Sudsy Singing: 12 Best Shower Speakers

Photo: Braven 105

Singing in the shower is a widespread phenomenon. Whether it’s something about the freedom of stripping down under the showerhead that makes you want to burst into song, or it’s the superior acoustical qualities of the tile walls and floors that provide the perfect conditions for studio-quality sound, people love to croon while getting clean.

For too long, we’ve all been going a capella in the shower. Bringing your smartphone into the shower is a risky endeavor, and leaving it by the sink leaves too wide a distance to hear your music properly. So what’s the solution? Any number of waterproof speakers exist on the market today — delivering the ultimate accompaniment for your shower-chorus. Aside from being waterproof with at least an IPX5 rating, it can be difficult to distinguish one shower-ready speaker from another. Lucky for you, we’ve distilled the 12 best shower speakers to enhance your life’s soundtrack.

VicTsing Shower Speaker

The budget pick for the list, the VicTsing shower speaker is an affordable and durable choice for your morning music player. With a silicone case, the speaker is dustproof and shockproof. It also has a waterproof rating of IPX5, which means the speaker will endure the blast of water jets at any direction. Shower away without worrying that your speaker may be damaged. Stick the VicTsing speaker to your tile wall with the use of detachable suction or hang it around your shower curtain rod with the use of an aluminum alloy hook.

Purchase: $20

BOOM Swimmer Duo

Boasting a full, rich sound and good sonic range, the BOOM Swimmer Duo is the perfect small speaker to dangle from your curtain rod. Using a unique silicon loop system, you can hang the speaker from any pole or beam, and angle it to your preference. BOOM also states that proximity to a surface will improve the sound of the bass, so you can jam out with some thunderous thud during bathtime. Easily link two of the Duo speakers together for a surround-sound experience.

Purhase: $35

Outdoor Tech Buckshot 2.0

The Outdoor Tech Buckshot 2.0 speaker may be diminutive, but it’s also potent, and everything you’ll need for a raucous musical shower experience. With multiple mounting options, including a clip, strap, ¼” threaded insert, you can be secure in knowing the Buckshot won’t fall from the curtain rod onto your toes while you’re washing your hair. A 100-foot Bluetooth range allows you to leave your music player in another room, perfect if you’re connecting to a Bluetooth vinyl record player or another stationary music source.

Purchase: $35

Braven 105

The Braven 105 waterproof speaker is designed to dive — up to one meter for 30 minutes, thanks to an IPX7 waterproof rating. Lightweight and compact, the 105 speaker has an action mount, perfect to strap onto a shower head, curtain rod, or even your waist if you’re going on a hike or run. This impressive little disc speaker is perfect for the active music lover and the bass-loving bather.

Purchase: $50

JBL Clip 2

The best clip-on speaker money can buy, the JBL Clip is more than a shower speaker, it’s an all-purpose Bluetooth music-player for the active man or woman. Coming with a built-in carabiner, the JBL Clip 2 will dangle from your shower head or curtain rod, and moved around with ease. It can also be affixed to your backpack to generate your personal adventure soundtrack. Covered with IPX7 waterproof fabric, the JBL Clip promises not to short-circuit in the shower.

Purchase: $56

Anker Soundcore Flare

Anker might be known best for their power banks and chargers, but they make a damn fine speaker, too. Their Soundcore Flare speaker is the most festive on this list, generating a visual light show that matches the beat of the music from a rainbow LED ring located at its base. The sound quality in this IPX7 rated waterproof speaker isn’t bad, either. Back-to-back dual drivers produce rich, 360-degree sound.

Purchase: $60

Fugoo Sport

You’ll need to set this speaker up on the ledge with your soaps and hair-care products, but don’t worry about it getting contaminated. Snow proof, sand proof, and waterproof to the highest levels, the Fugoo Sport is built to take any punishment. Six drivers on four sides within the speaker’s construction give it a powerful, panoramic sound that rivals any speaker on this list. If you aren’t into super loud music (especially in a reverberant space like the shower), simply put the Fugoo Sport on 50% loudness. You’ll thank yourself — played at half volume, the Fugoo Sport has an incredible 40-hour battery-life, unequaled by any other Bluetooth portable speaker on the market.

Purchase: $70

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM

The beautiful blue and orange WONDERBOOM speaker isn’t just pretty to look at. Though small enough to fit in your palm, UE’s portable waterproof speaker produces crisp and powerful sound that emerges from the speaker in a 360-degree range. A 10-hour battery life, 100-meter Bluetooth range, and virtually-indestructible build combine to make the WONDERBOOM one of the best speakers on this list, despite being in the middle-tier price range.

Purchase: $75

Ecoxgear Ecocarbon

The Ecoxgear Ecocarbon is IP rated at 68, allowing you to submerge it for long periods of time. It’s also dust-resistant (in case all the dirty water you create in the shower bounces onto the speaker, or you accidentally spill your shower beer). Another awesome feature: the built-in microphone allows you to take your morning calls while you’re getting clean. External charging allows you to charge your phone, though unless you have a really great phone case, it isn’t recommended to do this while showering. With 12 hours of play time available, you can listen to your music throughout your showers that last half a day.

Purchase: $80

Ultimate Ears Roll 2

Another speaker from Ultimate Ears, the Roll 2 comes in an attractive volcanic-ash colored half-sphere to produce 180-degree sound that will fill your watery cubicle. A hidden 2″ driver and Two 1″ tweeters produce an impressive max-sound level of 85dBA (A-weighted decibels). Up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices can pair with the UE Roll 2 speaker simultaneously (for your favorite group showers), and with a waterproof rating of IPX7, the speaker can survive under one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Purchase: $80

Bose Soundlink Micro

We couldn’t make a list of wireless waterproof speakers — or speakers of any kind, for that matter, without including Bose. Though on the small side for Bose, the Soundlink Micro packs some punch. Boasting a bass that’s “unmatched” for such a Lilliputian speaker, the Soundlink Micro offers crisp balanced sound beneath its tough exterior, which is IPX7 certified waterproof. A six-hour battery life and 30-foot Bluetooth range ensure you can leave your phone in a dry area away from the shower, and still get clean and clear tunes.

Purchase: $100

Skullcandy XL BT

Skullcandy might be best known for their colorful mobile headphones, but they’re a quality mobile speaker maker in their own right. The Skullcandy XL BT is not the most expensive speaker on this list for no good reason. An attractive, brushed aluminum design couples with shock-proof and dust-proof properties, along with the IPX7 waterproof which keeps the XL BT going strong up to three feet under water. Other features include multi-speaker pairing, 10-hour battery life, external device charging, and more.

Purchase: $170

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