The 20 Best Men’s Hoodies Available in 2022

Jan 27, 2022

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Over the past couple of decades, the humble hoodie has exploded in popularity to become one of the most essential items a guy can have in his closet. Once relegated to boxing gyms and other training arenas, hoodies now show up as a cornerstone of urban streetwear, a part of the unofficial work from home uniform, and the comfy king of lounging around. And since just about every clothing brand under the sun makes their own version these days, we figured it would be helpful to create a guide to the best hoodies for men.

For our best hoodies guide, we’ve taken a look at a number of staple brands that really know their way around a hooded sweatshirt. Whether you’re looking for a traditional old-school athletic hoodie, a more rugged workwear hoodie, or an elevated stylish hoodie that wouldn’t look out of place on a runway, you’ll likely find what you’re searching for here. From zippered to pullover, pocketed to pocketless, we’ve packed in 20 great hoodies that have the potential to become your new cozy favorite. So have a look below at our guide to the 20 best hoodies for men.

Carhartt Midweight Hooded Sweatshirt

For fans of thin, sustainable drawcords that won’t run you an arm and a leg, this is an ideal buy. Carhartt’s transition into the luxe streetwear community has been oddly smooth, with collaborations coming from some of the hottest brands in its circle, be it working with Junya Wantanabe, Vetements, or any similar designer that likely requires half of your paycheck to purchase. With this hoodie, however, all of those high fashion needs get thrown out the window and equate to a sustainable classic with no added bells and whistles from the Detroit-based workwear brand, and it’ll go perfectly with your work boots.

Purchase: $40+

Everlane Track Hoodie

Made from 100% organic cotton, Everlane’s Track Hoodie makes for a perfect fit whether you’re going for a morning run or sludging your way into work following a long night. No matter what you’re doing, though, rest assured that you’re helping the planet. Embellished with a signature ‘E,’ this french terry relaxed-fit sweater is certified as organic by Global Organic Textile Standard, an accolade that requires over a year to achieve as it takes each and every step of its curation into account; obviously, it checked all the boxes, and it comes out as comfortable as economical.

Purchase: $68

Buck Mason Brushed Loopback Hooded Sweatshirt

With its looped interior, the Brushed Loopback hoodie garners its moniker for a reason, and this implementation assures full comfort and even more insulation. Garnered with a co-sign from none other than Tom Brady, the Los Angeles-based brand manages to provide comfort whether you find yourself in New England or L.A. — hell, maybe even in Tampa. This Buck Mason hoodie was put together for wear-and-tear, and its french terry look will only look better through years of age.

Purchase: $85

Filson Prospector Hoodie

Filson has never made gear for the faint of heart, and their Prospector Hoodie wasn’t meant for the average Joe, either. Geared toward the outdoorsmen among us, this hoodie may come across as nothing too extravagant as far as the eye test is concerned, but it truly excels from a functional standpoint. Crafted from a 75% cotton/25% poly blend, you don’t have to worry about this hoodie shrinking in the dryer after your first wash, let alone the many that will follow.

Purchase: $88

J.Crew Garment-dyed French Terry Hoodie

Although the tenured New York retailer hit a rough patch at the start of 2020, the J.Crew name remains a mainstay when it comes to picking worthy standard additions to your closet. As part of their Re-imagined collection entirely made from sustainable material like recycled polyester, this Fair Trade-friendly French Terry Hoodie will keep you warm and casual throughout the colder months. If keeping things a little brighter is more your style, then J.Crew has always got you covered with a wide variety of colors to please any palette.

Purchase: $90

Nike ACG Pullover Fleece Hoodie

Nike ACG is one of the numerous branches on the performance-wear company’s endless tree, and they offer a great, sturdy garment with this one. Its boxy fit assures comfort while a heavyweight fleece fill makes for an incredibly warm buy. Most importantly, its kangaroo pocket is zippered, making sure your loose stuff won’t be flying around just in case you’re on the run; after all, this is a Nike hoodie.

Purchase: $100

Todd Snyder x Champion Polartec Half-Zip

Todd Snyder linked up with Champion here, and the latter managed to do what they did best, as adding a hood to a sweater has clearly worked to their benefit over the years. Made from 100% polyester, this synthetic fleece hoodie is surely the most lively that appears on this list, with each color genuinely being too good to pass up. Trying to decide which of these four eye-popping colors is the premier choice is truly a cross to bear, but all are suitable for a wide range of vibrant outfits but also manage to work flawlessly with a basic set of sweatpants. As stylish as it looks, it’s genuinely just as warm, too. On top of that, this list could use a half-zip! Talk about an overlooked zipper placement.

Purchase: $104

The North Face Tekware Fleece Full Zip

If you prefer a slimmer-fitting feel as opposed to some of the looser options on this list, then simply look north. This full-zip fleece hoodie from The North Face utilizes the S.F. staple brand’s trademark FlashDry rain-resistant formula that is too good to pass up at a price like this. Lightweight and incredibly warm, this hoodie is a part of their newly-released Tekware collection, all of which offer stretch-durability and moisture-wicking, assuring further distance between you and any raindrops. Needless to say, this hoodie truly has no right to be as reasonably priced as it is.

Purchase: $109

Flint and Tinder 10 Year Hoodie

Flint & Tinder is an American mainstay, never providing a sliver below quality, and they maintain that trend here. Their 10 Year Guarantee ensures that this cotton/polyester blend is built to last buyers an entire decade, at the very least. Cut and sewn in Los Angeles, the Huckberry house brand garners its pieces from across the nation. With its zippers from Georgia and fleece from South Carolina, this heavy-duty hoodie is practically a wearable American road trip.

