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Cheap Sleepers: 8 Best Camper Trailers Under $10,000

Photo: MORV Explore Trailer

We welcome adventures of all types, whether they be on foot, by bike (moto or otherwise), or behind the wheel of our favorite vehicle. For the latter, however, multi-day outings can get a bit uncomfortable when it comes time to sleep. And that’s why we often prefer, rather than car camping, to bring a camping trailer along for the ride.

Lucky for us, there are a wealth of options for both highway use and off-roading – even if you’re on a tight budget. In fact, you can find a solid towable sleeper for incredibly cheap, if you know where to look. If you don’t, today is especially fortuitous, because we’ve rounded up the eight best camper trailers your can purchase right now for under $10,000. So get out there and go adventuring.

Oregon Trailer Do Drop

If you’re on a hardcore budget and just want the most basic and minimalist offering, the Do Drop from Oregon Trailer is just the ticket. This customizable trailer starts at just over half of the $10K price cap and can be equipped either for paved highway use or off-roading (for a charge). It also comes in two different configurations of either 3.5 or 4 feet wide, depending upon how much room you need inside. Other than that, this sleeper is as barebones as it gets – which is perfect if you want to customize it yourself or you just don’t need a bunch of bells and whistles to enjoy your camping outdoor adventure.

Class: Highway Or Off-Road
Fits: 1-2

Purchase: $5,500+

CTV Off-Road Trailer

Another fairly minimalist offering, the CTV Off-Road Trailer is geared less toward sleeping people and more toward carrying gear. That’s not to say it doesn’t come with the option of sleeping arrangements, as it can fit a number of people in a rooftop tent, but the focus is definitely more on the gear you want to bring with you. It’s built from super sturdy steel, has beefy tires for off-road adventuring, and comes with a 7-way trailer plug and buss system for all your powering needs (plus some upgrades). If your idea of car camping with a trailer means bringing along some toys, this is an excellent budget-conscious option. And if you can afford more than the base price, the brand also offers a bunch of upgrades, from tents to racks and everything in-between.

Class: Off-Road
Fits: 1-2+

Purchase: $7,200+

BCT Moab Gobi Trailer

You might think that, for under $10,000, it would be nearly impossible to get anything plush with interior sleeping and storage arrangements. And if you do think that, you’re wrong – thanks to the folks at BCT and their Moab Gobi trailer. Like a tiny Winnebago recreational vehicle, this towable sleeper is surprisingly luxurious, offering everything from a comfy sleeping area to a series of internal wood storage cabinets to a pull-out exterior kitchenette. That kitchenette, by the way, includes a functional sink and a dual-burner camp stove, so you can cook up a delicious meal and clean up after yourself no problem. It also comes with off-road tires (if you want to trek out to your favorite campsite), has its own electric brake system for added safety, and can be upgraded to suit your desires.

Class: Off-Road
Fits: 1-3

Purchase: $7,995+

AT Chaser Trailer

Modeled after military-style 416 & 101 trailers, this modern camper trailer is a hardcore off-road hauler if there ever was one. Seriously, just have a look at what this thing can do and we guarantee you’ll be impressed. Perfect for off-roading in the harshest terrain, the AT Chaser comes with a Trailing Arm Air Suspension that took 10 years to develop – which is adjustable depending both on load size and terrain. It’s also got massive ground clearance (so you could take it out to Moab behind your beefy 4×4 Jeep, if you want), is customizable, and still has plenty of onboard storage for everything from your camping tent, to your adventure cooler, and so much more.

Class: Highway
Fits: 1-2

Purchase: $8,823+

The American Dream Trailer

Not everybody needs or wants a hardcore off-road camper trailer. But that doesn’t mean you have to get an uninteresting one, either. Opt instead for The American Dream Trailer. Done up with a retro design, this sleeper hauler has style to spare. But it isn’t just for looks, either. You see, that roof that looks suspiciously hull-like is actually a removable row boat. That means, if you’re camping near a body of water, you can go exploring on the H2O simply by taking the boat down off the top of your sleeper. And, as if that’s not enough to make it interesting, this bad boy also features a custom full mattress, a rear-mounted cooking and storage galley, and pop-out windows for superb ventilation on demand.

Class: Off-Road
Fits: 1-2+

Purchase: $8,900+

BushRanger 200 XT Off-Road Trailer

Brilliantly balancing the line between collapsibility and comprehensive capability, the BushRanger 200 XT Off-Road Trailer is perhaps a little bit wider than some of the other offerings on our list, but still manages to impress by how much it actually contains within itself. Made from solid steel, this camper trailer has in it enough room to fit a kitchen, cooler, luggage and any additional gear for up to a family of five. It also features a gargantuan base camp tent made from 340 GSM SatProof 600+ canvas ripstop with a reinforced PVC floor and welded weatherproof seams. Whether you’re headed down to the local state park or getting your family deep in the backwoods, this is one of the best trailers to get the job done and get it done well.

Class: Off-Road
Fits: 4-5

Purchase: $9,295+

MORV Explore Trailer

The MORV (short for Manley Off-Road Vehicle) Explore Trailer is one of the most highly coveted backwoods gear hauler/sleeper on the market – and that’s only partially because of its relatively low price. Not only is it cheap, but it has a stunningly clean design (which also says a measure about its efficiency); comes with a rooftop tent, all-terrain tires, and a removable hard aluminum lid (for safety and security); and was built to tackle just about anything you can throw at it. Better still, if you don’t want to spend the scratch on this fully-featured version, you can also pare it down and get something a little more minimalist, like the Utility or Original models, for cheaper.

Class: Off-Road
Fits: 1-2+

Purchase: $9,395+

Schutt XV-1 Trailer

Less like a camper trailer and more like a mobile base camp, the Schutt Industries XVENTURE XV-1 is touted as the “most robust cargo trailer available to the civilian market.” Which basically means, if your 4×4 overlander can get there, this trailer can come right along with it. And while it’s capable and tough as nails, it’s also incredibly light weight thanks to a construction entirely of aluminum. It’s also D.O.T. compliant in all 50 states, comes with onboard electronics (including back-up lights), electronic drum brakes, and an excellent roof rack suitable for a rooftop tent.

Class: Off-Road
Fits: 1-2+

Purchase: $9,995+

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