Mophie Memory Case for Apple iPhone 5 0

Mophie Space Pack for Apple iPhone 5

The evolution of Mophie’s popular battery pack iPhone case has begun with the introduction of their Mophie Space Pack for both the Apple iPhone 5 and 5S. While a lot of people are moving towards the cloud when it comes to … Continue reading


Apple iPhone Air Concept 1

Apple iPhone Air Concept

With Apple recently releasing their iPad Air, is it so inconceivable to think that the tech giant may be rolling out an iPhone Air next? Designer Federico Ciccarese (of SET Solution) believes that this could definitely be the route Apple … Continue reading


Breville Barista Express Coffee Machine 1

Breville Barista Express Coffee Machine

Quick! A storefront just opened up in your local shopping plaza and you have 9 seconds to grab it before Starbuc—damn, too late. Maybe next time. Until then, practice your coffee-making skills with Breville’s Barista Express Coffee Machine. Its integrated burr grinder is just … Continue reading

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Crock-Pot WeMo Smart Slow Cooker 1

Belkin Crock-Pot WeMo Smart Slow Cooker

If you’ve been using your reputation as a gadget guru who hates old school pots and pans as the reason why you never cook dinner for your special someone, be warned: Your bluff is about to be called. The WeMo-enabled Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker by Belkin … Continue reading

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AudioOrbs Cocoon Speaker 0

AudioOrbs Cocoon Speaker

The Wall of Sound was one of our favorite projects from 2013, and it looks like the the same design team responsible for that ambitious gadget is back with another one for the new year in the AudioOrbs Cocoon Speaker. … Continue reading

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Canadiano Coffee Maker 1

Canadiano Coffee Maker

If the thought of paying $3,000 for an espresso machine made out of aircraft grade aluminum really roasts your beans, then the Canadiano coffee maker might be the simple alternative you’re longing for. Carved out of Cherry, Walnut and Maple wood, the Canadiano … Continue reading


Garmin High-Definition Dash Cam 20 1

Garmin High-Definition Dash Cam 20

Remember that big meteor crash in Russia last year? Remember how awesome it was that so many Russian drivers had dashboard cameras in their cars? It’s time we return the favor—this time, in high def. Garmin’s new Dash Cam is an HD dashboard … Continue reading


Curved Apple iPhone 6 Concept

Curved Apple iPhone 6 Concept by Lewi Hussey

Every year product designers and Apple fanatics alike speculate what the tech giant has up its sleeves for the next generation iPhone. For 2014 Dutch designer Lewi Hussey thinks Apple will opt for a curved screen on their iconic touchscreen … Continue reading


Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard 1

Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard for Apple Devices

The Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard is the latest and greatest in the world of Apple accessories. Bringing on a whole new meaning to the term multi-tasking, this keyboard lets you type on 3 different devices at any given moment, just by … Continue reading


ZeroHour Tactical USB Battery Backup Flashlight 1

ZeroHour Tactical USB Battery Backup Flashlight

Experts say at some point in the future, when millions of women attempt to blow dry their hair at once, the nation’s electrical grid will go pfft-fizzzz. Be ready for the great Conair Collapse with ZeroHour, a tactical grade flashlight that’s … Continue reading