Hoofing It: 20 Best Hiking Boots For Men

Apr 28, 2019

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Hands-down the most important piece of gear to own in order to start hiking is a good pair of boots. Not only do they keep your feet safe from the elements and terrain, but they’re also responsible for giving you the ability to traverse that terrain in the first place. And we are of the mind that anyone who even moderately enjoys the outdoors should have a solid pair in good working order.

If you don’t already have a good pair of boots (or the ones you do have are completely trashed), never fear. Getting into the sport has never been easier or more accessible. And a major reason for that is the wide variety of brands making hike-worthy boots. That being said, the sheer number of options can be daunting. So we’ve gone ahead and pared them down to the 20 best hiking boots for men to get you started on your journey toward hitting the trails. Get out there!

Timberland White Ledge Hiking Boots

While they’re definitely more associated with hip-hop culture at this point, Timberland is far from just a fashion brand. Take, for instance, their White Ledge hiking boots. They’re waterproof, made from durable and handsome leather, and have a sturdy rubber outsole perfect for even the rockiest terrain. As a low budget option, it’s hard to find a pair that look and perform as good as these.

Purchase: $71+

Teva M Arrowood Lux Hiking Boots

Well-known in the outdoor world, but under-the-radar for newbies, Teva is a great company with some seriously budget-friendly value to their gear. Their M Arrowood Lux hiking boots might look a bit like sneakers (or, perhaps, sneaker boots), but they’re definitely equipped for rocky hiking trails, thanks to their durable leather upper, sturdy leather sole, and waterproof exterior.

Purchase: $71+

Columbia Peakfreak Venture Omni-Heat Boots

A staple of the outdoor gear world, Columbia is another brand that has earned their reputation through accessibility, high-quality gear, and relatively reasonable price points. Their Peakfreak Venture Omni-Heat hiking boots are no exception. With a waterproof mesh and leather upper, a Techlite midsole, and an Omni-Heat interior liner, these boots are great for hoofing it around your favorite State Park, even when the weather gets a bit chilly.

Purchase: $76+

Keen Targhee II Hiking Boots

While Keen is known for making some superb hiking and outdoor sandals, they also have a full line of sturdy footwear for colder weather, as well. One such offering is their Targhee II hiking boots. These mid-length boots feature a Nubuck leather upper, a beefed-up rubber sole (perfect for tougher day hikes and rocky trails), and a breathable liner.

Purchase: $105+

Salomon Ultra Mid 2 Hiking Boots

If you’re interested in a more stealthy, sneaker-like option for your hiking boots, then look no further than Salomon’s Ultra Mid 2. Done up in black with just enough accents to give them some character, these hikers feature a speed-hook lacing system for easy on-the-fly adjustments, a breathable fabric upper, GORE-TEX waterproof lining, and a gusseted tongue to protect against debris getting into the shoe.

Purchase: $110+

Vasque Breeze 2.0 Hiking Boots

If your travels take you to especially perilous terrain, it’s a good idea to get a longer boot to help keep your ankles stabilized. One excellent option is the Vasque Breeze 2.0 hiking boot. Featuring an extra thick sole and a handsome and timeless leather upper, these beefy boots are great for cold weather hikes and should even be considered for some mountaineering. They also feature GORE-TEX waterproofing to keep your feet dry and comfortable at all times.

Purchase: $121+

Under Armour UA Speedfit 2.0 Hiking Boots

Clearly more well-known for their workout gear, Under Armour’s expertise reaches far beyond the treadmill – especially when it comes to footwear. Their UA Speedfit 2.0 hiking boots are just one of many worthy options, but they also happen to be our favorite. Equipped with a breathable synthetic and textile upper combined with a wraparound outsole, these boots are remarkably lightweight – just 11 ounces per boot. They also have an EVA midsole and an anti-microbial sock liner to keep your feet from stinking and to stop the growth of bacteria.

Purchase: $130

The North Face Ultra Fastpack III Boots

Another staple of the outdoor world, The North Face has been at the top of their game for a long time now. And with releases like their Ultra Fastpack III boots, it’s pretty easy to see why they consistently stay on top. These boots, done up in all-black, have a TPU coating on their woven mesh upper for extra durability, have GORE-TEX lining for waterproofing, features an Ortholite cushioned footbed for extra comfort, and have a heavily treaded Vibram outsole.

Purchase: $160

Danner Mountain 600 Hiking Boots

Danner’s gear, because it is of such high quality both in regards to build and materials, is often exceedingly expensive. But, they recently came out with a much more budget-friendly boot, called the Mountain 600. Made with an Enduroweave upper (rather than more-traditional leather), and equipped with a Vibram outsole, these boots have the same durable, comfortable, and handsome upside. Unfortunately, while still excellent boots, these ones aren’t made in the USA.

