Discommon Aston Martin Valkyrie “Wake” Coffee Table

Discommon never seems to disappoint with their technical, design-focused offerings, and although the company specializes in aluminum accessories catered toward a variety of life’s demands, a new project has successfully stolen the spotlight. The brand’s wooden Aston Martin Valkyrie supercar coffee table is a lavish new centerpiece that’ll give any room a refined, tasteful look.

Utilizing an intricate process that ranges from curing and prepping, all the way to hand-sanding and finishing, Discommon’s latest coffee table is molded to replicate the curvature of Aston Martin’s technological wonder. A slab of meticulously machined American Walnut illustrates the smooth body lines of the hypercar, while aerospace-grade aluminum legs that have been anodized in a handsome satin-black colorway provide a solid base for the gorgeous furniture. Discommon’s newest sculpted furniture is the result of over 30 hours of CAD design, prep, and CNC machining, culminating in a three-day finalization process where sanding and finishing take place. To mirror the brand’s commitment to perfection, the table will cost an astounding $17,000 — but if you’re a true Aston Martin connoisseur, that shouldn’t come as much of a shock.

Purchase: $17,000