Best First Aid Kits

Playing Doctor: The 7 Best First Aid Kits

Like fire extinguishers, first aid kits are not something you commonly think about until it is too late. You might have a few bandages stowed away in the trunk of your car or just a dirty rag you might use … Continue reading


KS_Story v4

TAKTIK 360 & AQUATIK Waterproof iPhone 6 Cases

LUNATIK is a name that we’ve come to know quite well. Over the past few generations of iPhones, the brand has built some of the best protective cases on the market, and they show no signs of slowing down with … Continue reading


Gerber MP600 Bladeless Multi-tool 1

Gerber MP600 Bladeless Multi-Tool

While we never leave the home without our trusty multi-tool, there’s a common theme with all of them that can get some of you out there into trouble – they all include some sort of blade or knife. Gerber has … Continue reading


Spider Camera Holster 1

Spider Camera Holster

So you bought a nice new DSLR. Takes great shots. Amazing depth of field images. Awesome. Just one thing though: It’s chunkier than Louie Anderson. So how do you minimize the awkward angst when taking it on the road? The … Continue reading


Scrubba Wash Bag 0

Scrubba Wash Bag

When it comes to hitting the backcountry, the old adage goes, “the lighter, the better.” We’re looking for every possible way to save room in our hiking backpacks, and that’s why the Scrubba Wash Bag is a must have for … Continue reading


Best Umbrellas

Total Coverage: The 8 Best Umbrellas

There’s a lot we could learn from The Penguin besides how to try to kill Batman. He’s a snappy dresser, he knows the importance of a good monocle, and he understands that whether facing rain or shine or superheroes, an … Continue reading


fireSLEEVE Waterproof Lighter Case 0

fireSLEEVE Waterproof Lighter Case

Until man discovered fire, he was forced to eat endure non-sizzling fajitas at Chilis. But since Grog banged those rocks together at just the right angle, we’ve been enjoying smoked meats, toasted marshmallows, and The Human Torch. But when Ma Nature … Continue reading


Best Winter Gloves

Hand Holders: The 7 Best Winter Gloves

One of the first investments you should make this season is a good pair of winter gloves. While winter boots will help keep all your toes in place, for those frosty, frigid mornings gripping a freezing steering wheel because you … Continue reading


Australian V8 Chainsaw

Australian V8 Chainsaw

We’re not saying that a chainsaw powered by an 8-cylinder engine is necessary, we’re just saying that it’s completely awesome. The single chainsaw to rule them all, this bad boy was built by the team at Whitlands Engineering out of … Continue reading


Ostrich Pillow Mini 1

Ostrich Pillow Mini

The name Studio Banana Things may not ring a bell right away, but most of you are certainly familiar with the Ostrich Pillow – the nap pillow that went viral all over the web just a few years ago. Now … Continue reading