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Nike Pulls The Curtain Back On Ja Morant’s First Signature Sneaker

Photo: Nike

There is currently a seismic shift going on in the NBA, as the latest generation of stars is taking the reigns at a faster rate than we’ve seen in previous decades. Alas, with that shift comes new household names, and with new household names come brand new sneakers, as Nike Basketball has granted Ja Morant the latter, deeming him the brand’s latest signature athlete.

While Nike Basketball hasn’t tapped into any compositional details, it claims the Ja 1 is “constructed to keep players in control, maximize hang time, and reduce landing force.” At first glance, the shoe already seems optimized for on-court performance thanks to its mesh side panels and what appears to be a lockdown strap near the midfoot. Additionally, the superstar point guard’s dynamic signature logo is highlighted by a chevron, serving as a testament to his unrelinquished work ethic and sharpness on the floor.

Heralded as the performance subbrand’s “first Gen Z signature athlete,” Ja Morant serves as the latest star in a long line of generational talents to be granted a pair of signature Nikes, sitting in the pantheon of marketability with legends like Jordan, Kobe, and LeBron. Morant debuted his set of signature kicks during the Grizzlies’ Christmas Day matchup against the reigning champs, dropping 36 points and narrowly missing the potential dunk of the year — it’s safe to say it’s got to be the shoes.

Expect more official details about the Ja 1 to surface come early 2023 directly from Nike.