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Timely Reads: 10 Best Watch Blogs

For a long time the bulk of the knowledge and discussion surrounding watches both new and old occurred on online forums. These poorly designed (at least in retrospect) but functional websites were an informal venue from which a large amount of knowledge could be gleaned. But they weren’t necessarily user friendly. In some ways, you had to already know what you were looking for in order to really learn much about the watch world. Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

A handful of great blogs have emerged in the past five to ten years as the primary source for news and information about everything related to horology. Feature articles written about the history of rare references, news about upcoming auctions, and lists of the best watches all populate the pages of these websites. While there are a few that stand out as being truly the most impressive – Hodinkee in particular – there are a slew worth keeping tabs on. We’ve assembled them all here in our roundup of the best watch blogs.

A Blog To Watch

Since 2007 the team behind A Blog To Watch has focused on the world of watches. Once a small, general interest website, they’ve grown to become one of the highest trafficked watch publications in their space – and that isn’t by mistake. They produce thoughtful, well researched content that is a joy to peruse through whether you’re a die-hard watch nerd or just casually interested in new releases. One of the unexpected joys of A Blog To Watch, though, isn’t the content produced by their writers – but the comment section. Their dedicated readership offers funny, cutting, and sometimes brutal critiques and insight.

Visit: A Blog To Watch

Bob’s Watches Rolex Blog

Bob’s Watch blog is a niche within a niche. More a prolific watch store than an independent website, the site features regular updates on auctions, events, and watch releases. While it often touches on watches made by different makers, this blog primarily concerns itself with Rolexes – which is understandable when you realize that the store it is associated with is dedicated to seeing new and vintage Rolex watches. That being said – we still think it is a solid addition to any watch nerd’s media diet.

Visit: Bob's Watches

Bulang & Sons

Designers are constantly on the hunt for inspiration whether that be in fresh pieces of art, or new, innovative products concerned as much with form as they are with function. Sometimes, this hunt for inspiration turns into something of a passion project. Or at least that is the story behind Bulang & Sons. Founded by an ad agency insider, this website is one part shop, one part online watch publication. The publication side of the site concerns itself with all things having to do with high-end timepieces. They don’t publish as often as others on this list, but when they do, their articles always feature striking photographs and detailed write-ups.

Visit: Bulang & Sons

Fratello Watches

Fratello watches is truly one of the oldest dedicated watch publications around. Started back in 2004 as a side project, it slowly blossomed into a full-time business with a dedicated following. Now a part of Ebner Publishing, they regularly post news about the watch industry, review new timepieces, and interview experts working in the world of watches. Without a doubt tone of the more essential reads in the world of watches.

Visit: Fratello Watches


If you had to pick one blog to read regularly, it’d have to be Hodinkee. One could make a strong argument for this New York City-based publication for being the primary reason vintage watches have shot up in price over the past decade. Their knowledgeable staff and contributing writers provide peerless insight into the history and mechanics behind some of the most famous watches, as well as keeping close tabs on market trends. In addition to being incredibly well versed int the world of watches, they’re also quite media savvy. Articles published on Hodinkee are always accompanied by incredible photographs and their business model has grown to incorporate an online shop where you can buy everything from watch rolls to rare Rolex timepieces.

Visit: Hodinkee

The Time Bum

If you, like us, don’t have thousands upon thousands of dollars to spend on a wristwatch – you may appreciate The Time Bum. This one person blog is run by a lawyer in DC who has a passion for great watches and the practicality of an ‘unrepentant cheapskate’. As a result, most of the content on this site is dedicated to deep dives on watches ranging from simple Timex collaborations to more high-end picks and the occasional interview. To top it off, he isn’t too bad with the camera, either.

Visit: The Time Bum

Monochrome Watches

If you had to compare Monochrome to any publication, it’d have to be Vox. In much the same way that Vox endeavors to ‘explain the news’ Monochrome has explained the more complex and detailed part of the Horological universe in plain, and easy to understand terms. Want to figure out how chronograph movements works? This is the site to go to. Since 2006 the publication has written technical guides, reviews, histories and more – all concerned with the higher end timepieces on the market. Without a doubt an essential publication for those looking to keep up to date.

Visit: Monochrome Watches

Watch Report

If you’re looking to shell out a handsome chunk of change for a nice new watch – but are somewhat on the fence as to which – Watch Report is where you should go to do your homework. The website regularly publishes in-depth reviews of a wide variety of watches ranging from high end pieces to more buyer friendly price points. In addition to this, they also do their part in keeping you up to date on all the goings on in the watch industry. A solid resource for those on the hunt for a new watch.

Visit: Watch Report

Watch Time

Founded in 1999 by the German-based Ebner Publishing Group, this publication is a truly top-tier resource for watch reviews, news, and interviews with watch industry insiders. More than just having a presence online, they publish a print copy bi-monthly and have sister sites in Poland, Japan, China, Korea, India, and Germany.

Visit: Watch Time

Worn and Wound

Worn and Wound’s guiding star is not price point or prestige – but great design. Founded in 2011, the publication is dedicated to highlighting unique and well made timepieces with HD photos, video, and considered writing. Visitors to their site will find reviews, opinion pieces, and even a semi-weekly podcast for listening to discussions on news, reviews, and general commentary on the watch world.

Visit: Worn and Wound

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