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Vollebak’s Carbon Fibre T-Shirt Is 5x Stronger Than Steel

Vollebak is one of those transcendental companies that never knows when to quit, and we love them for it. After creating some of the outerwear world’s most innovative clothing over the past four years, the brand has once again outdone themselves with the Carbon Fibre T-Shirt — an impenetrable essential that pulls one of mankind’s strongest materials “out of the world of aerospace and military engineering.”

The Carbon Fibre T-Shirt is crafted using over 120-meters of the specialized material, creating a lightweight variant that’s 5 times stronger than steel. While these fibrous threads are used in everything from supercar construction to jet engines and missiles (thanks to their exceptional durability and resistance to overexertion), Vollebak has found a way to utilize them in a piece of traditional, everyday wear. By weaving carbon threads into a series of twists, the product mimics conventional cloth fiber, making the shirt resistant to abrasion, while a comfortable, four-way stretch, hydrophilic properties, and long-lasting construction round out the innovative tee. The Carbon Fibre T-Shirt is available via Vollebak’s online retailer for $110.

Purchase: $110