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The 10 Best Summer Fitness Essentials

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Gyms are notoriously more crowded during the summer, and for good reason. Not only because school is out and we’re trying to get beach-ready, but because the energy of the season makes us more motivated to better ourselves and optimize our health. We each have a different goal when it comes to our well-being, but to achieve it, we must first figure out what that goal is and which gear we need to get to it. Be it the right attire or accessories, there are a lot of options out there, but when trying to get in shape, we might not have a lot of time for trial and error.

Going to the gym can be irreplaceable due to the myriad of equipment that’s at your disposal, but having the option to work out at home is valuable as well. And with the uptick of traveling during the summer months, finding a way to take those routines on the road is essential when trying to maintain your goals. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of options to aid you with maximizing your workouts, then take a look at our guide to the best summer fitness essentials for this season.


It’s difficult to find out the right direction when it comes to getting healthy and fit. And with all the ostensible solutions given out there at will, it’s time for something that actually works. InsideTracker is your guide through the noise; a fitness and well-being app that actually helps because it recognizes that everybody is different, and thus needs different results. Analyzing your blood and DNA markers, it delivers lifestyle, exercise and nutrition recommendations to help you maximize your body’s potential. InsideTracker is compatible with devices such as smartphones, Fitbits, and Apple Watches.

Purchase: $250+

Ten Thousand Interval Short

Summertime calls for clothing that can be worn whether you’re putting in your reps inside or outdoors. Ten Thousand’s Interval Short is perfect for the hot weather because its polyester and spandex shell wicks sweat like no other and won’t cling to your skin either. The four-way stretch and leg gusset give you maximum mobility and the no-pinch waistband won’t ever distract you when you’re in the zone. Sold in 5″, 7″, and 9″ versions for any preference, these shorts should be your go-to this summer.

Purchase: $64+

Satisfy PeaceShell Running Cap

It’s surprising how often we need to remind people of the benefits of wearing hats when running in hot weather. The right cap won’t irritate you or make you itchy but will provide ample protection from the sun as well as overall breathability. Satisfy makes several running caps that are perfect for this season, but its PeaceShell boasts a straightforward and traditional design. It’s made from NASA-proven 3XDRY polyester fabric that repels water and dirt on the outside while absorbing moisture away from the body on the inside. This hat also minimizes odors while protecting you from UV radiation.

Purchase: $85

NutriBullet Pro

Shakes and smoothies can be an excellent way to mix in your protein powder after an arduous workout or to simply spike your insulin levels beforehand to maximize energy. A good blender should not only be low-maintenance during use but upon cleanup as well. NutriBullet Pro gives a boost over its previous model with 900W of power for a strong and efficient blend when tossing in thicker fruit, nuts, or seeds. The simple twist-off blade ensures a super easy wash, as do the dishwasher-safe cups that come with it.

Purchase: $110

Crossrope Get Lean

You don’t have to be going up against Apollo Creed to benefit from jumping rope. One of the simplest training routines can also be an excellent way to trim fat and increase cardio and stamina. The Crossrope Get Lean is more than your barebones jump rope; it’s the first weighted jump rope system to help you reach your goals faster. Aside from the free app tutorials, the Get Lean also lets you swap between light and heavy ropes for a more tailored exercise for any experience level.

Purchase: $119

Liteboxer Go

Speaking of Apollo Creed, the original Liteboxer is an excellent training buddy for the aspiring or professional pugilist, but the at-home machines are a bit cumbersome if you have limited space. Luckily, the company has unveiled the Liteboxer Go just in time for the summer. Not only can you now shadowbox in smaller environments, but you can train on the go. Equipped with a pair of sensors that cast results on your smartphone or TV, 1-pound egg weights for increasing your intensity, a carrying bag and charging case for travel, and a tablet stand for propping up your smart device, this handy new gadget will get you fit and conditioned in no time.

Purchase: $168+

Hyperice Vyper 3 Vibrating Foam Roller

Stretching and recovery are just as important to your workout routine as the routine itself. Hyperice has long made some of the best recovery equipment on the market, and its Vyper 3 Vibrating Foam Roller is an excellent update on its predecessor. Built with a contoured silhouette that avoids putting pressure on your spine, the device speeds up your warm-ups and keeps you loose thanks to its optimized stability and three different speed levels. Pair this with the Hyperice app for tips and for monitoring your progress.

Purchase: $199

Original Gorilla Bow

The most difficult aspect of your workout to supplant when you’re traveling is the versatility of the weights you’re lifting. Naturally, dumbbells are way too heavy to carry in a suitcase and when you take your summer trips, you may still want to be able to work out in the privacy of your own room. The Original Gorilla Bow takes the concept of resistance bands and elevates it. Equipped with four different bands, from 10lbs to 50lbs, which you can use individually or combined, the bow allows you to tone any muscle group without the need for a bunch of weights. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the bar itself mimics a barbell and can withstand weights up to 300lbs.

Purchase: $200

Fitbit Versa 3

While smartwatches are all the rage right now, few can give you what you need on a health level like Fitbit. The brand’s top-of-the-line Versa 3 does it all, from tracking your sleep to playing music to monitoring your fitness. The built-in GPS helps you keep track of your runs and hikes while also showing you your location. If you want something a bit more granular, the Versa 3 also monitors your oxygen saturation and skin temperature variation and even detects snoring.

Purchase: $230

AssaultRunner Pro

For the hottest of heat waves, running outside might not be a desirable option. The barebones AssaultRunner Pro is great for pure runners who don’t want the extra monitors or gadgets of a modern treadmill. Powered by your own energy, this treadmill doesn’t use electricity, which puts fewer limitations on where you can situate this thing in your living space. It may be difficult to keep yourself accountable for your own health, but you won’t be able to zone out with the AssaultRunner Pro, otherwise, your workout will be over.

Purchase: $2,999