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Porsche & Type 7 Join Forces To Deliver the ‘Artifacts’ Coffee Table Book

Type 7 x Porsche Artifacts Book 0 Hero
Photos: Porsche

Founded in 1948, Porsche currently stands as one of the most elite automotive brands on the planet, having spent the last three quarters of a century building its name on the strength of its production vehicles and race cars. And the company’s illustrious history is now being both explored and celebrated via an all-new coffee table book dubbed the Porsche ‘Artifacts’ Book. 

Type 7 x Porsche Artifacts Book 1
Photo: Porsche

Born out of a collaboration between the Edition Porsche Museum and Type 7, the Artifacts book contains 356-pages — a blatant nod to Porsche’s first model — of photography that’s all been captured in Porsche’s hometown of Zuffenhausen in Stuttgart, Germany. With photographer and lead creative Thomas Walk behind the lens, the book contains a wide variety of imagery, though there’s a large focus on capturing the textures and patina of vintage Porsches, attempting to capture and convey a certain spirit and story that comes with each vehicle. 

Type 7 x Porsche Artifacts Book 2
Photo: Porsche

Printed by Ted Gushue’s publishing brand, ERG Media, the entire book comes inside a 13.38” x 16.53” archive box with metal corners that comes sealed in special wrapping paper that was penned by Andy Cruz of House Industries and was designed to pay homage to 911 Turbo script. What’s more, inside the box there’s also an included separate pull-out index. As one would expect from a luxury coffee table book from one of the world’s most renowned luxury car brands, the Artifacts book is printed on ultra thick and glossy card-stock using super premium printers. 

Type 7 x Porsche Artifacts Book 3
Photo: Porsche

Available now in limited numbers, the Type 7 x Porsche ‘Artifacts’ Book has been priced at £225 (~ $285). Sadly, this book has already sold out on the American Porsche website, though can still be found in stock (at least as of the time of writing) on the firm’s UK site. As a 1st Edition run for 2023, this book may eventually see a second production run or followup addition.