The 15 Best G-SHOCK Watches For Men

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Being punctual sounds easy on paper, but it’s a difficult trait to utilize. In a world where smartphones can do just about anything, the wristwatch is still a tried-and-true piece of EDC gear that’s beneficial to organize the time in your busy day. If you’re a modern adventure-hungry pioneer, you’ll need one that’s tough-as-nails to survive a normal day on the grind or a weekend in the great outdoors. One of the most hardwearing watch lines out there is Casio’s G-SHOCK series.

Known for their brutish design, G-SHOCK watches are perfect for adventurers, blue-collar workers, military personnel, and hungry athletes. They are some of the toughest watches on the planet thanks to sturdy 10-layer construction that protects the quartz movement. G-SHOCK is always the right choice when you’re looking for an efficient timekeeper that’s suitable for the apocalypse, but there’s an overwhelming amount of models available. Analyzing about 35 years’ worth of products, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best G-SHOCKS watches available today.

A Brief History Of G

Intro To Casio's Iconic Line

The idea for the G-SHOCK line was conceptualized in 1981 when Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe dropped the pocket watch he received from his father accidentally. A trio dubbed “team tough” was chosen to create a timepiece that was rugged enough for everyday dings and drops. Ibe was enlightened to learn that a rubber ball’s center doesn’t suffer a shock when the ball is bounced, leading him to incorporate that idea into the first-ever G-SHOCK timepiece. He also wanted to make the watch water-resistant up to 102 meters, fall-resistant up to 10 feet, and have a battery life of one decade. In April of 1983, the G-SHOCK DW-5000C was unveiled, and a TV news station tested out the watch live, including whacking it with a hockey stick, as if it was a puck. The G-SHOCK timepiece survived, and the world was introduced to the legendary line.


This is the latest addition to the brand new POWER TRAINER sports lineup, and it will help you crush your fitness goals. The G-SHOCK GBD800UC features a 3-axis accelerometer that tracks your steps, 20 timer combinations with memory for up to 200 laps, and an accompanying app that lets you organize step count logs with up to five exercise levels. With this timepiece, you’ll be able to calculate calories burned, so you can keep your body lean and mean.

Purchase: $86


Peel back the skin of the timepiece with G-SHOCK’s GA700SK-1A watch, featuring a clear skeleton aesthetic. It’s made from semi-transparent resin and metallic colors, which is inspired by  ‘80s style and modern fashion. The stylish shock-resistant timekeeper is water-resistant up to 200 meters if you happen to go overboard and is packing a Super Illuminator LED light, so you can stay punctual when the sun goes down. For a more retro-futuristic look, pick up this timepiece.

Purchase: $97


Based on the prominent GA series, this timepiece is a combination of analog and digital. It inherits the beefy case designs from the retro GA-100 and is inspired by ‘90s stereos and portable music players. The 200-meter water-resistant timepiece with a resin case and bezel is shock-resistant, utilizes mineral glass to protect the face, and is ISO 764 Class magnetic resistant. And you can measure elapsed time, split time, as well as 1st and 2nd place times.

Purchase: $99

G-SHOCK GA2100-1A1

Utilizing the octagonal form of the clean classic DW-5000C, this G-SHOCK watch has a sleek and simple design. It features a slender 11.88 mm carbon core case, which is one of G-SHOCK’s slimmest cases to date, high-strength resin construction, and analog-digital timekeeping. The trusty shock-resistant watch has a Super Illuminator double LED light and is water-resistant up to 200 meters, in case you take a dip in the ocean or get caught in heavy rain pour.

Purchase: $99

G-SHOCK G-Carbon GA2000

With a carbon-fiber-reinforced resin double-back case, this G-SHOCK watch can survive spills and dings without breaking a sweat. The 200-meter water-resistant watch has a Carbon Core Guard structure, world time with 31 time zones, double LED light, shock-resistance, and a 1/100-second stopwatch, so you can time things just right. It also has LCD sub-displays, high-contrast analog hands, and a menu sub-dial, making it easy to read in any situation.

Purchase: $120


The legendary company that makes some of the best boxing gear on the planet teamed up with G-SHOCK for this unique timepiece. This timepiece has an overall Everlast vibe down to the classic boxing glove-red colorway and the logos stamped on the face and band. Not to mention, it has an LED backlight that showcases Everlast’s motto: “Choice of Champions.” It features a 3-axis accelerometer to count your steps and a stopwatch that can record up to 200 lap times.

