EDC Ink Pens 1

EDC Ink Pens

We might not think much about pens much anymore, but we’ll be damned if the need for one doesn’t keep popping up on a regular basis. Blank Forces has the right idea: continue to not think about pens, but always have … Continue reading


Handyman Gift Guide 2014

The Wishlist: The Handyman’s Holiday Gift Guide

Some guys are fixers. It’s in their nature to tighten pipes, repair squeaky boards, build their own sheds, or find bigger, better, badder ways to get any job done. You can’t change that about them, and we’d bet they’ve saved … Continue reading


Boosted Single and Dual Drive Electric Skateboards 0

Boosted Single and Dual Drive Electric Skateboards

One of the great things about not being an instant adopter of new technology is you get to see the kinks ironed out and save some money when version 1.0 goes to 2.0. Such is the case with Boosted Boards. After … Continue reading


Alpackalypse Whitewater Packraft 1

Alpackalypse Whitewater Packraft

Testing your mettle on a stretch of whitewater remains one of the more pulse-pounding excursions a man or woman can embark on. But before you buy that GoPro, make sure you’ve got the right watercraft. If you’re going all out, … Continue reading


Stay-brella Umbrella by Nendo 1

Stay-brella Umbrella by Nendo

Some products don’t need to be made “smart” or given the ability to slice canned hams; they just need to get better. The umbrella, for instance, is one of those items that, it would seem, hasn’t maxed out its efficiency potential. It’s with … Continue reading


Survival Grenade by Zaps Gear 1

Survival Grenade by Z.A.P.S. Gear

While we don’t believe the end of the world is upon us, we do like to ensure that we’re prepared for emergency situations. Every day we scour the web, and sift through countless emails from product designers in order to … Continue reading


Best Motorcycle Jackets

Biker Chic: The 6 Best Motorcycle Jackets

You can find so-called “biker” jackets all over the place. Designers will throw a few zippers onto black leather and make you think you can take it out on the road. This can easily cost you a layer of skin. … Continue reading


Mercedes-Benz x Garrett McNamara Cork Surfboard

Mercedes-Benz x Garrett McNamara Cork Surfboard

Mercedes-Benz may not be known for their surfboards, but after unveiling their Silver Arrows of the Sea last year, we’ve been waiting to see more from the German luxury brand. We didn’t have to wait too long as Benz has … Continue reading


Fred Matt Overshoes 1

Fred&Matt Overshoes

The harsh weather conditions can wreak havoc on your dress shoes, and not every occasion calls for a pair of winter boots. For those times you’re looking to protect your favorites shoes from Mother Nature’s wrath, the Fred&Matt Overshoes could … Continue reading


Best Snowboards

Ride the Plank: The 6 Best Snowboards

Like transistor radios and pocket watches that you wind, skis have their place, and that place is deep in the annals of history where things go to die. Today’s slopes are all about snowboarders and their carving, careening, out-of-control, off-the-chain … Continue reading