Purchase: $118

American Giant Classic Full Zip

While it’s hard to believe a company when they say they’ve crafted “The Greatest Hoodie Ever Made,” or the greatest anything for that matter, this Middlesex-bred brand’s claim may not be hyperbolic after all. This sweater offers a double-lined hood and reinforced elbow padding, ensuring plush comfort and warmth throughout. On second thought, this really might just be the greatest hoodie ever made.

Purchase: $118

Outerknown Sur Baja Hoodie

Serving as another brand that embellishes its stomping grounds, Outerknown is owned by Kelly Slater, the lionized surfer who boasts a grand total of 11 world championships in his sport, meaning somebody should tell Bill Russell that he is not alone. The eco-cognizant brand consistently implements sustainability into a classic beach look, and their Sur Baja Hoodie does more of the same. With its cozy poncho cut, this French Terry piece stems from a blend of hemp and cotton that bonds comfort and environmental care to the fullest.

Purchase: $128

Reigning Champ Midnight Terry

Reigning Champ is a top-notch athleticwear company that gains much of its influence from the boxing community. Based in Canada, the brand has gradually garnered a solid rep when it comes to maintaining durability. Crafted from 100% cotton, you can expect this unbelievably durable hoodie to last you a good amount of time. While the same can be said of practically every garment that appears on this list, the Midnight Terry’s flexibility is almost second to none, and most certainly first when accounting for its steal of a price.

Purchase: $145

Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Hoodie

Faherty is a major player in their circle, blending their enduring admiration for surf culture and casual style throughout each of their pieces. Luckily, fans of the brand can rejoice in the fact that their winter collection offers just as much to be happy about. The Legend Sweater Hoodie’s attention to detail is what truly makes it worth the purchase, boasting a trio of hearty fabrics: polyester, viscose, and spandex. With elasticity from the latter and warmth from the initial, this hoodie will surely remain wearable come the next time we curate this list.

Purchase: $148

lululemon Engineered Warmth Hoodie

With an interior entirely sewn from skin-friendly merino wool, the Canadian monarch of athletic wear is keeping customers warm to the best of their abilities with this hoodie thanks to lululemon’s engineered knit that adds texture and warmth. Although the revered brand’s headbands and leggings might be the hottest-selling items of the past decade, their hoodie is geared to fit anyone who simply enjoys being warm in the cold and looking good when doing it — so, everybody.

Purchase: $158

Taylor Stitch Portola Hoodie

Taylor Stitch’s breathable hoodie is also lined with merino wool and is sewn from a nylon blend, although two big disparages from the previous garment are its full zipper and separately welted pockets. Serving as a casual essential, the Portola Hoodie has a slightly heavy fit and is a piece that is tailor-made to keep you as warm as you want, zipped or unzipped.

Purchase: $198

John Elliot Aspen Mock

Stylish beyond belief, the Aspen Mock comes in a handful of colorways. Although, none are more prominent than its Cove option, as it is the perfect shade of blue begging to be worn alongside anything that isn’t more blue denim, for contrast’s sake. This hoodie is made from nothing but cotton right in the heart of Los Angeles, as the latter applies to everything that comes from the SoCal-based brand. If you own quite literally any type of white pants, this is truly a head-in-hood fit.

Purchase: $248

Belstaff Shell Trimmed Waffle-Knit Hoodie

Belstaff is well-known for their beloved biker jackets, but each of their pieces is up to par with those in their own right. In all fairness, it isn’t too easy to create anything as cool as a biker jacket, but they can surely make a piece that is just as productive. When buying a hoodie, your first thought may not be protecting yourself from the rain, which is why Belstaff has done so for you here. With a water-resistant shell coating on the hood, this wool hoodie is perfect for drizzly weather.

Purchase: $325

Rag and Bone Pierce Ribbed Cashmere Hoodie

This pillowy hoodie from the meticulous British fashion label offers a relaxed fit and is crafted from nothing but cashmere. Taking very clear inspiration from the minimalist, contemporary athletic style, it’s rare to see such a sporty-looking garment made from some of the most lucrative materials. A cashmere hoodie is an article that no one should consider passing up on, and it’s never hard to take Rag and Bone’s word for how comfortable their clothes are. Available in grey and brown, throw it on with your favorite jeans and call it a (comfortable) day.

Purchase: $495

Canada Goose Down Hybrdige Anorak

Although many of the picks on this list hold fast to the integral idea of keeping you warm, Canada Goose’s use of Thermal Mapping tech makes sure areas that are adept at overheating refrain from doing so, making their Down Hybridge Anorak perhaps the most interesting to appear of these 20. Pioneered by the valued Toronto manufacturer, this technology strategically places duck down throughout the sweater’s key areas, optimizing heat and breathability. As far as the main attraction here is concerned, its hood utilizes another trademark curation from Canada Goose, with its Arctic-Tech makeup guaranteeing dryness in the harshest climates. Above all else, it is stylish and practical, but all of those high-end patents and tantalizing adjectives come with a price.

Purchase: $550

Stone Island Ghost Logo Appliqued Chenille

When Googling “Stone Island,” the first of five suggested questions that appear reads, “Is Stone Island for hooligans?”. Be that as it may, this particular hoodie will refrain from having that connotation fall on your covetously comfortable shoulders. As a part of their Ghost Collection, the fully monochromatic piece features zippered pockets and is made from a blend of polyamide and cotton for a flawless fusion of snug and stretchy. While the luxury Italian brand has managed to remain chic through its gradual, yet prominent, adoption by the streetwear community, wearing that compass has not been the same since Drake started parading around with it all the time. Moreover, get all that comes with a Stone Island jacket without showing off their compass patch (the logo is always removable anyway, but it won’t even be needed this time around).

Purchase: $570

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