Serious Mileage: Best Men’s Gear For Every Run

Aug 29, 2016

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Running is just about the most basic exercise there is. You know walking? Yeah. Just do that faster. Of course, people like to find a way to complicate things. Just look at the Olympic events in Rio – we have everything from a 100-meter sprint to a marathon.

Where you run, when you run, how frequently you run, and how long you run once you are out all vary from sport to sport and from person to person. So why wouldn’t the gear you throw on change as well? Whether you are the kind of guy to do a solid half hour on the treadmill for cardio after lifting, or the kind of athlete that lives to push your own PR just a little bit more every week – you’re sure to find something here on our list of best gear for every run.

Track Star Running Essentials For Men 0

Track Star

  • Trigger Point MB1 Massage Ball ($15)
  • GoFit Stretch Rope 9ft ($15)
  • Adidas Supernova Shorts ($45)
  • Garmin Vívofit 2 Activity Tracker ($60)
  • Nike Zoom Rival Waffle XC ($60)
  • Tracksmith Van Cortland Singlet ($65)
  • Aer Gym Duffel ($165)

Running on a track is essentially an exercise of quick bursts. You show up with your gear, put it down on the bench, do some warm up laps, stretch out a bit, and then you let it rip. You head around the long oval pushing yourself harder, harder, and harder until your lungs and legs catch on fire and you break past that line. Then you stop. Check your time. Catch your breath. Sit for a while and look around at the track while you build up the will to do it all over again. And then you do.

If you are going to do any of that, you first have to show up to the track with the right equipment. If you are the type of runner who wants to stay loose and work on injury prevention, it wouldn’t hurt to bring along a solid stretch rope, a Trigger Point ball for working out tight knots in your leg should they show up, and a Mobot water bottle for hydration and the occasional rolling out. If that sounds like a lot of gear, it is, that’s why we’d suggest bringing along a solid pack or bag like Aer SF’s gym duffel. You can get away with throwing all your sweaty clothes and shoes in there and let them air out on the drive home.

Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle

  • Nike Plus Running App (Free)
  • Under Armour GeatGear Sonic Compression Shorts ($20)
  • WrightSock Coolmesh II Tab ($36)
  • Outdoor Voices Featherweight Mat Tank ($60)
  • Iffley Road Hampton Short ($85)
  • NewBalance Fresh Foam Gobi Trail ($95)
  • District Vision Keiichi Standard Sunglasses ($350)

While many of us pine for the ability to head out into the woods for a run, access to parks or open areas is not always the easiest to come by for folks who live in the city. That isn’t a reason not get out and exercise however. Dense urban areas and even more spacious suburban neighborhoods offer up their own unique and exciting terrain. Each city presents its own unique challenges to athletes, whether it be seemingly unconquerable hills, slow inclines over bridges, or thigh-burning sets of stairs. Of course, it’d be dishonest not to point out that like almost everything else in the city, there is an element of being aware of the gaze of others and wanting to present your best self even when you’re sweating bullets. Why not look good?

A solid pair of shades is never a bad call for when you’re jogging through glass and steel canyons for two reasons. First, everyone looks better with sunglasses on, and secondly, nothing sucks more than taking a sudden turn and being blinded by a ray of light coming down some avenue. To keep yourself competitive with all of your friends – whether in the same city or in others far away, you can throw Nike Running on your phone and slide it into a pair of your Road running shorts. They’re not only sleek in appearance but also welded instead of stitched, making them chafe resistant while you’re conquering those sets of stairs and big hills.

Gym Rat Running Essential Gear For Men

Gym Rat

  • Nike Pro Cool Compression Shorts ($28)
  • Nike AW84 Zip Hat ($28)
  • Jawbone UP2($33)
  • S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle ($36)
  • Lululemon Mesh Mash Shirt ($68)
  • Jaybird X2 Sport Headphones ($150)
  • Isaora Welded Running Short ($155)
  • Adidas Ultra Boost St Shoes ($180)

So maybe your idea of fun isn’t exactly running, but it most definitely is working out. You hit the gym with a regularity only rivaled by your dental hygiene upkeep, and you love it. A good part of any routine, however, is a serious bout of cardio at least a couple times a week, and while you don’t really get too excited about it, you do it. While you might feel like a hamster on a rotating wheel every once in a while, especially with those T.V.’s in front of you, one nice thing about hopping on the treadmill is you can get a good idea of the pace and timing.

Due to the fact that you’re not getting the benefit of the wind moving around your body as you jog down the road, it’s important to throw on a solid pair of sweat-wicking clothes like Isaora’s shorts or the Lululemon mesh mash top. To keep sweat out of your eyes? Nike’s lightweight running hats are ideal not just for the gym, but while out and around town. While you could watch cable news over-report on the inanities of the day, it’s probably better to throw on a podcast or listen to some good jams to get you through your Jaybird Bluetooth headphones.

Long Distance Running Essential Gear For Men 0

Going the Distance

  • Word Pocket Notebooks ($10)
  • Feetures! Elite Merino ($10)
  • Gu Energy Gel ($26)
  • Brooks Distance Short Sleeve Running Shirt ($38)
  • Myles Everyday Short ($58)
  • CamelBak Marathoner Hydration Vest ($100)
  • Nike Air Zoom Tierra Kiger 3 ($125)
  • Smith PivLock Arena Max ($159)
  • Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR Running Watch ($323)

Trail running is as much about fitness as it is about getting the hell away from everything. There is something undeniably therapeutic about the ability to put the world at your back and move further and further away from it under nothing but your own power. Whether it’s deep into the woods, along the coast, or into the desert, hitting the trail and going the distance is a great way to hit the reset button in your head and let yourself just forget about everything for a while.

While you’re listening to nothing but the sound of your own breathing, it’s at least good to know that you have an idea of your pace and one of the best ways to keep track of all of your different stats is by bringing along Suunto’s Ambit 3 watch. To keep yourself from keeling over from dehydration or running out of energy in the middle of nowhere, you’d likely want to bring along a solid hydration system and maybe throw a few Gu Energy Gel packs in there. The better you get, the further you go.

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