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Everyday Carry: Resolution

As per usual, it’s safe to assume most people’s New Year’s resolution this year is, in some way or another, revolves around getting into better shape, whether that’s by eating right, hitting the gym more often, or simply getting their daily exercise in. In an attempt to avoid all the constant distractions that can come between you and your fitness goals, are first EDC lineup of the year is geared toward helping you accomplish them.

Photo: SATISFY Running

Satisfy Running Water Flask

The primary component of a steady workout is staying hydrated, which is why we’re starting with this army green-colored piece of gear from Satisfy, one of our favorite performance brands. The squeezable flask makes drinking water as easy as possible, offering enough room for up to a cup’s worth of your liquid of choice.

Photo: Beats | Apple

Powerbeats pRO eARPHONES

If Beats’ fitness-tailored earbuds are good enough for practically every major athlete, they’ll undoubtedly bode well for you. The Apple subsidiary utilizes its parent company’s H1 chip to make listening to the music mid-workout as user-friendly as possible, allowing you to take one bud out to stop the music when necessary. Most importantly, they are sweat-and-water-resistant, deeming them ideal for rainy morning runs.

Photo: District Vision


When it comes to performance glasses, odds are you’ve come across District Vision before. The boutique manufacturer is adept at crafting anything fit for the performance world, but its eyewear is its unique product. The Koharu silhouette is equipped with the brand’s proprietary D+ Amber mirror, developed for combatting the sun’s rays in every way, offering full-on UVA-B protection while transmitting less than 10% of blue light.

Photo: Apple


When it comes to Apple’s line of smartwatches, the Ultra is undoubtedly the granddaddy of them all — not in the sense of seniority, but longevity. Tailored toward adventure and fitness, the brand’s newly-revealed digital marvel boasts all the necessary fitness tracking features you’d expect, including running form, heart rate zones, and more. To finish things off, it’s equipped with a rugged 49mm aerospace-grade aluminum case,