Purchase: $160

Merrell Chameleon 7 Hiking Boots

Balancing the styling of a trail-runner with the ankle support provided by a mid-length boot, Merrell’s Chameleon 7 hiking boots are one of the more futuristic-looking boots on our list. And they have the tech built-in to back that appearance up. For instance, the feature an impermeable M Select DRY waterproof membrane, a combination Nubuck leather and suede upper, an EVA midsole, and Vibram outsole. Truly, these hiking boots have more features than some cars on the road.

Purchase: $170

GoRuck MACV-1 Rucking Boots

Known best for their famous bombproof tactical backpacks, GoRuck has recently delved into the world of apparel. But they’ve only just recently announced their new footwear, the MACV-1 rucking boot. Designed specifically to conquer some of the harshest terrains, both off-road and in urban environments, these Special Forces-inspired tactical boots are built to be the last boots you’ll ever need. And, based on what we know about them, we’re inclined to agree with that assessment.

Purchase: $195

La Sportiva Stream Hiking Boots

A handsome balance of style and functionality, these La Sportiva boots have just the right amount of color on them to add some flair, but not so much that they look too busy. But their handsome exterior doesn’t do the onboard tech justice, as these things are loaded to the teeth. For starters, they have a GORE-TEX waterproof liner to keep your feet dry, even when hoofing it through a stream or snow. But they also have a breathable ventilation system to keep your feet from getting bogged down by whatever moisture they might create. They also have a Vibram XS Trek outsole for superb grip on all terrain.

Purchase: $199

Salewa MTN Trainer Hiking Boots

Salewa has proven time and time again that they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to tech-forward outdoor gear. And that makes them as trustworthy as any outdoor gear brand, especially when it comes to hiking boots. These ones, in particular, are special for their incorporation of GORE-TEX waterproofing, top-grain leather, and a sturdy Vibram sole. Handsome and durable, these are boots built to last through any adventure.

Purchase: $209+

Adidas Terrex Conrax CH CP Hiking Boots

While these look an awful lot like the kinds of tactical boots you might expect to see worn by the SWAT Team, they’re definitely outdoor boots through and through. With exceptional ankle support, thanks to their long length, these are excellent cold-weather hikers that would do you right, even in freezing conditions. What’s even better is that, on top of their waterproofing and superb grippy outsole, they also have a waterproof lace cover, to ensure that you can adjust the fit without having to fiddle with soaked and/or frozen laces.

Purchase: $210+

Lowa Renegade Hiking Boots

When a brand like Lowa boasts that a particular item is a best-seller, it’s probably worth taking note of it – especially when its something as well-built as their Renegade hiking boots. Featuring a monowrap frame with polyurethane injection paired witha GORE-TEX waterproof liner, this is the perfect balance of comfort and stability for your feet, good enough to keep you going for hours and hours. it also has perforation for increased breathability, a Vibram Evo outsole, and a construction that includes a nylon shank for added support and performance regardless of terrain.

Purchase: $230

Scarpa Kinesis Pro Hiking Boots

With a classic appearance and handsome leather upper, these full-length hiking boots are perfect for those who dig old-school looks, but still know the value of contemporary tech. These have a Vibram outsole for superb grip on all surfaces, a GORE-TEX waterproof liner, a PU protective midsole, and a beefy Vibram

Purchase: $240+

Tecnica Forge S Hiking Boots

One of our favorite things about our snowboarding boots is that they feature a heat-molding technology to ensure that they fit exactly to our feet. Why that’s not incorporated into more footwear, we’re not sure. But the folks at Tecnica seem to think it should be, which is why they made their Forge S hiking boots with that exact feature. They’re impressive outside of that, too, what with a TPU-laminated upper, GORE-TEX lining, and a Vibram Megagrip outsole.

Purchase: $270

Danner Mountain Pass Hiking Boots

The only brand to be featured on this list twice, Danner has certainly earned a spot amongst the greatest outdoor footwear brands of all time – not just for the quality of their shoes and boots, but also because of their dedication to USA-made craftsmanship. These boots are a perfect example of that commitment with their Horween leather upper – sourced from the famous tannery in Chicago. This lightweight take on the classic hiking boot is built in the brand’s Portland workshop and is certain to become your go-to for all outdoor activities.

Purchase: $350

Arc’teryx Bora2 Hiking Boots

It’s safe to say at this point that, if you see Arc’teryx’s name stamped on a product, it’s not only going to be of excellent quality, but it will also be fawned over by members of the gear community. And there’s good reason for that. Just take a look at how exhaustively features their Bora2 hiking boots are and you’ll see why. They’ve got GORE-TEX waterproof lining, a top-grain leather upper, a wrap-around Vibram outsole, Adaptive Fit technology, and so much more.

Purchase: $350

T.A.D. White’s MP Service Boots

White’s has been making top-tier footwear going on over 150 years now. And that kind of expertise doesn’t happen by accident. Which is why Triple Aught Design turned to them to build the special edition MP Service Boots. Custom made to order, these leather boots are built completely by hand to fit your feet exactly. Not only does that mean they’ll fit perfectly and comfortably, but – paired with their ultra high-quality materials – these might be the ultimate pair of heirloom outdoor boots that have ever or will ever be made.

Purchase: $595

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