio’s models, the G-SHOCK 2100, also known as the CasiOak for its resemblance to Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak, is no stranger to new colorways and materials. In 2021, the company unveiled its now-popular metal-covered versions of the watch, which are now looking more like field watches with their new iterations.

GSHOCK Utility Series 1
Photo: Casio | G-SHOCK

Built on the same metal-covered GM-2100 watches, G-SHOCK has unveiled the Utility Series, which will debut in the United States in April. Unlike the rubber straps typical with other CasiOak watches, these timepieces will come adorned with NATO fabric straps in three different colors: black, olive, and beige.

GSHOCK Utility Series 2
Photo: Casio | G-SHOCK

Water resistant up to 200m, the watches each feature 44.4mm ion-plated stainless steel cases and black dials but differ when it comes to the accents and case colors. As the stealthiest option, the black strap reference equips a black metal case with red dial accents. Meanwhile, the olive strap accompanies a gray metal case with green accents and the beige strap goes with the natural steel-colored case with matching beige accents.

GSHOCK Utility Series 3
Photo: Casio | G-SHOCK

Increasing the versatility of the already-impressive CasiOak line, these GM-2100C models will be available soon. For now, you can check them out on the Australian G-SHOCK website.