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The 20 Best Electric Supercars You Can Buy Off The Lot

Photo: Pininfarina Battista

Over the course of the last decade, electric powertrain vehicles have gone from environmentally-focused novelties to increasingly ubiquitous machines being offered across pretty much every automotive and motorsport sector. From family wagons, vans, and sedans, to pickups, commercial big rigs, and sportscars. And it’s this latter category that’s hugely benefitted from the last decade’s rapid advancements in EV powertrain technology, ultimately giving way to a myriad of vehicles that aren’t just impressive by electric supercar standards, but by supercar standards in general.

With dozens of startups and established players tossing their respective hats into the proverbial EV supercar ring and vying for lap time and spec-sheet supremacy, recent years have witnessed a massive influx in electric supercar and hypercar offerings. And with new models popping up on a monthly basis and the number of available options constantly ballooning, we thought we’d take the time out to unpack these pinnacles of proton-powered performance, and round up the 20 best electric supercars.

Photo: GFG Style Kangaroo

The Electric Tipping Point

The Final Days Of Internal Combustion Engine Dominance

While it wasn’t uncommon for automotive enthusiasts to discount some of the early electric supercars, often writing them off as gimmicks or novelties, it’s become incredibly difficult to debate the merits of today’s battery-powered cars. The enormous strides made in the segment have unlocked previously unachievable performance and torque figures in the gas-powered realm, and for the first time in history, electric powertrains are outperforming their fossil-fuel-powered counterparts.

A culmination of more than a century of research and development is increasingly being bested by technology that has largely emerged since the turn of the millennium, if not more recently. While battery weight largely remains a kink that needs ironing out, electric supercars boast a number of advantages over vehicles driven by traditional fuel-combusting power plants. The entirety of their torque is on tap instantly, without having to rev the motor up to an ideal RPM, the motors themselves are markedly smaller, more compact, and more mechanically simplistic, they aren’t affected by altitude like internal combustion engines, and they can squeeze out gobs of torque in amounts previously only dreamed of.

There are also secondary benefits to piloting a fully-electric performance car. For starters, there’s the environmental factor and the fact that they’re almost always significantly cheaper to fuel than gas-powered rides, especially when going to the track and using race fuel compared to vehicles of the proton-powered variety. Speaking of race tracks, there are numerous iconic circuits in the US like Laguna Seca that are being threatened by the surrounding community due to the noise levels produced by racing and track-days. Electric supercars are damn-near silent, eliminating this issue entirely. The electronic nature of an electric powertrain also allows for some interesting and unique options such as the different “Mario Kart-style” modes and boosts available in Formula E.

Ariel P40 Hypercar

Though the British firm has carved out an impressive reputation for producing lightweight track-day toys, Ariel buckled down and proved it meant business when it unveiled the P40 over the summer of 2017. The AWD four-wheeled rocket‘s 42kWh battery is married to a quad 295hp motor arrangement that gives the P40 the ability to clock 0-100mph runs in just 3.8-seconds.

Top Speed: 160MPH (Limited)
Horsepower: 1,180HP
Torque: 1,328FT-LBS
Price: $256,000

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Aspark Owl

It’s hard to find a better example of the strides being made in the contemporary EV sector than the Aspark Owl. Everything about this vehicle is insane, from its radical appearance to its otherworldly 1.69-second 0-60mph runs, to its price-tag of nearly $3.2M. This Japanese-made supercar is built around a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis that’s adorned in carbon fiber-reinforced polymer bodywork.

Top Speed: 249MPH
Horsepower: 2,012HP
Torque: 1,475FT-LBS
Price: $3,196,400

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Aston Martin Rapide E

Based on the pedigree and performance of its existing cars, you can expect Aston Martin’s inaugural e-supercar to be impressive, but with help from the crack team at Williams Advanced Engineering, you can expect the world. This touring-ready vehicle delivers heavy on class and comfort without skimping on the raw performance specs, with the Rapide E generating 602 horses and firing off 0-60mph runs in well-under 4-seconds.

Top Speed: 155MPH
Horsepower: 602HP
Torque: 701FT-LBS
Price: $330,000

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Audi E-Tron Gran Turismo

While Audi’s touring-focused fully-electric E-Tron GT might not pack the most ponies at just under 600, it’s nonetheless an incredibly nimble machine, especially for its size, achieving sub-3.5-second 0-60mph runs. The sporty yet plush cockpit boasts the latest and greatest in high tech displays and instrumentation, while outside the E-Tron has a sleek and futuristic design that’s still readily identifiable as being part of the iconic Audi family.

