This Innovative Surfboard Bag Will Change The Way You Carry Your Boards

Board bags are an essential part of any surfer’s kit, as they both ensure that your car doesn’t become a waxy mess on the way to the beach and protect your quiver against unwanted out-of-water dings. However, most bags on the market are far from a perfect storage solution. In fact, between poor construction, improper fit, and limited padding, they’re often thrown out sooner rather than later.

But with the launch of its Roll Top Board Bag, Roew is looking to put an end to your wave-riding woes for good. As the name suggests, it’s based around a roll-top design reminiscent of a dry bag — a feature that allows for two feet adjustability across each of its three available sizes (meaning you can fit multiple-sized boards inside it). Furthermore, it eschews the zipper closure of traditional setups, so you can rest assured knowing that corrosion won’t ruin your closure and you don’t have to struggle with a failing zipper. Add to that a recycled 400d polyester sailcloth construction for eco-friendly durability, lightweight Airmesh fabric for interior breathability, and some full-length padding for protection, and the result is a bag that bucks convention and delivers big time. You can support it on Kickstarter starting at $140 with a lifetime guarantee backing each purchase.

Kickstarter: $140+