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Air Care: 8 Best AirPod Accessories

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Apr 27, 2018

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The whole appeal of Apple’s AirPods is that there isn’t actually much to them. They feature no buttons, straps, doo-dads or other seemingly superfluous items. And while that’s certainly a nice look when it comes to marketing, this lack of accessories for Apple’s AirPods can actually leave a lot of customers wanting.

Yeah, sure, everyone says that their AirPods stay in your ears really well, but what if they don’t? Those are some pretty expensive earphones to lose while jogging along in the early morning. And how about a protective case? We throw laptop cases or iPhone covers on all of our other Apple products, so why not the AirPods? Well, you’re not the only one asking those questions. In fact, there are so many other people searching for AirPod accessories that a small but substantial market has popped up to try and fill this need. Whether you just want some protection for your charging case or you are hoping for a little extra security while charging through your workout at the gym, we’re sure our list of the best AirPod accessories will go a long way to getting you where you need to be.

Spigen TEKA RA100 AirPods Strap

We do it, too. Constantly checking your ears to make sure those expensive pods you put in them are still there and functioning well. One of the better ways to do away with all of that nervous checking? By picking up this strap from Spigen. The single wire is made from a durable TPU and features a head grip for holding on to the ends of your AirPods. And while you think this AirPod accessory would get in your way – it actually only weighs in at 3-grams, ensuring that it doesn’t pull to hard on your inner ear or rub up against your earlobe.

Purchase: $10

EarBuddyz 2.0 AirPods Covers

Want a little more security when it comes to streaming songs out of your AirPods but don’t necessarily want to sport a strap around your neck? Fair enough. This alternative AirPod accessory from EarBuddyz instead features a silicone cover that helps secure the earphones without adding much bulk to the tech. The rubber is soft, but grippy, and the hook provides an extra level of security for when you’re trail running, cranking out pullups, or just doing odd chores around the house.

Purchase: $12

Airpod Skins Protective Wraps

We throw thin, transparent skins and tough cases on our iPhones, so why not do the same with the AirPods? Or at least this was the thinking behind the AirPod Skins. These vinyl wraps are intended to both protect your headphones from scratches and dings while also giving you the ability to add a bit of personal flair to your headphones. The wraps come in eight different colors, and boast a lifetime money back guarantee. A solid, yet simple way to both protect and add a bit of a personal touch.

Purchase: $13

AirPods Strap

For folks with uniquely shaped ears, there is the AirPods Strap from i-Blason. Rather than just providing some security in the form of a strap or extra grip around the ear, these do both thanks to an external around-ear hook and attached 18-inch strap. While this maximalist approach essentially does entirely away with what makes the AirPods so attractive, they at least manage to keep your pods safe and snug against your ear. Not quite a fan of the strap? You can pull it out and just use the over-ear hooks.

Purchase: $13

Spigen AirPod Stand Charging Dock

You can go ahead and use the same cord that charges your iPhone to juice up your AirPod battery case, or you could get something more dedicated. As tech nerds, we definitely fall into that latter camp. The perfect compliment to this particular sensibility is this AirPod charging dock. The stand is made from a thermoplastic polyurethane and features a nanotac base for a solid, non-slip feel. Use it regularly and you’ll never forget to charge up your battery case or forget which drawer in your desk you threw it in. A solid AirPod accessory to be sure.

Leather AirPod Hardcase

Apple’s charging case is not immune to scratches, nicks, and dents. Like their ever popular phones, these things are far from impervious. That’s why it is worth considering throwing on a leather hard case. The super affordable AirPod accessory is fits snug on the case and can be picked up in three different colorways ranging from a natural leather to black and red. This way, the wear and tear your case will experience will develop a patina that you’re actually happy with.

Purchase: $20

Catalyst Water Resistant Case

For those who are not quite as interested in more classic materials like leather, there is the Catalyst waterproof and shock resistant case for Apple AirPods. This silicone cover provides drop protection from 4-feet, and is waterproof up to 3.3-feet underwater. As a result, this accessory allows you the ability to take your AirPods with you while you’re hiking trails – or at least gives you enough peace of mind to toss them in the minivan without worrying about whether your kids will totally destroy them.

Purchase: $25

Colorware Apple Airpods

Does a paint-job count as an AirPod accessory? Probably not, but we couldn’t really justify not including this service from Colorware. The brand with a long history of customizing things like classic video game controllers and laptops now offers customers the ability to hand-pick their own colors for both of their AirPods and charging case. Our pick above features an all-over matte-black finish.

Purchase: $300

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