Top Speed: 149MPH
Horsepower: 590HP
Torque: 663FT-LBS
Price: $75,000

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Dendrobium D1

Taking ample inspiration from low-profile Le Mans racers, the Dendrobium D1 is an over-the-top hypercar built for speed. The original design for the D1 was actually penned back in the mid-’90s, though it wouldn’t be until 2016 that noted race outfit, Williams Advanced Engineering brought the designs to fruition. The vehicle is adorned in incredibly unique all carbon fiber bodywork that the company calls a “Protocellcarbon tub.”

Top Speed: 200MPH+
Horsepower: 1,800HP
Torque: 1,475FT-LBS
Price: $1,544,520

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Drako Motors GTE

A $1.25M fully-electric grand tourer born out of Silicon Valley — and supposedly the world’s most powerful GT model at the time of its release — this quad-motor-driven vehicle takes a much more sensible approach when it comes to daily drivability and family-hauling duties, while its 1,200hp powertrain still enables it to break well into the 200mph range.

Top Speed: 206MPH
Horsepower: 1,200HP
Torque: 6,491FT-LBS
Price: $1,250,000

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Elextra Electric Supercar

Another entry that’s of the four-doored variety, though it still packs one hell of a punch. In addition to a very generous 373-mile range, the carbon-tub and bodied four-wheeler — which is limited to 100 units in total — can still fire off 0-60mph runs in under 2.3 seconds and reach an (electronically-limited) top speed of 155mph.And though it boasts a thoroughly modern design, the car’s bodywork sports subtle elements inspired by sports cars from half-a-century-ago.

Top Speed: 155MPH (Limited)
Horsepower: 680HP
Torque: N/A
Price: $445,000+

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Ford x Webasto Mustang Lithium

Developed in collaboration with transpo-tech powerhouse, Webasto, the Mustang Lithium is an electrified version of the iconic American pony car. Kicked along by an EV powertrain comprised of a Phi-Power dual-core motor married to an 800V Webasto battery — boasting double the output of Tesla’s Model S — the 900HP Mustang was designed to be a true driver’s car, fitted with RECARO race seats, Brembo six-piston brakes, 20” Forgeline rims, Super 8.8 Torsen differential, track handling, pack, carbon fiber side skirts and lip, and a fully-operational six-speed manual transmission. And though the vehicle is only in the prototype phase, with Ford’s plans of ushering in an increasingly electrified automotive lineup, this entry very well may see the light of production in the coming years, albeit probably in a more practical, commuter-friendly package.

Top Speed: N/A
Horsepower: 900HP
Torque: 1,000FT-LBS
Price: N/A

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Genovation GXE

Starting with a new Corvette Grand Sport — that then receives another $750K in an EV powertrain and other various performance upgrades that enable it to go generate an enormous 700hp and 650-ft-lbs of torque. Limited to only 75 units globally, the GXE is widely recognized as being the first electric car to break the 200mph barrier.

Top Speed: 220MPH+
Horsepower: 800HP
Torque: 718FT-LBS
Price: $750,000 + Corvette Grand Sport Donor ($65,900)

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GFG Style Kangaroo

Something of a cross between a hypercar and a sporty SUV, the Italian-designed GFG Style Kangaroo is a bonafide hypercar with genuine off-road capabilities. Two sets of 240hp motors powering the front and rear axles propel the animal-monikered machine to sub-four-second 0-60mph times while its 90kWh battery pack affords a 280-mile range on a single charge. Love travel suspension, crash protection, and gobs of power: what’s not to love?

Top Speed: 155MPH+
Horsepower: 482HP
Torque: 501FT-LBS
Price: N/A

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Hispano Suiza Carmen

The first automotive offerings unveiled after the Spanish marque was revived by descendants of Damián Mateu (the cofounder of Hispano Suiza), the Carmen is a fascinating blend of old and new. The vehicle boasts an unmistakably art-deco-inspired aesthetic while still sporting a few modern visual touches here and there. Meanwhile, underneath the retro-flavored bodywork lies a thoroughly modern setup including a 1,000hp+ powertrain, double wishbone suspension, and an ultralight carbon fiber monocoque chassis.

Top Speed: 155MPH (Limited)
Horsepower: 1,006HP
Torque: N/A
Price: $1,700,000

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Karma SC2

The Karma SC2 is a cutting-edge prototype electric supercar that packs a whopping 1,100hp and a mind-blowing 10,500ft-lbs of torque. A 120-kWh battery pack affords a generous 350-mile range, all while still being capable of clocking lightning-fast sub-two-second 0-60mph times. The gadget-laden roller also gets a triple hi-def camera mounted under the windshield — which is electro-chromatic — and FMCW Lidar sensors that capture 360-degree video that can be played back via an adaptive laser projector, turning the supercar into a state-of-the-art racing sim.

