This Expandable Off-Road Camper Trailer Is Loaded With Luxury

OPUS made a name for themselves in the camper trailer industry by creating a revolutionary inflating soft-sided caravan. Now, the brand has taken the next big step with their OP15 Hybrid Caravan — a 15′ off-road trailer with a pop-up roof.

Built with a rugged suspension, off-road tires, and plenty of ground clearance, this trailer was made to tackle all the same terrain your beefed-up overlander can handle. Of course, once you find a suitable place to stop for a while, that’s where the OP15 shines. Open it up and expand it and you’ll find it’s equipped with a king-size bed, a fully-featured bathroom with a shower, an outdoor kitchen, plenty of storage, and even an entertainment system with speakers and a TV. Essentially, this off-road trailer is like a go-anywhere luxury apartment. And it can be yours now starting at $45,000.

Purchase: $45,000+