The 18 Best Hoodies For Men

Aug 6, 2019

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Hoodies, like the classic t-shirt, are about as ubiquitous as they come in the world of men’s basics. You’ll find no real major contrast between one hoodie and another – but each will feature their own slight differences; a variant fabric, an interesting graphic, or maybe a technical feature like waterproofing.

As a result, hoodies are more a reflection of a brand’s ethos than anything else. They’re so basic that, for designers, they look like a kind of blank canvas. So while the idea of a roundup of the best hoodies may come across to some as a little bland, you’ll actually find that each one we’ve pulled together for this list offers something unique and worth your attention. Whether you’re a fan of more airy threads for throwing on during those slightly cool evenings, or something hefty enough to last you a decade or ten – we have them all here in our rundown of the best hoodies for men.

Everlane 365 Fleece Hoodie

This hoodie from Everlane is cut from an 11-ounce cotton/nylon blend fabric and features something you usually don’t see on pullover sweatshirts — a back yoke. In addition to that unique feature, the sweatshirt has a geometric front pocket, and a ribbed waist and cuffs. The pullover comes in five different sizes and can be grabbed in either black, rose, or heather grey.

Purchase: $60

Outerknown Pacific Baja Hoodie

Outerknown doesn’t just make clothing. The brand produces sustainable, ethical garments for the everyday guy. Take for instance this pullover sweatshirt. Because it was cut from a 100% organic cotton Jaspe jersey, this hoodie required 90% less water than one made from traditionally grown cotton. The pullover sweatshirt itself has a relaxed fit, a kangaroo pocket, and a side seam split for a casual and comfortable feel.

Purchase: $68

Lululemon Chill Motion Pullover Hoodie

Looking for a hoodie that’s going to do more than just keep you warm? This sweatshirt from Lululemon men is cut from a special fabric that’s stretchy, warm, and features a durable water repellent fabric that’ll keep you dry through light rains. In addition to all those features, the jacket also boasts a large reflective detail between the shoulder blades.

Purchase: $80

Mollusk Heavy Pullover Hoodie

This American made hoodie is cut from a heavy terry fleece for keeping you warm on those early morning surf checks. It’s pre-shrunk, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not it’ll fit after the first wash. Available in four sizes.

Purchase: $88

J.Crew French Rib Full-Zip Hoodie

When it comes to classic men’s basics, J.Crew knows their stuff. The brand’s zip-up hoodie has a timeless look to it thanks to the sturdy French Rib fabric, white draw-strings, and ribbed trip at the cuffs and hem. A great add for an everyday wardrobe.

Purchase: $80

American Giant Classic Full Zip Hoodie

Another great American made pick. This hoodie was built from a custom-developed heavyweight 13-ounce cotton fabric engineered to feel great and outlast just about every other on the market. It’s pre-shrunk, features a slim fit, and boasts reinforced elbows as well as a double-lined hood.

Purchase: $89

Vans Versa Hoodie DX

Much more than just a classic hoodie with a Van’s logo stitched onto it, this sweatshirt from the Southern-California skate and sneaker brand features an abrasion and water resistant fabric, a cell-phone holster, and a breathable build. As a result, this thing is perfect for wearing while skating around town – or just for wearing casually.

Purchase: $95

Stüssy Fleece-Back Cotton-Jersey Hoodie

This hoodie is just about as simple as they come. It features a straight-forward 100% cotton build, a comfortable fleece backing, drawstring hood, and unobtrusive Stüssy logo. No need to re-invent the mousetrap with this one.

Purchase: $95

Iron and Resin Good Timin’ Hoodie

When we talked about hoodies being a canvas for some designers at the beginning of this post, this is what we were talking about. This hooded sweatshirt from Iron and Resin features the artwork of Mitra Khayyam both on the left breast and on the back between the shoulder blades. It’s just about as rock’n’roll as you can get.

Purchase: $96

Outdoor Voices Weekender Hoodie

When it comes to casual athletic gear, Outdoor Voices is among the best. Their line of technical wear has blurred the line between clothes meant to sweat in and the kind of gear you’d be happy to throw on for a weekend trip. This midnight hoodie from the brand is cut from a polyester and spandex blend fabric which makes this pullover an incredibly soft, comfortable garment for wearing in to work or off to the side of the field while you stretch out.

Purchase: $100

Club Monaco Pullover Hoodie

If your childhood hoodie went to college, studied economics, and got a business development job in Silicon Valley, this is what it’d look like. Made from a cotton blend fabric, featuring a textured finish, and uniquely cut hood – it manages to be both comfortable enough for everyday wear while still being high-end.

Purchase: $120

Saturdays New York City Ditch Established USA Hoodie

Broadly speaking, we’re not huge fans of sporting clothes with a brand’s name stamped in large lettering on the front. This hoodie from Saturday’s NYC, however, is an exception to that rule. Cut from a medium weight Trench Terry cloth, and featuring a thick draw-string along the hood – the sweatshirt still manages to feel minimal and unobtrusive despite the Saturday’s NYC logo.

Purchase: $125

Todd Snyder Popover Hoodie

Todd Snyder is king of classic casual menswear, and this hoodie is prime evidence as to why. The result of a collaboration between the NYC-based designer and the nearly 100-year old sportswear brand, Champion, the hoodie has a throwback feel to it paired with a modern cut. Made with a cotton and polyester blend fabric, and featuring a fleece lining – it’ll keep you warm and stylish at work or while running errands.

Purchase: $138

Patagonia Long Sleeved Yewcrag Hoody

Made from a combination of organic cotton (because of course, it’s Patagonia we’re talking about, here) and COOLMAX polyester, this quarter-zip hoodie boasts outdoor functionality and everyday style. For a comfortable fit no matter what, the pullover sweatshirt has invisible spandex at the cuffs and hem, and a three-piece hood for real warmth even in cold weather.

Purchase: $140

Isaora Field Hoodie

For those that prefer a terry loop back fabric to the soft, fluffy fleece-lining, this hooded sweatshirt from Isaora is worth a second look. More than just a common pullover, this clean, almost minimal hoodie features a bonded kangaroo pocket for a more paired-down look, as well as laser-cut eyelets located in the armpits for increased breathability.

Purchase: $165

Imogene + Willie Wakefield Faded Black Hoodie

The entire premise of Imogene and Willie is that they bring back classic garments, and make them like they were always supposed to be built. Take this faded black hoodie for instance. Made from a 3-end Terry Fabric right here in America, it has a worn-in look and feel that you just can’t find off the rack anywhere else.

Purchase: $205

Vollebak 100 Year Hoodie

Looking to invest in a hoodie that’ll outlast the next season? Consider outdoor brand Vollebak’s 100 year hoodie. Made from a combination of cotton and DuPont Kevlar, this thing is purpose-built to be tougher and stronger than everything else in your wardrobe (and maybe your toolbox, too). Both the black and yellow versions of the hoodie are built to be used, and take on a sun-bleached patina with age.

Purchase: $295

Faherty Baja Sweater Poncho

While a lot of the menswear market seems to either trend towards the technical route or opt for a more classic look – Faherty has been more than happy to cut their own path. This almost-tropical hooded sweatshirt is made from a fabric woven from four different cotton yarns – giving it a worn-in, textured look. A great grab for pulling on during those cooler days at the beach.

Purchase: $298

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