Google Glass Titanium Eyewear Collection 1

Google Glass Titanium Eyewear Collection

Google Glass is one of the most ambitious concept-to-reality projects we’ve seen in quite some time, and while we are huge fans of what the tech giant is doing, the glasses were far from stylish. The brand is looking to … Continue reading


Avegant Glyph Virtual Reality Headset 0

Avegant Glyph Virtual Reality Headset

Having a powerful home theater is one of the sweet joys of adulthood; but then what? Your AV gear tapeworm demands more gadgets, and you need to feed the beast. Well start saving up for the Avegant Glyph, a mobile personal theater with built-in premium audio that promises to … Continue reading


Keecker R2-D2 Robotic Butler 1

Keecker R2-D2 Robotic Butler

It looks like someone finally decided to create the world’s first real life R2-D2 for homes, and it comes to us in the form of the Keecker robotic butler. This little robot lets you project onto any surface, turning any … Continue reading


Apple iWatch Concept by Todd Hamilton 1

Apple iWatch Concept by Todd Hamilton

We already know that an Apple smartwatch is on the way, we just don’t know what to expect. Since smartwatches have been all the rage on the tech scene, designers have been introducing concepts, but until now, we hadn’t really … Continue reading


Triton Underwater Oxygen Respirator 0

Triton Underwater Oxygen Respirator

Perhaps Great White sharks don’t have a beef with humans, but rather the bulky and not very stylish oxygen tanks that divers often wear around them. Here’s one way to find out; the Triton Oxygen Respirator makes it totally possible to breathe underwater … Continue reading


Yellow Jacket iPhone 5 Stun Gun Case 1

Yellow Jacket iPhone 5 Stun Gun Case

When we first unveiled the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun iPhone Case a few years back, it was nothing more than another concept product we hoped would one day make it to the retail scene. Well that day eventually came, and … Continue reading


Scanomat Top Brewer 1

Scanomat Top Brewer: Smartphone Controlled Coffee on Tap

Looking at first like a regular water faucet, then going all Willy Wonka on you with a smartphone-controlled steady stream of coffee, espresso, cappuccino and more, the Scanomat Top Brewer is one wow-worthy piece of equipment. The stainless steel tap … Continue reading


Google Smart Contact Lens

Google Smart Contact Lens

While Google Glass does its awkward and — let’s face it — not very enticing debut dance, there’s another piece of eyewear that may wind up being more useful sooner than later, especially to people who suffer with diabetes. Google says its “Smart Contact Lens” lets diabetics measure … Continue reading


Whistle Dog Activity Monitor 0

Whistle Dog Activity Monitor

Sniffed Asses: 29 mins. OK, so the new Whistle dog activity monitor probably doesn’t get that specific about your pooch’s daily behavior, but it does report on almost everything else. This is an on-collar device that measures your dog’s activity, gives you insights based on their needs, … Continue reading


Moment Smartphone Camera Lenses 1

Moment Smartphone Camera Lenses

Even if you did drop $1,500 on a nice DSLR to take those ‘artistic’ photos of your girlfriend, that doesn’t mean you’re gonna lug it around 24/7. But hey, sometimes other, more fully-clothed life moments are worth saving too, and you might wanna capture them … Continue reading