Purchase: $130

G-SHOCK Limited Edition GLX5600KI-7

G-SHOCK collaborated with professional surfer Kanoa Igarashi to create the sleek and frosty limited edition GLX5600KI-7 watch. It’s packing plenty of functionality for those who love to catch big waves, including surf data tracking and performance. This watch also features a tide graph, which is a highly beneficial tool for serious surfers. The translucent construction with silver details is sporting Kanoa’s signature on the case back, band, and face. And as you might have guessed, it’s water-resistant up to 200 meters and shock-resistant.

Purchase: $130

G-SHOCK Master of G Series Mudmaster GGB100-1A3

Coming from the Master of G Series MUDMASTER, this timepiece is built to survive in harsh land environments. It’s made from high-rigidity carbon material to protect the watch from damage and deformation, as well as metal button pipes for a tighter seal against the elements. It also has a bezel made from three layers of superior resin with carbon fiber inserts. The durable watch is shock and mud-resistant and features a quad sensor and dual Super Illuminator LED light, making it ideal for rough and dirty terrain.

Purchase: $314


Inspired by the DW5000C, which is the first-ever G-SHOCK model, this modern take on the classic retains the original’s silhouette. The all-metal timepiece has a vintage square case design, Super Illuminator LED light, unique STN LCD display, and a solar battery. This watch also features Atomic Timekeeping technology, which means it will provide you with precise timekeeping anywhere you are thanks to radio signals from six transmitters across the globe. The GMWB5000D-1 is one of G-SHOCK’s most aesthetically appealing watches.

Purchase: $500


This watch marks the first time the G-STEEL connected series came out with a model that has a carbon bezel. The ultralight carbon bezel is fashion-forward and rugged, complementing the functionality of the watch. This 200-meter water-resistant G-SHOCK is solar-powered and has a mobile link function via Bluetooth. It’s also highly scratch-resistant thanks to a clear sapphire glass and provides you with dual dial World Time. If you’re looking for a watch with the strength of a tank that doesn’t skip out on style, this one is a noteworthy choice.

Purchase: $600


The limited-edition MTGB1000B-1A4 utilizes a new shock-resistance structure and a more compact case size for a sleeker look. It features Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping Technology for incredible accuracy, 200 meters of water resistance, tough solar technology, and anti-scratch sapphire crystal. For extreme durability, the watch boasts Triple G Resist technology, featuring shock, centrifugal force, and vibration-resistance. And Bluetooth communication function allows this watch to connect to your smartphone to obtain precise time information via the G-SHOCK Connected app.

Purchase: $720

G-SHOCK Master of G Rangeman GPRB1000-1

Tough enough to survive in the jungle, snow peaks, or desert, the G-SHOCK Master of G Rangeman timepiece is built to live outdoors. It’s packing advanced survival features, including GPS single reception, solar operation, and triple sensor technology (depth sensor, compass, and thermometer). Water-resistant up to 200 meters, this timepiece also does well in mud and low temperatures. If you’re looking for a timekeeper that’s meant for modern thrill-seeking pioneers, this watch has everything you need to keep up with your adventures.

Purchase: $740


Inspired by the DNA of the original G-SHOCK DW-5000C watch, this full-metal variation has a battle-tested worn aesthetic. The aged finish is a beautiful touch, giving the timepiece a unique look. To create the aged demeanor, G-SHOCK applied a black ion-plated finish and Casio-original technology is utilized to take away parts of the finished plating. The shock-resistant watch features solar power, mineral glass, and a screw lock-back for incredible performance.

Purchase: $1,000


The G-SHOCK GWRB1000X-1A limited edition Gravity Master watch has a breathtaking monocoque case made entirely from carbon fiber. It has Triple G Resist construction, making it vibration, shock, and centrifugal force-resistant, which means it’s one of the toughest timepieces on the block. The solar-powered watch has 27 time zones, Mobile Link Wireless via Bluetooth, time calibration signal reception, LED light, titanium bits, and battery level indicator.

Purchase: $1,000

G-Shock MRG-G2000RJ-2A Jyuryokumaru

Constructed from Murasaki-gane metal and Cobarion, which is three times stronger than steel, this G-SHOCK watch is extraordinary. It has a shock-resistant all-metal design with a Dura Soft Fluoro rubber band to help it withstand adventures wherever you roam. The extremely durable watch also has Bluetooth GPS radio-controlled solar-powered timekeeping for immense accuracy.

Purchase: $4,300

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