The 12 Best Cable Management Accessories for 2022

Photo: Yamazaki Web Cable Box

With the onset of work from home, it’s become more important than ever to minimize the footprint of your work station; otherwise, it’ll quickly consume your space. For even though the lines are becoming increasingly blurred between our work-life and our home-life, a well-kept office environment is one way to take back control of that balance. What’s more, without a way to keep your cables in check, you run the risk of them becoming a hazard for those around you. Whether it’s a curious pet or a troublesome toddler, all it takes is one pull of the wrong plug for your computer to come crashing to the floor.

Like any organizational system, it can be tough to know where to begin, because when you’re starting from the ground up, the task ahead can seem far more intimidating than it actually is. And even if you’re just picking out a few add-ons to optimize your existing arsenal, the sheer number of options out there makes it tough to tell the garbage apart from the good buys. So save yourself the headache and check out our picks for the best cable management accessories below.

Velcro Cable Wraps

Ideal for keeping lengthy coils of cord untangled and out of the way, these Velcro wraps are an essential part of any cable management system. Sold in packs of five, you can use them on everything from WFH headphones to computer chargers. But that’s not all — it just so happens that they also make for a handy face mask fastener. And at only $3, they’re pretty much a no brainer.

Purchase: $3

BlueKey Cable Clips

When you need ready access to wires like charging cables and other crucial cords, the last thing you want to do is dig behind your desk. It’s not only incredibly inconvenient but also downright dangerous for the well-being of your work. One pull of the wrong plug is all it takes to lose an afternoon’s progress. Shipped with an adhesive backing, you can stick these to pretty much anything.

Purchase: $7

3M Command Bundlers

From hat hangers to impromptu towel racks, 3M command clips are useful in nearly any application, the only limit being your imagination. So to have one optimized specifically for cable use makes it an easy choice for building out your cable management setup. Keep your cords tucked away where you aren’t likely to trip on them. Safe to use on any surface, you can easily remove them without fear of peeling paint, leaving marks, or sticky residue. And if you need to re-use them, it’s as easy as applying one of the supplied adhesive refill strips.

Purchase: $10

Zip Tie Mounts

If you’re one to lash your cables together with zip ties, these simple adhesive-backed mounts allow for added mounting ability, and as a result, even cleaner setups. So whether you’re coiling cords behind your desktop or keeping them wound against the wall, save yourself the headache and snag a couple of these.

Purchase: $10

Joto Cable Management Sleeve

Bundling your wires makes for a well-kept workspace. If you’re looking for a reusable system that can hold a host of 8-10 cables, this zippered sleeve is your best bet. Made of flexible, form-fitting neoprene and available in two colors, it provides for a much cleaner look than an unsightly nest of cords.

Purchase: $14

Electriduct J Channel Raceway

Channel raceways make for a professional appearance, not only housing your cords but also hiding them while they’re at it. They’re made from robust single-piece PVC plastic and offer an easy management solution without the fuss of ties or hinges. Simply apply an adhesive backing and you can stick them just about anything. Available in small 12″ kits or large 48″ raceways, you can build a system catered exactly to your particular needs.

Purchase: $17+

Monoprice Under Desk Cable Tray

These cable trays are a game-changer when it comes to getting those unsightly cords cleaned up at the home office. With the rise of variable height desks, it’s become even more important to keep things together if you’re trying to avoid tangle. Made from powder-coated steel for added durability, they work great with all kinds of tabletops. But the best part has to be their reasonable price.

Purchase: $20

Avantree Headphone Stand

Any audiophile with a decent set of headphones will need a place to hang them. If you’re bothering to build out a cable management system, it’s worth considering where you’ll keep your hi-fi gear. Featuring a solid aluminum alloy and bamboo construction, this is a space-saving solution that’s as sturdy as it is handsome.

Purchase: $30

Leatherology Cord Wrap Set

This premium grain leather cord wrap set comes in two sizes — a smaller one perfect earbuds and charging cables and a larger one ideal for thicker-gauged items like laptop chargers. Fitted with a secure magnetic closure, there’s no reason to worry about your wires coming unwound. Available in a range of colors, they can also be customized with a personalized monogram.

Purchase: $33

Yamazaki Web Cable Box

Cable boxes are one of the easiest ways to cut down on clutter in the home office. Made from a sleek resin material, this one from Yamazaki has room for all of your cords and cables as well as a power strip with up to seven outlets. Featuring a low-key, minimalist design, it’s a far sight better than any mess of wiring. But that’s not all — it also keeps your electronics dust-free and safe from wear.

Purchase: $38

Bellroy Tech Kit

Bellroy is a brand well-steeped in everyday carry optimization. This tech kit makes for the perfect organizer to keep all of your cords together and tangle-free. It zips out flat for easy access and comes with a number of stretch pockets and elastic organizers suitable for all of your bits and pieces. And with a floating wall hiding a large inner pouch, you can also house larger items like power banks and laptop chargers. Backed by a 3-year warranty and made from recycled woven fabric, it’s a dependable performer essential to any cable management system.

Purchase: $60

Humanscale NeatTech Cable Organizer

While the above cable trays and raceways offer a simple fix for under-desk cable clean-up, they do have their downside: at times, it can be a bit difficult to access your plugs and surge protectors. If you’re looking for an option providing convenient cord management without the hassle, look no further. This NeatTech Cable Organizer from Humanscale is a soft-sided alternative that unrolls for fuss-free fitting. While it’s a bit pricier than some of the other options, its ease of use makes it well worth the premium you’re paying.

Purchase: $100

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