12 Best Bluetooth Speakers For Your Home

Aug 14, 2018

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During the week, days usually blend together and life can seem monotonous at times. However, your favorite tune can fill you up and bring you back to life, especially on those tough days that seem like they’ll stretch on for eternity. Music feeds the soul, so it’s important to find a quality Bluetooth speaker for your home that will provide you with crisp sound, doing justice to the artist’s lyrics. Retreat to your abode with a speaker that moves you.

When you’re choosing a Bluetooth speaker to fill your home with your life’s soundtrack, you want to look for certain details. The right music box will provide your home with full, rich audio that comes pretty close, or even matches, a home stereo system, minus the wires and laborious setup. Portability is somewhat important for a home Bluetooth speaker; however, you want it to be large enough that it can offer a fuller, richer sound and bass around the house.

Without question, the most important aspect that you’re looking for is audio quality. Top-notch audio delivery is paramount, so the speakers you consider should be able to reproduce low frequencies well without distorting sounds at higher volumes. Clarity is important as well, especially in comparison to power, as a balanced, clean sound is what will suit your home best. Of course, if you’re throwing house parties every weekend, you might want something with more bass. Whatever you’re looking for, you are bound to find it on the list ahead.

Harman Kardon SoundSticks

Boasting 40 watts of application for rich, realistic sound, this three-piece wireless speaker system can easily be your primary home audio system. It’s packing a strong bass output, making any of your jams bang out with the best of them, regardless of what source the music is coming from. Using ‘Harman TrueStream’ wireless technology, you can connect any of your Bluetooth capable devices, such as your tablet, laptop or smartphone. When your audio device connects and “spins” a song, these speakers will automatically switch to the Bluetooth system for your convenience. With it’s alluring design, this set is the only audio system to become a permanent fixture at the New York City Museum of Modern Art.

Purchase: $183

Apple HomePod

Apple continues to pump out reliable, ergonomic products, such as their HomePod that features a high-excursion woofer with a custom amplifier. It also has a collection of seven horn-loaded tweeters, an internal-low frequency calibration microphone for automatic bass correction and direct and ambient audio beam-forming. In other words, this Bluetooth speaker delivers dynamic studio-level processing with musical output that will stir your soul. Needless to say, this device has Apple Podcasts, AirPlay, Apple Music and iTunes capabilities. Keep in mind that you need an iPhone 5s or later or an Apple product running iOS 11.4 or later to use the HomePod.

Purchase: $349

JBL Boombox Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Although JBL says that this is the most powerful portable Bluetooth speaker on the market, it’s actually quite perfect for home use with its massive 20,000 mAh battery, so you can play your tunes around the house 24/7. Even if you decide to throw a house party, this Bluetooth speaker is ‘IPX7’ waterproof and also has two JBL bass radiators and four active transducers to deliver monstrous sound that can get a summertime party going. Powered by a lithium polymer battery, this is a rugged speaker with high-quality audio that can fill any part of your home with the hits of your choice.

Purchase: $430

Sony GTK XB90 High Power Bluetooth Speaker

If you want a deep sound that has a kick, Sony’s speaker has ‘Extra Bass’ technology that bumps up the power to any bass line with the click of a button. The built-in battery allows you to take this modern day boom box from the kitchen to the backyard with a play time of 16 hours straight or 3.5 hours max if you’re going full blast. To get the party started, it also has infinity mirror lighting for stunning visual effects that go along with the beats you drop. You can even customize your settings with Sony’s Music Center app to customize speaker lights and activate DJ effects, as well put your favorite smartphone playlists on rotation. To top things off, this speaker has ‘Wireless Party Chain’ abilities, allowing you to connect up to 10 compatible wireless speakers so everyone can get down to the same beat.

Purchase: $448

Bose SoundTouch 30 Wireless Speaker

According to Bose, this is their most powerful wireless speaker, packing ‘Waveguide Technology’ to provide the juice to fill your home’s living room with rich sound of the music you love. It works well with music services, such as Amazon Music and Spotify, and you can even set up presets for your personal playlists, podcasts and stations. It’s also compatible with Alexa for the convenience of voice control. Not to mention, this speaker is part of an entire family of Bose multi-room wireless speakers, allowing you to add more at any time.

