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The Best Budget EDC Flashlights, All Under $50

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As you likely already know, we believe that everyone should carry with them a flashlight as a part of their everyday carry gear. But not everyone can afford a top-of-the-line (and, by proxy, top-of-the-price-ladder) portable torch. That doesn’t, however, mean that a worthwhile one is out of reach, as there are plenty of affordable small-scale illuminators out there. In fact, you can get a really good flashlight for well under $100. So, if you haven’t already picked one up, it’s time to get onboard and get yourself a decent light source to stash in your pocket, everyday backpack, desk drawer, or wherever else. Because the following are the best budget EDC flashlights you can purchase for $50 or less.

The Best Budget EDC Flashlights Under $50

Half-A-Bill Of Brightness

The Most Important Areas To Consider When Buying A Sub-$50 EDC Flashlight

For the uninitiated, shopping for an everyday carry flashlight can be tricky — even more so when your budget is $50 or below. Knowing this, we’ve broken down the key aspects to consider when buying an EDC torch for half-a-Benjamin. 

Size: Because EDC lights are meant to be carried on their user on a daily basis, the size of these flashlights is of monumental importance as it will massively impact the overall user experience. It’s also worth pointing out that most of the larger flashlights in this space will boast more lumens and better battery life, however, will be noticeably less pocketable — in some cases even needing to be carried in a backpack or sling — while their smaller counterparts are easier to carry and more pocketable but typically lack the power of larger lights, though there are a couple of exceptions. 

Materials: A flashlight’s ability to stand up to drops and the elements — i.e. its overall durability — will primarily be owed to the materials used to construct the light’s body. At the sub-$50 price point, the vast majority of budget flashlights are crafted from aluminum or stainless steel. In addition to looking into the material used, we also recommend checking on whether that material has been fortified via any special type of treatment or coating. 

Battery: Battery and power source are also crucial to take into account when shopping. When looking at this area, you’ll want to review the battery pack or cell that a torch ships with, the burn time it offers on its various settings, and whether or not the light can also run off of store-bought batteries.

Output: No matter what type, a flashlights performance will largely boil down to the lumen output and throw. As a result, this is unquestionably one of the most crucial areas to take into account when shopping as it plays a massive role in separating cheaper, dimmer models from their brighter, more high-performance counterparts. 

Carrying Options: Unlike most regular outdoor flashlights, EDC flashlights are designed to be carried on one’s person on a daily basis where they can be kept at the ready for whenever needed. As a result, most EDC torches feature elements such as pocket clips or keychain holes that provide convenient carrying options for their user. 

Value: When buying a budget EDC light value is of pretty monumental importance. While you won’t find any flashlights with top-shelf body constructions or other high-end features like auto-dimming proximity sensors or LCD displays, there are plenty of solid, pocketable options that feature impressive levels of durability and healthy lumen outputs — making these the key areas to focus on when considering value. 

J5 Tactical V1-PRO

J5 Tactical V1 PRO
Photo: J5 Tactical
  • Offers fantastic bang for your buck
  • Sports a tactical design
  • Features strobe mode for rescue & self-defense
  • Has IPX4-rated aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • Lacks build quality of more pricier lights

Best Affordable Flashlight: The ultimate bang-for-your-buck option, J5 Tactical’s V1-PRO offers up an output of 300 lumens for about the price of lunch. And it’s not just bright, it also has three interchangeable modes you can switch between – including high, low, and strobe — as well as a tactical-style tail switch, and IPX4 water resistance rating, and the ability to run off of a rechargeable 14500 battery or a single store-bought AAA. This torch also boasts great materials considering its price with an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum housing. Tipping the scales at just 2.3oz, the entire thing comes in a 3.70” L x 1.0” D package, too. 

Length: 3.70”
Body Material: Aluminum
Max Lumen Output: 300

Fenix E12 v2.0

Fenix E12 v2
Photo: Fenix
  • Features multiple carrying options
  • Offers solid value
  • Has super-rugged A6061-T6 aluminum housing with type HAIII hard-anodized coating
  • Underwhelming lumen output

Best Outdoor Flashlight: Crafted around an ultra-rugged A6061-T6 aluminum housing with a type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, the Fenix E12 v2.0 is a super pocketable EDC torch that crams a 160 lumens and a 223’ throw into a body spanning just a hair over 3.0”. Equipped with a MATCH CA18 cool white LED emitter and a trio of brightness settings, this second-generation EDC torch also boasts an IP68 rating and weighs less than an ounce. The inclusion of both a removable pocket clip and an integrated lanyard or keyring hole also offered the second-gen E12 multiple carrying options. 

Length: 3.06”
Body Material: Aluminum
Max Lumen Output: 160

Bolder By Anker LC90

Bolder By Anker LC90
Photo: Amazon
  • Has 900 lumens on tap
  • Is capped off with tactical-style crowned striking bezel
  • Features 5 modes & zoomable lens
  • Large size limits ability to be carried in pant pockets

Best Full-Sized Flashlight: With a length of just over 6.5” and a weight of over 6oz, the Bolder By Anker LC90 is roughly twice the weight and length of some of the other torches on this list, however, its larger housing allows it to pack substantially more power and performance in the form of a 900-lumen output and a throw of 660’. The light draws from a 18650 rechargeable battery with a 3350-mAh cell. IP65-rated, this flashlight is also zoomable plus features a tactical-style crowned striking bezel and five light modes. While it’s size undeniably limits its pocket-ability, the LC90 is still a great choice for anyone looking for a more powerful option while remaining on a tight budget. 

