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Everyday Carry: Sprinkled

Popularized by a certain Springfield nuclear powerplant worker, the sprinkled pink donut motif has the ability to be an unmistakably playful spin on just about any item it adorns — everyday carry gear very much included. And while it’s admittedly a seemingly unconventional choice for an EDC colorway, this so-called “Dessert Warrior” scheme has quickly become a cult fan favorite, with these pink and blue, sprinkle-clad items flying off of the proverbial shelves. In an effort to highlight some of the best items from this idiosyncratic EDC collection, we’ve pieced together a load out of our favorite Dessert Warrior kit for this week’s everyday carry spread; Sprinkled. 

Photo: Blade HQ

Victorinox Dessert Warrior Donut Classic SD

Offering more than half a dozen tools and functions in a 2.28”, 0.80oz package, the Victorinox Dessert Warrior Donut Classic SD represents a lighthearted take on a beloved and highly-pocketable Swiss Army Knife that sees its Cellidor construction handle scales cloaked in a sprinkled pink scheme on the front — complete with a frosted blue Victorinox logo — and a golden brown frosted donut motif on its back that also sports a Blade HQ logo. Perfect for attaching to a keychain, this Classic SD variant features a pen knife, a nail file, scissors, a key ring, tweezers, and a toothpick. 

Photo: Blade HQ

Zippo x Blade HQ Exclusive Glow-In-The-Dark Dessert Warrior Lighter

Created through a collaboration between our go-to online knife retailer and the iconic Bradford-based lighter company, the Zippo x Blade HQ Exclusive Dessert Warrior Lighter is a standard brass construction windproof lighter that features a special edition donut-themed finish with a pink body and a frosted blue cap. Made in America, this lighter’s Dessert Warrior-adorned all-metal cover also glows in the dark. What’s more, this lighter’s cover also accepts electric arc flame and butane inserts. 

Photo: Blade HQ

Big Idea Design Pocket Pro Pen

Measuring just 4.125” in length, the Big Idea Design Pocket Pro is an auto-adjusting everyday carry pen that’s machined from titanium and cloaked in a pink donut pattern. Utilizing a telescopic twist mechanism that adjusts the length of the pen, this Dessert Warrior-spec writing tool also accepts more than 100 different refill cartridges. Tipping the scales at only 0.70oz, the pen also comes paired with a reversible titanium pocket clip with a  “frosted blue” finish.

Photo: Blade HQ

Lynch Northwest All Access Pass V1.0

Designed and made in America by Lynch Northwest — a boutique Rockford, Washington-based knife and EDC outfit headed up by Casey Lynch — the Lynch Northwest All Access Pass V1.0 Pink Sprinkled Donut Series #1 is a pry bar and multi-tool that’s precision machined from a solid block of titanium before being fortified via a Dessert Warrior-style Cerakote finish. Limited to just 300 units worldwide, this 4” item features a bottle opener, nail puller, and a flat head screwdriver — all while weighing just 1.06oz. Completing the package is a blue pocket clip with a matching titanium construction.