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The 12 Best Luxury Camper Trailers

Photo: Bowlus

Today’s world is filled to the brim with technology, making it hard to escape the onslaught of Alexa-enabled smart devices, 4K screens, and the latest apps. Sometimes you need to take a vacation from the in-your-face feeling of the digital world, even if you don’t want to cut yourself off completely. For those who want to enjoy nature yet still prefer some technology and comfortable amenities to make the outdoor experience relaxing, a luxury camper trailer is the best option.

Not everyone wants to strap on a backpack filled with essential gear and stand up to the trials of Mother Nature for their very own episode of Man vs. Wild. Sometimes you need to dive into the wild in a cozy camper and unwind to reset your mind. To assist your efforts in making a trip out to the frontier, we’ve scoured the web to find the best luxury camper trailers available today. We focused on the camper trailers with top-tier amenities to ensure you have a relaxing trip out in the wild. Check out our picks to find the camper trailer that will accommodate all your needs.


In mere minutes, the Sealander can transform from a beach house to a boat house so you can take your camping trip onto the lake. This amphibious camper trailer is made with fiberglass-reinforced plastic that’s connected seamlessly to a monocoque, making it ultralight and robust. The chassis of the environmentally-friendly camper trailer is fully galvanized, and its hubcaps are encased in oil to create a protective seal against water and rust damage. It also has tinted panoramic windows, a ladder that can act as a railing or attachment for the onboard grill, a folding roof, and two benches that can seat a total of six passengers.

Length: 13 ft
Height: 6.2 ft
Weight: 1,069 lbs

Purchase: $21,022+

Taxa Outdoors Mantis

Featuring an array of premium accessories for long-haul trips, the Taxa Outdoors Mantis is perfect for those looking for luxury outdoors. The camper trailer comes with an integrated 12-volt electrical system, hot water system, furnace, combo 2-burner stove and sink, and birch plywood kitchen with modular storage. This portable home also has a large 8-foot awning, full-size bed, 6,000 BTU Air Conditioner, and pop-up roof for star-gazing at night. There’s room enough for a party of four inside the camper with ample space to move around. If you want to bring the feeling of your home to the outdoors, the Mantis is built for you.

Length: 19 ft
Height: 6.10 ft
Weight: 3,020 lbs

Purchase: $32,500+

Safari Condo Alto F2114

The Safari Condo Alto F2114 provides you the comfort of your home when you’re off-the-beaten-path and reconnecting with nature. Inside you’ll find a four-seater front dining area that converts into a queen bed, two single beds that transform into a king bed, a fully enclosed shower, and a fixed flush toilet. It’s constructed entirely from aluminum and composite materials–such as water-resistant Alufiber, which combines the lightweight properties of aluminum and the durability of fiberglass. The camper trailer also features a three-way fridge, two-burner LPG flush mount stove, and smoke detector so you can cook gourmet meals while you enjoy the magical views of the great outdoors.

Length: 21 ft
Height: 8.52 ft
Weight: 2,356 lbs

Purchase: $33,000+

SylvanSport VAST Camper Trailer

This is one of the most versatile camping trailers on the market today. It has a reconfigurable lounge area that transforms into two-level twin “true” queen-sized beds, which lower from the ceiling on a motorized lift. And those beds tuck back into the ceiling for access to the bathroom and indoor/outdoor slide-out kitchen. It also has built-in rails for kayaks, hideaway storage for dual propane tanks, and even space for your bikes. The fully-functional camper trailer is also lightweight and has a gas-assisted easy open/close tailgate for way loading and unloading.

Length: 21.5 ft
Height: 9.5 ft
Weight: 2,500 lbs

Purchase: $46,000

Timberline Homegrown Trailer

When you want the best of glamping amenities and rugged capabilities, the Timberline Homegrown Trailer with the Off-Grid package will suit you well. This trailer is weather-ready, as it’s airtight-insulated with wool and has a large kitchen and indoor shower. The portable outdoor abode also comes with 600-800 watts of solar panels and a 3.6-6.0 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery capacity. It sleeps up to five guests, has a freshwater system with over 23 gallons for the sink and shower, and has plenty of headroom so you can move freely. Not to mention, it has an iconic teardrop shape with beautiful wood paneling.

Length: 23 ft
Height: 11 ft
Weight: 4,150+ lbs

Purchase: $57,495

Airstream Flying Cloud

The Flying Cloud is Airstream’s most popular and versatile travel trailer. This luxury camping trailer comes complete with a 120W solar panel, LED lighting, electronic brakes, Brandi cooking vent, four-burner gas stove, and an impressive rear hatch typically reserved for special edition trailers. For your convenience, it also boasts Quietstream Climate Control, LG LED HD TVs, USB and 110V charging outlets, and rear-view monitoring. And with 16 floor plans to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find the Flying Cloud that’s just right for you. Built for longevity, it’s no wonder Airstream trailers from the 1930s are still on the road today.