Length: 6.22”
Body Material: Aluminum
Max Lumen Output: 900

Streamlight 88061 ProTac 1L-1AA

Streamlight 88061 ProTac 1L 1AA
Photo: Amazon
  • Backed by lifetime warranty
  • Benefits from use of Solid State power regulation
  • Has IPX7 rating & impact-resistant tempered glass lens
  • Ships w/ nylon sheath & unbreakable pocket clip
  • Can be mounted onto rifles
  • Less pocketable than smaller flashlights on this list

Best Tactical Flashlight: If you want a decent budget flashlight, but you don’t want to have to worry about what batteries you can and can’t use with it, then you’re probably in the market for Streamlight’s 88061 ProTac 1L-1AA. This small, 350 lumen output flashlight works with CR123A lithium, AA lithium, or AA alkaline batteries – so you can use rechargeable ones if you want to save some scratch or you can rely on the old standard disposables. Regardless as to its power source, this ProTac model offers 1.3 hours of burn time on its highest setting and a full 14 hours of life on its lower power mode. It’s also constructed from anodized aluminum and carries and IPX7 waterproofing rating so it’s tough enough for pretty any adventure — as well as for everyday carry use

Length: 4.25”
Body Material: Aluminum
Max Lumen Output: 350

Olight i5R EOS

Olight I5R EOS
Photo: Olight
  • Offers perfect balance of size & performance
  • Ships w/ custom rechargeable 1,420mAh battery
  • Body has machined grip pattern
  • Boasts great overall value considering durability & performance
  • Has robust IPX8 rating & 1.5-meter drop capabilities
  • Sold in huge variety of different colors, patterns & meterials
  • $20 more gets you Olight’s far superior Baton3 flashlight

Best Value Flashlight: Offering just enough power and potency to handle the vast majority of day-to-day uses while coming in a small enough package to easily be EDC-friendly, the Light i5R EOS is a 2.12oz, 3.75” torch that has a 209’ throw and up to 350 lumens on tap. Tested to withstand 1.5 meter drops, thisflashlighlt is also IPX8-rated thanks to a rugged aluminum alloy body with a machined pattern that bolsters grip and a tactical-style tail switch. The i5T EOS comes with a customized USB-C-rechargeable 14500 Lithium-ion battery offering up to 37 hours of burn time, though the flashlight can also run off of store-bought AA batteries. Lastly, this flashlight is offered in a huge variety of colors and finishes, as well as in a host of other, more premium materials, and a myriad of special and limited edition versions. 

Length: 3.75”
Body Material: Aluminum
Max Lumen Output: 350

Maratac Inspection AAAx2 Extreme

Maratac Inspection AAAx2 Extreme
Photo: CountyComm
  • Tactically-inspired pen light design
  • Has a healthy 425-lumens on tap
  • Machined body offers stellar grip
  • Weighs less than 1oz
  • 5.0” length makes it less pocketable than other lights on this list

Best Pen Light: For a classic EDC penlight with a bit of a tactical style touch and some fairly impressive capabilities, turn to Maratac’s AAAx2 Extreme. As you may have gathered from its name, it runs on a pair of AAA batteries, which give it a runtime of up to 90 hours straight on the low setting and 1.65 hours on its highest 425-lumen mode. It also has medium and high beam light modes which can be accessed with just the press of the tail button. It even features a type III military-grade anodizing for a little extra toughness. Outfitted with a Cree XP-G3 LED emitter, this flashlight also weighs in at only 0.8oz. 

Length: 5.0”
Body Material: Aluminum
Max Lumen Output: 425

RovyVon A23 Gen2

RovyVon A23 Gen2
Photo: RovyVon
  • Boasts up to 1,000 lumens
  • Larger 850mAh battery offers 100-minute burn time on highest setting
  • Features dual button configuration
  • Comes w/ detachable magnetic 2-way pocket clip
  • Offered w/ optional tritium inserts
  • Lacks bang for your buck of other cheaper flashlights

Best Overall Flashlight: Another second-generation take on what was already a terrific EDC torch when the first-gen version debuted in 2019, the RovyVon A23 Gen2 is a compact 3.0” 1,000-lumen torch that boasts the specs and performance of models two or even three-times its size. Despite maintaining its predecessor’s dimensions, the second generation A23 features a more than 40% larger, now 850mAh battery that affords up to 100 minute of burn time on the light’s highest setting. Offered with optional blue or green tritium vial inserts, the A23 Gen2 also features a 6063 aluminum body, a detachable magnetic two-way pocket clip, and an impressive IPX8 rating that allows it to remain submerged in up to 2 meters of water for as much as half an hour.

Length: 2.99”
Body Material: Aluminum
Max Lumen Output: 1,000

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