Purchase: $500

Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

Probably the most fashionable Bluetooth speaker on this list with its retro aesthetic, the Woburn speaker has a vintage front fret, gold-colored metal details and its classic script logo front and center. You can use your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer to stream tunes directly to the Woburn; however, it also has a 3.5mm input , as well as an RCA and optical input, so you can connect your Apple TV, cable receiver or any old school music machines that have survived in your garage. This 90W Bluetooth speaker is easy enough to carry around your home, so you can play your music in any room.

Purchase: $500

Sonos Play: 5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker

Harboring the firepower of six amplifiers with six dedicated speaker drives, you’ll be getting crisp, deep audio from this smart speaker, which can easily fill up the largest room in your home with the classics. You’ll have the option to connect this Play: 5 speaker to any Amazon Echo or Alexa-enabled device and mess with the multi-room option, if you decide to get more than one Sonos speaker, allowing you to play the same song in every room or different songs in each one. In just five minutes, you can set this speaker up and wirelessly stream all your favorite music services, including Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify, so the beat never stops.

Purchase: $500

Bose Wave SoundTouch System IV

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that makes the audio sound like a live concert in your home, this music system delivers thanks to its exclusive Bose ‘Waveguide’ speaker technology. With one touch, you’ll have access to a variety of music services, such as Amazon Music, Spotify and Pandora, in addition to your music library playlists. You can even set up six preset playlists on the speaker, accessed via remote or the ‘SoundTouch’ app. Linked up with any Alexa-enabled device, you can enjoy the convenience of hands-free control. Also, this speaker is compatible with the entire family of ‘SoundTouch’ wireless speakers.

Purchase: $600

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless HiFi Speaker

Using the same iconic design of the original Zeppelin, this is one of the best one-piece wireless audio systems on the market. Packing two double dome tweeters, two midrange drivers with FST technology and a 6.5-inch subwoofer, providing a deep bass, this speaker can fill your home with crystal clear tunes that will truly move you. With AirPlay, Bluetooth aptX and Spotify Connect just a button press away, you can dive into the music you love at any time. You know you’re getting quality audio with Bowers & Wilkins, as they have five decades of experience creating loudspeaker systems for world-leading recording studios.

Purchase: $700

Vifa Copenhagen 2.0 Hi-Res Bluetooth Speaker

Crowned with the IF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award, both for Best Product Design, this speaker is simply beautiful. It’s compatible with iOS, Android and PC devices, and also has Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth atpX, Wi-Fi Direct and DLNA connectivity. For premium performance in sound, it has two soft dome tweeters and two ‘Force Balance’ woofers to make sure the songs you play sound as crisp as ever. The elegant textile cover is also eco-friendly, as it’s made with high-quality wool from Kvadrat, Europe’s leading manufacturer in textile designs.

Purchase: $806

BlueSound Vault 2

If you have a sea of CDs still lying around, you can rip and store over 200,000 tracks from them in high resolution FLAC, MP3 or both onto this device’s built-in 2TB drive. You can even connect to an existing stereo system in your home or add BlueSound players in every room to access your library anywhere. After a simple and quick setup, you can control music sources, manage your playlists and choose playback options via your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with the ‘BluOS controller.’ This intuitive streaming Bluetooth speaker will give you studio quality sound every time.

Purchase: $1,200

Bang-Olufsen Beolab 18 Wireless Speaker

If you’re looking for excellent sound in your living room, this high-gloss polished Bluetooth speaker powered by a 160 watt Class D audio amplifier is the clear winner. With simple adjustments, it can be free standing, hung on the wall or nestled in the corner. For the best quality audio output, it automatically responds to extreme peaks by decreasing the bass throughout. It’s wireless compatibility includes BeoVision Avant, BeoVision 11 and any WiSA-compliant TV or receiver.

Purchase: $3,174

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