Length: 23 ft
Height: 9.9 ft
Weight: 4,761 lbs

Purchase: $76,900

Lume LT540 Travel

The Lume LT540 camper trailer is made for luxury traveling, allowing you to enjoy nature, yet sleep in the comfort of a retreat that feels like home. This trailer benefits from aluminum construction and is well-insulated to keep you warm and cozy when night falls. It features a 100W solar panel, an open roof made with Sunbrella fabric and a mosquito net, an outdoor kitchen with two PITT cooking gas burners and a 40L refrigerator, and gas connection points for barbecue. Inside you’ll find walls upholstered in natural wool felt, black leather adorning the interior, and a teak floor to complete the luxurious feel. The spacious LT540 has all the amenities you need to enjoy nature and still benefit from the comforts of home.

Length: 22.64 ft
Height: 7.87 ft
Weight: 3,637 lbs

Purchase: $77,194

ERIBA Touring 820 Camping Trailer

Using a reliable steel cage construction, ERIBA Touring built the 820 Camping Trailer to be durable. It has a futuristic design with its smooth silver panels, large windows reminiscent of a spaceship, and two-tone shading. Inside you’ll find round furniture inspired by contemporary yachts, V-shaped beds, a 180° panorama lounge space, damage-proof GRP lightweight floor, and a spacious roof. The luxury adventure ride is also packing plenty of technology, as it includes a smart home system managed through a built-in digital control panel or an included app. If that doesn’t impress you, the camper also has floor heating, a roof-mounted air conditioner, and hot water system.

Length: 28 ft
Height: 6.6 ft
Weight: 4,365 lbs

Purchase: $85,300

Airstream International Serenity

With a design aiming to provide you peaceful experience outdoors, the Airstream International Serenity camper trailer has everything you need to relax. The trailer features an exceptional galley complete with a Fusion stove, convection oven, refrigerator, microwave, and a stainless steel sink with a contemporary Grohe faucet so you can flex your chef skills. You’ll also stay in a state of tranquility thanks to the camper’s Quietstream Climate Control system, panoramic windows that wrap around the trailer’s curves, and earthy accents throughout the interior space. And it features a rear hatch that you can open up for a perfect view of nature as you eat dinner.

Length: 23 ft
Height: 9.9 ft
Weight: 4,761 lbs

Purchase: $88,900

Bruder EXP-6

The Bruder EXP-6 boasts superb maneuverability thanks to pivot points and a perfect wheelbase length, allowing for full lock turns. It also has a unique suspension system to counteract steep slopes so you can fit into tight spots. For a smooth ride, the trailer has greater ground clearance compared to standard camper trailers and less wind drag during high speeds due to its design. The trailer features a state-of-the-art cabin management system controlled via a digital internal touchscreen, providing you with a luxurious experience out in the wild. And it has a slide-out kitchen for you to cook a delicious feast for you and your crew.

Length: 21 ft
Height: 8 ft
Weight: 4,365 lbs

Purchase: $96,500+

Bowlus Road Chief On The Road

According to Bowlus, the Chief On The Road is the most aerodynamic travel trailer ever built and it has a low center of gravity for unrivaled handling. On the exterior, it has a beautiful aluminum monocoque that will turn heads. Step inside and you’ll enjoy an extensive list of features, including a silent heating system, heated floors, a two-burner Italian cooktop, a 12-volt fridge/freezer, twin beds that convert to a king bed, and a dinette that converts into twin beds. And the trailer has a 10,000 BTU A/C unit to keep you cool during the summer.

Length: 24 ft
Height: 8 ft
Weight: 2,500 lbs

Purchase: $137,000

Bowlus Road Chief Endless Highways

The Bowlus Road Chief Endless Highways trailer has a flashy metal exoskeleton, which inspired the Airstream look, according to founder Hawley Bowlus. Hand-built in California, it can sleep and dine four passengers, as well as protect them with its TIG-welded aluminum spaceframe build. Inside you’ll find a 12-volt fridge and freezer, microwave, two-burner Italian stovetop, full-length mirror, two wardrobe closets, and air conditioning. And it has a shower with elevated teak flooring, as well as an Italian marine shower head. If you want to escape into nature but want the comfort and amenities of a hotel, the Bowlus Road Chief is the camper you need.

Length: 25.75 ft
Height: 8.5 ft
Weight: 3,300 lbs

Purchase: $185,000

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