NomadClip Carabiner USB Connector 1

NomadClip Carabiner USB Charging Connector

The need for a power charge can strike anywhere, anytime. Shower, funeral, ballroom dancing competition; you name it. So that’s why having something like the NomadClip makes so much sense. This is a portable charging cable in the shape of … Continue reading


Steaklocker Dry Aged Steaks At Home 1

Steaklocker Dry Aged Steaks At Home

While some people might point to say, Betty White, as a fine example of dry aging, we beg to differ. Nothing tops a perfectly dry aged steak. Up until now, dry aged steaks were generally only available at upper tier restaurants, … Continue reading


Prop Power Pro Wrap-Around Extension Cord 1

Prop Power Pro Wrap-Around Extension Cord

As the legendary group Snap! once proudly proclaimed, “I’ve got the power.” Fortunately they only had it for about a week, then the rest of the world wrestled it from them. But what if we need that power up a … Continue reading


Amazon Fire Phone 1

Amazon Fire Phone

Rumor has it, was once a place where you picked up a copy of the new Stephen King thriller and called it a day. Mind you, that’s just a rumor, because we’re struggling to remember a time when the … Continue reading


Earin Wireless Earbuds

Earin: World’s Smallest Wireless Earbuds

If you’ve been wondering about the mysteries of life – why the sky is blue, where babies come from, and where all the good-sounding wireless earbuds are – we’re right there with you. While we’re still Googling the first two topics, … Continue reading


Best Rangefinders

Far and Away: The 5 Best Rangefinders

Your eyes lie to you all the time. They tell you that the moving lights on your television are people. They tell you that there is water on the road up ahead. They even tell you that Scarlett Johansson is … Continue reading


Grado Labs E Series Headphones 1

Grado Labs E Series Headphones

A company like Grado Labs saying it has improved its headphones formula, is like the late baseball great Tony Gwynn saying he had figured out a flaw in his stance—can you really improve upon perfection? Grado says so. The new … Continue reading


Braven Mira Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 1

Braven Mira Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Seeing how popular wireless speakers have become in recent years, is it too much to ask for high audio performance while also being completely waterproof? The folks at Braven have delivered just that with their Braven Mira Bluetooth speaker. This … Continue reading


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 4K Video 0

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 4K Video

4K resolution video – a brand new concept for the mainstream just a couple of years ago, like Greek yogurt – is now one large step closer to mainstream status itself. The new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 camera is a big … Continue reading


Best Insant Cameras

Now or Never: The 5 Best Instant Cameras

The words “instant camera” still conjure up the notion of tiny cardboard boxes with a single roll of film in them that tourists would use. To others, an instant camera could go even further back to ancient Polaroids that would … Continue reading