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NZXT’s Foundation PC Provides a Powerful Starting Point for PC Gamers

The dichotomy between PC gamers and console gamers has truly never been more prominent. With high-speed frame rates being vital for speed’s sake and the functionality of a computer keyboard and mouse, the PC world continues to be ranked more favorably by many in the modern world of gaming. Luckily, for anyone seeking an entry-level gateway into this branch, the SoCal-bred NZXT has developed a new gaming PC that is sure to impress the likes of many.

With a sleek, contemporary look that parallels the computer’s modern-day performance capabilities, the Foundation PC – H510 Edition boasts an easily accessible casing that allows owners to open it up for the sake of any future upgrades. With 16 gigs of ram and 500 gigs worth of storage space, this merely serves as a starting point for anyone looking to implement a new hard drive. As much as things have progressed narratively in video games, their truest advancements tend to stem from their visual performance, as it seems virtual graphics only get better with every waking second. Accounting for that, NZXT implemented a 6-core Ryzen 5 5600G APU in order to boost graphics to the next level, all the while not taking away from any speed and performance. Capable of playing your favorite games at up to 1440p, it surely serves as a humble introduction for those looking to dabble in the world of PC gaming.

Available now through NZXT’s website, the Foundation PC – H510 Edition costs a humble $800 and comes in the option of white or black, but what’s truly hard to miss is its glowing red interior that appears on either color you choose.

Purchase: $799