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The 12 Best Indoor Electric Grills of 2022

Photo: Calphalon Even Sear Indoor Electric Multi-Grill

Though we wish it, not every day is going to be glorious weather that beckons for cooking outdoors. But as we are ever prepared for anything that might come our way, a rainy day should never stop the hearty for grilling up a storm, because bringing the BBQ indoors with an electric grill is an easy way to keep the good times rolling.

Evolving throughout the years to become do-all wonder machines, electric grills have been staples of the kitchen gadget category, with even the flashiest new tech mimicking the basic methods of yesteryear. Having a variety of transformable features, the picks on this list will provide top-tier grilling options for any size feast, and almost any meal, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Take a look at our serving of the best indoor electric grills to find the unit that has the right feature set and spec sheet to meet your searing needs, then break out the brats and buns and get ready to enjoy the delicious tastes only grilling can provide.

George Foreman GR10B 2-Serving Classic

Launched in 1994 through now infamous infomercials, the George Foreman revolutionized the way everyone from college students to aging seniors heated their meals, and the GR10B 2-Serving Classic is still serving up that same lean mean grilling machine flavor the original was known form. The clamshell design puts heating surfaces on both sides of the food, cooking evenly from the outside in, and the titled legs allow for grease to drip off right into a cleanable tray. Plus, with over 25 years on the market, this grill has amassed a cult following that lives their lives centered around this basic little cooker, make it a must cover for this list.

Purchase: $22

Hamilton Beach Electric Searing Grill w/ Viewing Window

While we all know that saying about watching a pot boil, but there is something satisfying about watching your food cook, especially if that searing sausage is shielded by a splash capturing lid. Built with a lid like a hood over a stovetop, the Hamilton Beach Electric Searing Grill with Viewing Window features a mid-sized 118 square-inch cooking surface but keeps the whole thing covered for a less messy grill session, complete with a window so you can keep a close eye on the items being cooked. A slotted grill surface allows for grease to drip through to a cleanable pan, and the whole thing easily disassembles for dishwasher safe cleaning.

Purchase: $60

George Foreman GGR50B 15-Serving Electric Grill

For those looking to emulate the true Grillmaster experience in the comfort of their own home, having a countertop cook surface can really take the mustard out of the whole experience. Thankfully, the George Foreman GGR50B 15-Serving Electric Grill is a pedestal-mounted, dome-shaped cooker reminiscent of your dad’s ol’ BBQ. Just plug this grill into your wall outlet, forgetting to bother with charcoal or propane, and start enjoying 240 square-inches of cooking surface, which unlike a regular outdoor grilling surface, can be easily removed and cleaned in the dishwasher. And like the other George Forman products, the sloping cook surface helps drain grease, so you can count on this grill to “knock out the fat!”

Purchase: $90

Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill

From reading our site it is readily apparent that we are big fans of products made of titanium, and our indoor grill list is not immune to this material mania. Utilizing a large but lightweight dual-layer nonstick grilling surface is enhanced with a titanium and ceramic coating, which provides excellent heat conducting and retention properties while remaining easy to remove for cleaning. Safe-touch handles offer a comfy way to securely transport the cooking surface for meals ready to serve from a hotplate, perfect for taking fajitas to the dinner table, and the rest of the base easily disassembles for easy and thorough cleaning.

Purchase: $91

Chefman Electric Infrared Smokeless Indoor Grill

In grilling, like most other ways to cook food, the goal is to evenly distribute heat when cooking the food, as to apply the perfect radial rise in temperature for a balanced sear. Looking and working a lot like a hibachi grill, the Chefman Electric Infrared Smokeless Indoor Grill sends heat from carbon-fiber heating elements placed beneath the dishwasher safe non-stick grill grate, bringing a balanced indirect heat source for an outdoor style grilling experience. In addition to providing a better convection style of cooking heat, the infrared style elements heat up ultra quickly. At 14’’ x 8” of usable cooking surface, there is more than enough room to load up a whole meal to cook at once.