Top Speed: N/A
Horsepower: 1,100HP
Torque: 10,500FT-LBS (Claimed)
Price: N/A

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Lotus Evija

Priced at over $2,000,000 a pop and limited to only 130 specimens worldwide, the Evija was touted by Lotus as being the first-ever fully-electric British hypercar. With a carbon-fiber monocoque frame, 1,973hp on tap, and a weight of just north of 37,00lbs, this 200mph+ hypercar offers world-class performance will still affording an exceedingly reasonable 250-mile range.

Top Speed: 217MPH
Horsepower: 1,973HP
Torque: 1,245FT-LBS
Price: $2,100,000

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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Supercar

Upon its release, Mercedes-Benz’ SLS AMG Electric Supercar was introduced as being the world’s first fully-electric supercar offering. While headway has obviously been made in the EV area since this car’s launch in early 2019, though it still generates some impressive figures with its four independent motors and 400V Lithium-ion battery — which make a combined 740hp — giving it the ability to clock 0-60mph runs in under four seconds.

Top Speed: 155MPH (Limited)
Horsepower: 740HP
Torque: 773.5FT-LBS
Price: $540,000

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Massively benefitting from the company’s experience in the Formula E Championship, the NextEV Nio EP9 is another blisteringly fast, fully-electric hypercar. On top of a $1M price, 200mph+ speeds, and a 2.7-second 0-60mph time, upon its release, the EP9 proceeded to set a new track record at the world-famous Nürburgring Nordschleife EV ‘ring’.

Top Speed: 194.5MPH
Horsepower: 1,341HP (1 Megawatt)
Torque: 1,092FT-LBS
Price: $1,200,000

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Pininfarina Battista

Penned by the legendary automotive design powerhouse, Pininfarina, the Battista saw the Italian outfit take its first crack at a supercar of the proton-powered variety. At the heart of the beautifully-designed machine was a liquid-cooled 120kWh Lithium-ion battery paired with electric motors and a torque vectoring system that allowed for sub-two-second 0-60mph times, 186mph speeds in just 12 seconds, and top speeds of just under 220mph.

Top Speed: 217MPH
Horsepower: 1,900HP
Torque: 1,696FT-LBS
Price: $2,500,000

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Porsche Taycan 4S

While not exactly cheap considering its six-figure price-point, Porsche’s Taycan 4S is nonetheless a much more accessible offering compared to the vast majority of the other entries on this list. Bestowed with an overall more practical air to it, this German-built auto boasts a 79.2kWh battery that allows for a range exceeding 250-miles. There’s also a very well-appointed interior that includes a 10.9” infotainment setup.

Top Speed: 155MPH
Horsepower: 522HP+
Torque: 472FT-LBS
Price: $103,800+

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Rimac C Two

Another ultra-high-performance offering built around a custom-designed carbon-fiber monocoque, the Rimac C Two was marketed as being the fastest car in the world upon its initial release in 2018. Offering a 400-mile range thanks to a large 120kWh cell, the vehicle is also bestowed with high tech Level 4 AI capabilities and that unmistakably exotic, low-profile supercar design.

Top Speed: 258MPH
Horsepower: 1,914HP
Torque: 1,696FT-LBS
Price: $2,000,000

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Roland Gumpert Nathalie

Roland Gumpert’s Nathalie is the world’s first electric super sports coupe powered by a methanol fuel cell that allows for its enormous 530-mile range to be fully replenished in just three minutes. The thing also boasts a state-of-the-art instrumentation setup that displays cornering forces and performance figures, and a sleek yet understated bodywork design that wouldn’t look too out of place on the street.

Top Speed: 186MPH
Horsepower: 536HP
Torque: 737FT-LBS
Price: $455,000

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Tesla Roadster

Elon Musk and Tesla made headlines when they unveiled the latest version of the American-made Tesla Roadster. While its 1.9-second 0-60mph time, 250mph+ top speed, and 620-mile range were all undeniably impressive, what stood out the most was the 2020 Roadster’s flat-out insane torque figures: a claimed (keyword: “claimed”) 7,375 foot-pounds — which is 6.25-times as much as the latest Bugatti Chiron.

Top Speed: 250MPH+
Horsepower: N/A
Torque: 7,375FT-LBS (Claimed)
Price: $200,000

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