Purchase: $100

PowerXL Smokeless Grill

A downfall of grilling inside is that there is bound to be a little exhaust and probably some grease splatter because when the cookin’ gets hot there’s bound to be a little smoke and sparkles. The PowerXL Smokeless Grill decided to take this challenge on by the horns, and by utilizing a fan to harness smokes from the cooking food, it has solved the problem of setting off your fire alarm when grilling a steak indoors. A sunken cast aluminum grilling surface is heated for a wall-to-wall cooking area that naturally draws grease away from food and into a washable collection tray. Added is a full-coverage glass lid that provides an extra trap for flying grease spray, a handy feature when the LED smart temperature control cranks up to 450 degrees.

Purchase: $120

T-fal GC70 OptiGrill+

In making the most of the appliances it is all about adaptability because as we all may wish to have a specific tool for every job, our wallets run dry and our kitchen cabinets too full to have this luxury. Harnessing the power of an automatic sensor to regulate temperatures, the T-fal GC70 OptiGrill+ doesn’t see a traditional temperature adjustment dial, but rather a pre-programmed selection of 6 settings that offer one-touch options for thought-free cooking. With a system of sensor that measures the size of the items being cooked, the panini-press style grill offers a set-it and forget-it model that displays readiness through an intuitive colored light array, taking the guesswork out of the cooking process.

Purchase: $120

Calphalon Even Sear Indoor Electric Multi-Grill

What can really be cool about all of the picks on this list is their ability to transform to accommodate many different types of meal options, giving great flexibility for these handy kitchen gadgets. Having the articulation skills to flip from a dual-surface press to a large flat griddle surface, Calphalon’s Even Sear Indoor Electric Multi-Grill is a superb choice if you are looking for an indoor grill that can go all day long, providing fantastically useful options for each meal type. Constructed with a durable metal frame, this beefy grill’s 176 square-inch of ceramic coated cooking area can be turned over from ribbed surface perfect for sear marks to a flat surface that is a great layout for bacon and eggs.

Purchase: $145

Cuisinart Griddler Elite

Grilling indoors has its pluses and minuses, as it can be said that there is nothing really the same about an indoor BBQ if you’re aching for a classic backyard cookout, but the benefit to the picks on this list is that they all make the grilling process a breeze. Serving up more features than almost any other indoor grill we could find, the Cuisinart Griddler Elite supplies up to 500 degrees on 240 total square-inches of non-stick cooking surface that is controlled by an LCD display that dissects the grill into two different temperature zones. Making it even easier, a timer allows you to hone in the exact amount of time you would like to heat the meal, plus the shut-off switch will help make sure you never accidentally leave this grill running.

Purchase: $200

Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Electric Grill

One of the hardest parts of the day for anyone, or couple, can often be when the time to select what will be for dinner because we deserve a little variety to our diet, though it can be tricky to have kitchenwares that are able to prepare all meal types. Bringing an amazing cooking combo move, the Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Electric Grill steps-up the game by adding an air-fryer, roaster, baker, and dehydrator to their 100 square-in grill grate, making for a universal tool to get many jobs done. With an interior circulation system creating a blanket of up to 500 degrees of hot air all around the food inside of a sealed lid, the uniquely versatile design includes enough extra components to open a complete hamburger restaurant.

Purchase: $200

De’Longhi Livenza Digital All-Day Grill

If you are like me, whenever I throw a choice cut of delicious meat on the grill I am not really in a risk-taking mood, as keeping to the course usually yields supreme results. In those cases, look to the De’Longhi Livenza Digital All-Day Grill as a near-commercial level rig that is intelligently laid out for fool-proof operation that garnishes near-perfect results with ease. An LCD control panel commands a robust 1800-watt heating element that blasts two 14.5 x 9-inch interchangeable die-cast cooking surfaces, allowing for the conversion from a grill, to a griddle, and even, to a waffle iron. Take no risks with this grill as it will be sure to fulfill all of your flavorful fantasies.

Purchase: $300

Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill

There is a reason that when a product brings a nostalgic feel there is something so undeniably comfortable, as happy memories are often linked to the gear used to create those magical moments. The Weber BBQ is a staple to the American way of life, and their Q 2400 Electric Grill doesn’t disappoint in bringing those good feels to the great indoors. With a silhouette reminiscent of the iconic Webber buoy look, this grill gets hot with a 280 square-inch porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate, making for even heat distribution while cooking and cleanup a snap. Loosely tethered by a generous 6-foot power cord, this little BBQ will have no trouble taking trips to the porch if desired.

Purchase: $320

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